Video Store Vixen


One day a few weeks ago, I met a lady in a local adult video store. I didn’t think anything of it because I know a lot of women that like porn too. After I realized the type of videos she was looking at, she totally got my attention. She wasn’t bad looking, probably in her late thirties. She asked me if I saw the movie she was looking at. I told her no, but I wouldn’t mind watching with her. Her eyes seemed to light up and she asked if I’d like to come over and watch it with her. So of course, being a guy, I told her I would love to. She told me her name was Heather and gave me her number and address and told me to be there at eight o’clock. We said our goodbyes, rented our respective movies and left.

I was anxious all day waiting for eight o’clock to come. It was only a few hours away, but it felt like an eternity. About seven o’clock, I got into the shower and trimmed the hair around my cock. I was so horny; I resisted the urge to jerk off. I was determined to save every drop of cum for Heather.

I arrived a few minutes before eight as she asked me to come in. We sat in the living room and she offered me a beer as we made small talk. As I mentioned earlier, her name was Heather, she’s thirty-seven years old and has two kids; Jessica who is eighteen and Jay who is sixteen. We talked about them for a while and about their father who left when Jay was seven. She’s been single for a while now and both of her kids are pretty good. After a few beers, I suggested we play card for shots of whatever she had around. I knew I was trying to fuck her, but I love uninhibited women. She agreed and suggested we invite her daughter to join us. I agreed as she went to her room to get her. Heather’s ass looked great in the jeans she had on and I couldn’t help but stare as she walked out of the room.

I’ve seen some cute mothers and daughters, but I must say, Heather and Jessica are at the top of my list. Jessica looks just like her mother with medium sized tits, nice round ass, and very seductive eyes. The only difference was Jessica has hair down to her ass while Heather has a shorter hairstyle. My hopes shot up after I saw them come out together. Heather introduced us as I opened the deck of cards and Jessica got the shot glasses.

I was staring like a fool, but I couldn’t help myself. Heather noticed and gave me a stern look and told me if I was a good boy, I’d get a treat later. Jessica told her she was old enough to say when she didn’t want someone looking and added that maybe she liked me looking as she winked at me. I was getting the feeling this was arranged as the look on Heather’s face eased.

After a few rounds of cards, the liquor was just about gone and we were a little tipsy. It seemed the perfect time to suggest a new game. Of course, strip poker was suggested. They hesitantly agreed as I dealt the cards. It was pretty even at first, and then I started to lose. I won’t say if it was on purpose or not, but I was getting anxious about testing this mother-daughter team. I was down to boxers, when I told them they should take off their outer clothing in sympathy. They agreed and Jessica informed us she wasn’t wearing a bra because she was only planning on hanging around seks hikayeleri the house tonight. Apparently, Heather wasn’t wearing one either. I couldn’t believe my luck as they both stripped down to their panties.

By now it was pretty obvious that my eight-inch cock was hard as a rock as it stuck out like a flagpole. It was still in my boxers, but straining to get free. Both of them were pretty drunk, as they were both staring openly at it. I suggested they do something about it for me. They both looked at each other and then back at me. Jessica abruptly said she was still a virgin but she would do other stuff if I wanted her to. I couldn’t believe my ears when her mother told her to suck me off and she would give her instructions.

Jessica got on her knees in front of me on the sofa and politely told her mother she has sucked cock before and she knows what to do. At that her mom said fine and told me to lie on the couch. Heather told me if her daughter was going to suck the cum from me, that I was going to suck her pussy until she came all over my face. I quickly lay down as Heather removed her panties. Her pussy was dripping as she positioned herself. She was lightly grinding her pussy and clit on my mouth and nose while Jessica was gently sucking on my ball and licking the underside of my cock. It felt so good; I didn’t think I could hold back for long. After a few minutes, I came and she swallowed it all as best as she could. Virgin or not, she was very experienced at sucking cock. Heather wasn’t far from cumming. Just as she started to cum, she ground her pussy hard against my face. I wasn’t eating her out anymore; she was actually fucking my nose, lips and chin. My tongue was slipping in and out of her pussy and I could feel the muscles trying to suck my tongue in while she was cumming. Her pussy was so tight; it was hard to believe she has kids.

The night was far from over and I was determined to take Jessica’s virginity in front of her mother. I suggested getting more beer and liquor and they both agreed. I said I would go while she set up the video, so we could watch it as soon as I got back. Jessica asked if she could ride with me and I agreed. We both got dressed and headed to the nearest store which was about five minutes away.

When we got to the store, I suggested she stay in the car but she was intent on coming in. The store was pretty run down, but it’s a liquor store, what can you expect. The guy behind the counter couldn’t take his eyes off Jessica, so she played the part. She switched her ass as she walked and bent over when she got the beer out of the cooler so he could see her bra less tits. I didn’t give a shit, I was looking too.

We found what we wanted and got to the counter. Jessica looked up at me and winked as I wondered what she had planned. He rang us up and told me the total. Jessica suggested a deal to him. If she could make him cum from a blowjob in five minutes or less, we would get the stuff free. He quickly agreed. She took her shirt off and went behind the counter. She knelt down while undoing his pants and took his dick out. It was maybe four and half inches long. She looked sex hikayeleri at me and smiled, then said the time was starting. He instantly began to moan. Obviously, he didn’t get pussy often. I couldn’t believe how fast he came. Looking at my watch, I realized he came in just under two minutes. She refused to swallow, as she jerked his little shaft all over her tits. She got up and smiled as she wiped her tits off on his shirt. He asked for her number as we were leaving. She turned to smile at him and told him I was her boyfriend and she couldn’t give it to him. He looked kind of shocked that I let her do that if she was my girlfriend, but when I smiled, he relaxed a little as we walked out. I was hard again from what just happened, so I asked her to suck my cock on the way to her house. While I was undoing my pants, I asked if I could take her virginity tonight. Her answer surprised me. She explained the real reason her mom invited me over. That was why her mom picked up the video she did, a “mother daughter sex film”. My dick instantly shot up to full attention and she proceeded to suck me while I was driving to her house.

I came just as we pulled into the driveway, which was a good thing because I almost blacked out from the strength of my nut. We walked inside and put the bag in the fridge to keep it cold. We both grabbed a beer and took one to Heather in the living room that was ready to watch the video. She asked what took so long and we both answered the store was busy. She didn’t mention it after that.

From what I gathered throughout the night so far, Heather and Jessica didn’t actually do much together besides masturbate in from of each other and finger each other, but I was turned on by the possibilities when alcohol is thrown into the mix. The video was exactly what Jessica said it was. About a mother who was training her daughter to seduce men and get what they want from them. The cover looked great and I recognized it as the one we looked at in the store.

The movie started off with a mom seducing a government big shot with a camera hidden in the room. As the first few minutes went by, the movie explained what it was about. This porn video actually had a plot, which most don’t think of having. The girls looked nothing alike and the only similarities to the roles they were playing were age. Without realizing it, I was massaging my balls. Jessica noticed and moved over to stroke my cock and play with my balls, leaving my hands free to massage her tits and rub her pussy.

Her mom seemed content to play with herself, other than that, she was still fully dressed. My pants were down to my knees with my cock out and my shirt still on. Jessica had all her clothes off except for her panties. My dick was rock hard. I was ready to fuck one of them so I told Heather to move over to me. She stripped and slowly sat on my cock. As she slowly lowered herself on my cock Jessica kept playing with my balls and started to rub her mom’s clit. She came two times before allowing me to fall from her swollen pussy. As she lowered herself down again, she guided me into her tight asshole.

I barely held my nut as I sank into her ass. Within thirty seconds I was unloading my juices inside of her tight firm ass. After I came, she fell forward onto me and started kissing my neck while hugging me. I could tell Jessica was anxious when she pulled her mom off me and pulled me down to eat her tight virgin pussy.

She lay on the floor and pulled me to her. I started to lightly lick her pussy lips and was blowing gently on her clit. Her mom kneeled down behind me and started to lick my balls and suck on my cock. She got my dick hard and then started to lick my ass. She got her tongue halfway up my ass, and then put her finger in me. She came to whisper in my ear while fingering my ass. She told me she wanted to see me fuck her virgin daughter.

I moved from my knees and lay down on top of her. I placed my dick at the opening of her pussy and gently pushed in. I could only get the tip in before I pulled back. Her pussy was soaked so we didn’t use any lubrication. Slowly and gently, I kept steady pressure on my cock pushing it inside her. Slowly I eased it in and before long I had two inches inside.

Heather was now sucking Jessica’s round tits as Jessica tried to shove the whole thing inside her mom’s mouth. I was getting more and more of my cock into her, now about three quarters of the way in. Her pussy was so tight, it felt like it was squeezing the cum out of me. I suggested her mom get on her knees in front of me so I could eat her out as I fucked her daughter. She loved the idea and didn’t hesitate at all. I licked from her pussy to her asshole and back again. She was going crazy.

Jessica was cumming the entire time I was inside her. She was so tight; her juices were squeezed out each time I slid in. Her pussy was pulsating around my cock as heather was cumming from the tongue job I was giving her asshole. I stopped eating Heather’s ass when I started to fuck Jessica with a vengeance. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back for long as I began shoving my entire eight-inch cock into her so hard she was getting pushed across the floor. She was talking, or more like making noise since everything came out as incoherent words. She was writhing and digging her nails into my arms and back. She wrapped her legs around me as best she could and pulled me tight to her, forcing me to cum inside her tiny pussy.

This is when I noticed Heather had moved away and sat against the couch playing with her pussy watching us. She looked very satisfied. Jessica had her eyes closed and a slight smile on her face. As my dick softened, it fell from her pussy and cum oozed out of Jessica onto the floor. Her mom came over and licked my dick and balls clean and even licked the oozing cum from Jessica’s swollen pussy.

I spent the night in Jessica’s room, fucking many more times that night. Heather poked her head in a few times asking if we needed help. We heard Heather’s vibrator going a few times during the night, which led to us fucking again. I woke up about ten the next morning and found Jessica gone and Heather in the living room. I dressed and went to say goodbye to Heather. She said they both had fun last night and we had to do it again sometime soon. She grabbed my pants and pulled my cock out. Heather gave me one last blowjob before I left. She also gave me Jessica’s cell phone number and told me to call her around six-thirty that night. She wanted to show me to her friends. I smiled as my mind wandered and walked out to my car.

The End?

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