Vice Cop Ch. 03

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Previously on Vice Cop, Lexa finally confronted Hudson regarding his issue with her being a New York police officer. They are attracted to one another and at the same time angry with each other. When a notorious Columbian drug lord named Leo escapes from prison, Hudson seizes the opportunity to catch him and move up to the status of Vice Cop. The blonde femme fatale Candy Spears has murdered Hudson’s best friend and fellow cop Kyle Lennox, without anyone knowing about it. The Chief sends Hudson and Candy on a manhunt in Miami for the arrest of Leo after Candy says that Leo is her sister’s boyfriend and she knows where they are hiding. The time is the 1980s.



Miami Beach, Florida, just before dawn

Marina Brazilova or as she was known in the world of Columbian organized crime, Marina Brazil, stood with her head held high, her fiery red hair swept by the ocean breeze as she looked over the side of the Endeavor 42 sailboat that she and her lover, Leo Mendoza called home. In the Miami dawn, a fog cleared over the marina and little by little many sailboats became visible. The sound of power boat engines, sea gulls and the quiet roar of the sea filled Marina’s ears, before she heard a deep masculine voice in a Spanish accent behind her.

“Marina, get over here.”

It was Leo, who now appeared on the deck of the boat, wearing only leopard skin underwear. She turned to see him without any change in her face and walked over to him, as if a magnet was pulling her to him. She knew what he wanted. It was written all over his face. In his dark eyes were lust and desire for her as he checked her out from head to toe. Marina Brazil had been a super model in St. Petersburg, Russia, but she fell in with the wrong crowd, lured by her love of money and thrills. When she came to America as a mail-order bride, she found that it was not going to be a charmed life with the man who had married her. He was an overweight New Yorker from the Bronx who worked in a shoe store. He smoked way too much, kept a very filthy home and physically abused her in private. Marina’s first kill was that first American husband. Before cops and detectives could trace her, she fled to Miami, Florida where she met Leo Mendoza. He was no better than the brute from Bronx but he was making a fortune in illegal drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling and illegal pornography. He hailed from Columbia and had powerful friends there. He was immensely rich and she found that she was a lot like him, ruthless and materialistic.

Marina was wearing only her nightie; a see-through, gossamer white slip that showed off her smooth, white, sexy legs. When she came up to Leo, he pulled her roughly to his chest, crushing her own breasts in a fierce and tight embrace. His mouth covered hers in a passionate kiss and his tongue slipped into hers, making her moan under her breath. In a swift motion, his hand tore a straight line down her nightie which fell down on a pile on the deck. He produced a low, guttural cry and swept her up with his arms, carrying her down the stairs to the bedroom.

She was wearing red thong panties and the sight of them, especially from behind, made Leo’s cock hard instantly. Marina knew he was not in the mood to make love and she would not get the pleasure of foreplay first. He was hard, his blood was racing and she knew it would be fast, hard and quick. Leo had only made love to her the way she liked, slow and attentive to her own desires, only when things were looking good and they were richer than the year before. But lately, they were both anxious and fearful that their narco empire and the good days would soon collapse as cops, bounty hunters and detectives were getting closer to catching them. The authorities were on to them, especially after the murders.

Leo did not wait till they had reached the bed. Instead, he roughly hurled her against the side of a sofa, causing her to cry out. Seizing her by the throat, he spread her legs from behind and slapped her ass, making her scream and write against him. Quickly, he removed his underwear. With one hand, he pushed aside her thong panties. She was panting, and this made him wild with desire. His erect cock began to rub against her butt cheeks. His hands moved away from her throat and over her head as he slammed her head down on the couch, again making her cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

She shut her eyes tight. Leo grunted, his voice choked with animal passion. He inched his cock into her anus slowly, allowing her time to realize it was anal sex he was after. She moaned as she felt his cock moving deeply into her anus and she held on to the pillows of the couch. His thrusts were fast and hard, and their breathing became ragged. Outside the sun was coming up and Marina felt the first rays of light streaming into the port holes of the boat. After a few minutes, she was cupping the side of his face and feeling her orgasm build up along with his. His thrusts were so hard it hurt her and he fucked her ass until they were both spent and his cum was inside her. They were sweating and breathing hard, suddenly silent altyazılı porno after it was over…..

* * * *

They were both drinking beer and lounging on the deck of the boat in the warm sunlight. Marina was wearing a colorful head rag which circled her head and tied under her chin. Because the sunlight was already so intense on the beach, she was in jet-black sunglasses. Leo was put his beer down and grinned at her.

“You never told me how you met Candy Spears,” he said to her.

Marina looked at him as if scrutinizing him.

“Have you been ogling that girl?” she said to him.

“It’s hard not to look at her,” Leo replied, “She’s a hot young thing.”

“She was dancing at a club down here in Miami. She had come down from New York. She lost her virginity to me.”

Marina turned her face away, staring into the piers of Miami, her mind focused on a memory. Leo lit up a Cuban cigar and looked at his golden Rolex watch, this item matching his beige shirt which was open to his navel and showcased his chest and chest hair.

“She loves me, or she’s convinced of it,” Marina went on, “and we became very close. Sometimes I sense she wants to go off and do her own thing, like she doesn’t want any part of our world. But she always comes back to me. She loves the thrills.”

“I’ll say. Didn’t she kill all those cops?”

“You can say we’re a team. I order the murders and she carries them out. And it wasn’t just cops; she killed people she felt were getting too nosy about our life.”

“So where is the little cutie now?”

“She was in New York City, trying to keep up the appearance she was doing well, just for a show for her parents. She’s coming back to Miami with a little treat.”

“What are you planning to do?”

“You remember that pig cop who arrested you in New York, that Hudson Banach?

“Yeah, I hate that guy’s guts.”

“You’re going to get to eat his guts. I sent Candy on a mission to get him here where we’re going to kill him.”

“Sounds like fun. I’d love to knife that Italian cop bastard.”

“And we can have sex over his corpse if you want.”

They laughed simultaneously and gleefully as they returned back inside the boat.


Hudson had always wanted to visit Miami ever since he fell under the spell of “Miami Vice”. He never missed an episode and he longed for the same kind of thrilling escapades as the ones Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs experienced; chasing after the no-good drug dealers, corrupt politicians, murderers, Mafia men, sex slave traders and other scum. The glitz and glamour of the upscale but seedy world of southern Florida excited Hudson immensely and he yearned to be an undercover cop in that hot, seaside city. Borrowing the fashions of that TV show, he dressed in a somewhat dressy white shirt; sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and donned black Ray-Ban Wayfarers. His slacks were also white and of a light fabric. He had bought a stylish corvette about a year ago in New York and he noticed how his imitation of Sonny Crockett was pleasing the ladies.

It certainly pleased Candy Spears, who was staring at him like a piece of man meat. Hudson couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He assumed that she had at one time lived in Florida because she was dressed for warm weather; a gossamer white dress, the top forming a perfect V, showcasing her breasts. The little dress looked a lot like the sexy white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the famous Subway Scene in “The Seven Year Itch”. On her neck was a small pendant and she was wearing sandals, a pair of Ray Bans and a large light yellow straw hat with streamers that tied under her chin.

“You look amazing,” Hudson said to her.

They had arrived in Miami. The sun was beginning to heat up over the beach city and in the morning hours, traffic began to form in the broad streets. Hudson had immediately rented a car, a black jeep and they were on their way to a hotel where they would stay for the remainder of the mission. Candy’s blonde hair waved flag-like in the breeze. She smiled at him as a response to his compliment, looking like she was used to getting these types of compliments from men all the time.

“I don’t think there’s a need to hurry, Hudson,” she said, “You know, I really think we ought to take the time we have in Miami to get to know one another.”

“It’s unavoidable,” Hudson replied, “but we will stay focused, as tempted as I am to take you out every night and explore this city with you.”

Although Hudson did not like that she appeared to have gotten over Kyle so quickly, and he felt it odd that she could forget her boyfriend had been murdered and move on; he was drawn to her, at least physically. Perhaps she was right. Here they were in Miami, they were both young and attractive, they were on a dangerous mission and the excitement of it all was like watching himself in a cop show on TV. Hudson felt like his fantasies were coming true. He was with a beautiful blonde, he felt sure he’d get the bad guy and it would all be one big adventure in the end. At least Candy was not a cop. She behaved like zenci porno the types of women he liked and was lead to believe were right for him.

Hudson thought of Lexa O’Neil. She was in New York City and probably heard the news of his mission to catch Leo in Miami like the rest of the force. The Chief was notorious for letting everyone in on what was going on. He recalled their big fight. He was sure he had hurt her feelings and wounded her pride. He wondered what she was thinking about him now and what she was doing back in New York.

His mind would have drifted away again, as always when he thought of Lexa, with a strong mixture of romanticism, longing and sexual passion that was also oddly at variance with his dislike of her being a cop. The honk of a car brought him back to the present reality and he turned the steering wheel of the jeep into the direction of a little street that lead to an old, creamy white and small motel that overlooked the beach and a long strand crowded with young men sporting shorts and surfboards, women clad in bikinis and other drivers heading to the beach.

“Now, we’re on a sort of budget so I booked us a room in an affordable motel,” Hudson said to her, matter-of-factly.

“You’re the boss,” Candy said flirtatiously, “at least it’s got a view of the ocean.”


Once they had checked in, Hudson decided it was best to keep away from the streets at least until nightfall when they could begin to search for Leo’s sailboat. Hudson was nervous, and he had never been nervous while he had done police work in New York City. He knew that the success of this mission would secure him a position in the Vice Department and he’d move on to bigger and better things. He dreamed of lasting recognition as a bounty hunter. He knew also that this was a risky mission that could cost him his life. It was not that he lacked confidence. Hudson was only on his first mission and not long ago he had only been just another NYPD officer.

“You look really tense,” Candy said, as she sat down on the king-size bed,”Sit down and rest a bit. We’ll order lunch in a few hours.”

Hudson looked at the bed. He had not figured they’d be sharing the same bed. There had been a mistake as he recalled having booked a room with two beds. Candy was keenly aware of this and was smiling in a naughty way. She began to bounce up and down over the bed, giggling and allowing herself to fall back over the sheets.

“This is some bed,” she said, “I hope you won’t have a problem with sleeping next to little old me, Hudson. It can’t be that bad.”

“Oh,” he said, blushing sheepishly, rubbing his head, “no, not at all Candy.”

He felt as if he was going to get an erection watching her behave like a little teen girl, her breast bouncing and her blonde hair in semi-disarray. She was deliberately trying to arouse him, even if she was putting on an innocent act. He had known girls like Candy. Besides, he knew what she was capable of. He briefly remembered how she had performed oral sex on him the first night they met at a dance club in New York City.

“Stop that,” Hudson said, “you’ll ruin the bed.”

Outside, the motel’s piped-in muzak was blaring Duran Duran’s “Hungry like the Wolf”.

“Oh, we danced to that, didn’t we, Hudson?” she said to him, “you remember don’t you?”

“Yeah, I remember. Listen don’t you think it’s time we showered and dressed before lunch. I want to smoke a cigarette and maybe get some coffee down in the lobby. I’ll wait for you there.”

Candy smiled. Artic blue eyes fixed on him, she observed as Hudson put a hand over his shirt, feeling warmth coming over him. She knew it was not the Florida heat doing that to him.

“But don’t you have to shower?”

“Ladies first. I’ll go get coffee and then I’ll come back to the room after you’ve dressed.”

“Alright,” she said, as if somewhat disappointed.

Hudson sat on a chair next to a potted palm in the lobby area of the motel. A couple were checking in and the lady looked at him with fleeting lust. They looked like caricatures of tourists, the Las Vegas kind with sunglasses, hats, a photo camera tied around their neck and carrying heavy suitcases. The lady had obviously already done some shopping in Miami as she carried bags from vintage clothing stores. Hudson lit a cigarette and thought about Candy back in the room. That girl was too much of a temptation and he felt a tingling sensation, a mixture of guilt and lust. This was Kyle’s girl. Sure, Kyle was dead but that had not been too long ago and it wouldn’t be right to jump into bed with her. But the way she was prancing around in that skimpy white cocktail dress and laughing like a schoolgirl clearly signaled her sexual desire for him.

“May I help you, sir?” a short bald man said, coming up to him, “do you need anything?”

“Coffee,” Hudson replied, “strong, black, two full cups.”


Candy had showered and was wearing a red cocktail dress, looking a lot like the white one she had just removed only this one had thin little spaghetti straps over her aldatma porno shoulders.

Her hair was in an “up-do”, a small sort of French twist she had quickly made, with one long thin strand of hair falling over her cheeks. She was on the phone and looking out the window of the room, her blue eyes matching the ocean in sight behind the glass.

“Marina?” she said, “come on, pick up.”

“Yes?” came a female voice on the other end.

“Yeah, it’s me, Candy,” she went on, “I’m here in Miami with him.”

“When did you arrive?”

“This morning. We checked into a small motel by the beach. He’s purchasing coffee in the lobby.”

“Good. Listen, you play it cool. You play the role of good girl so well. Just let him think you’re on his side.”

The woman’s voice had a distinctly Russian accent and sounded seductive and a little cold.

“Should I sleep with him?” Candy said, saying this with a naughty smile, “would it bother you? I know we haven’t made love since -“

“I don’t give a damn, Candy. But you’re thinking very smart. Yes. Yes. Sleep with him. If you have a hot night of sex in that motel room, he’ll be distracted. His mind won’t be on his job. And you will lure him to the sailboat at night. Leo and I are waiting for him.”

“You’re not going to kill him are you?”

“Leo would gladly kill that cop pig. But I don’t know what he has in mind. Now remember, don’t arouse his suspicions. He’s a cop, Candy and they are always in cope mode even if they act like they’re not. You be careful and just get him to sleep with you. The rest should be easy.”

“Ok. I can’t wait to see you again, Marina. I love you.”

Candy hung up the phone and stared coolly at the ocean, which was now filled with a small traffic of yachts, sailboats and motor boats as seagulls flew over the azure, cloudless skies overhead.


Hudson had ordered room service, and even watching Candy eat stirred his sexual appetite. She had a sensual way of eating, slowly, with grateful little murmurs that fueled his desire to take her right there and then. They ate ravioli and pasta and drank some red wine. Afterward, completely sated from the meal, Hudson told Candy that they should go for a walk by the beach. Candy did not like the idea.

“You said we should keep indoors so that no one who might be on Leo’s side and protecting him here in Miami can see us,” she remarked, “you said we’ll search for him at night.”

His eyes met her gaze. Her blue eyes had an icy quality, but he was mesmerized by them and he could sense in them sexuality mingled with a girl’s confusion and helplessness.

“Yeah, I did say that,” Hudson replied, drinking the last portion of wine, “but I thought it would be ok to stroll along the beach. What harm could it do?”

“A lot of harm, Hudson. Suppose Leo is aware we’re here. From what I hear, he’s very cunning. He might have people looking for us just like we’re looking for him. Isn’t it best to just avoid any showdown bloodshed? You’re carrying a gun but isn’t it best that we just get to his place and you make the arrest. It’s simple.”

“How do you know that your sister is Leo’s girl?”

“I used to live in Florida with my sister. Then she became involved with him and I had to relocate to New York City, just because I felt I was in danger. My sister’s life is in danger, too.”

Hudson took her hand gently. Staring at her, he felt this girl was his salvation, the answer to his prayers, perhaps even his dream girl. She was his ticket to a better position as undercover cop.

If he caught Leo, he would be saving Candy’s sister and thus be hailed a hero. Earning that title had been his dream ever since he was a boy, hearing his uncle Vittorio and his own father’s stories of heroic rescues, daring do and intrigue.

“Don’t worry about your sister,” he said, in his pronounced New York Italian accent, “leave it to me. I’m not going to fail you.”

You sure aren’t, thought Candy; everything’s working according to plan.

“So we’re staying here then, right?” she said to him, grinning.

“I guess it’s best like you said. But what could we possible do to kill time before nightfall? You wanna, you wanna watch TV?”

Hudson got up and moved the table where they had eaten, a table with rotating wheels, toward the front of their hotel room door so that room service folks can collect it. He did this with effortless ease and his muscle movements caught Candy’s eye. She got up from her chair and stood by the glass window which overlooked the sea.

“You know, I can think of something better to do,” she said to him.

Hudson observed as she began to undress. She slowly lowered the spaghetti straps from her shoulders and her short red cocktail dress fell to the floor. She was not wearing any panties or bra. He had expected her to be wearing undergarments and the sight of her beautiful nude body, so smooth, tight and young, instantly aroused him. Her body looked like it was glistening, as if she were in an airbrushed, high quality nude picture in Playboy magazine. She had a thin build, like the kind of physique he expected a ballerina or gymnast would have. There was a little bit of blonde hair around her pussy. She walked over to him, slowly; her eyes bright and fixed on his. She swayed her hips as she walked toward him, as if she were a model on the catwalk.

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