Virgin in Japan

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I left school at sixteen, at the time I’d just sold some computer programs to a couple of publishers – one of which offered me a job. It paid double what my father made and I’d be doing something I’d enjoy unlike him. Computers were my entire life from then on. I spent long hours at work with their projects then longer hours at home on my own. There was little time left to socialize, let alone relationships. There was promotions, these alienated me from my peers. I had a reputation of finishing projects on time no matter what it took.

That reputation was why I found myself – days before my nineteenth birthday – boarding a plane bound for Japan. A project was in dire trouble and they assigned me to try to rescue it. It would mean coding on site and training people to use it as I finished the project.

Japan was alien to me at first with a completely different food palette and customs that made little sense to me. For example, I was working on a building site. The shell of the building was complete but the interior needed work. Because it was a completed building, I had to remove my worksafe shoes at the door and put on slippers. I was not prepared for this and so ended up with slippers bought in Japan that needed the end cut off to fit my size twelve feet.

They assigned me an interpreter, her name was Chiya. She always dressed in business attire. Always a blazer with matching skirt and a blouses with a touch of flair to accent it. To this day still remember the first time I saw her, she had on a bright red blazer and skirt set, black tights and huge construction boots. She looked like a young school girl playing in mud as she scurried to keep up with her manager. But I digress, her story is not the one I’m telling here, there is a story to tell but that will be for another day.

On the day of my birthday, the people spent most of the day trying to get me to go out and celebrate with them but I felt uncomfortable with the idea and declined. Chiya made one last attempt at the end of the day, with a peck on the cheek and are you sure you want to be alone conversation.

I spent the early part of the evening doing what I usually did, working away. It was very late when I felt the pangs of hunger, so I headed out in search of food. I ended up in Thai restaurant that I had visited onmy first night in Japan. I walked in sometime after eleven.

The owner of the restaurant – Kim – remembered me from before and treated me like an old friend returning after years away. I usually shy away from this kind of attention but somehow Kim had me at easy and enjoying his company.

It was just past midnight when she came in, a little tipsy. Pleased to see Kim, she came directly to my table. After a brief exchange with Kim, she smoothly slipped into the chair beside me. Kim introduced us, her name was Ting – I learned much later that the name means slim, graceful and she definitely fit that description.

The chef delivered a bowl of sticky rice in a weaved basket and some plated dishes I couldn’t name and the three of us chowed down as Kim kept the conversation flowing.

It slowly, subtly turned into a two way conversation with Kim toning down his exuberance and acting as the translator. She had a vocabulary of a few dozen English words, I spoke zero Japanese or Thai but somehow it seemed like this shy boy and the petite Thai girl where enjoying each other’s company. Ting had a youthful charm about her, both in her look and in the playful nature of her body language. However in the quiet moments her face and eyes told you she was older.

Time came for me to depart for the night. Ting invited me through Kim to escort her home. Something I readily agreed to do – always be a gentleman my mother had told me. During the walk, she surprised me. We’d started the walk with her arm around my waist but as the walk progressed, her hand dropped the back pocket of my shorts. She hooked her thumb into the pocket then stretched fingers out across my ass cheek with the tips pushing into my ass. My ass clenched tight and I exhaled. She laughed but didn’t move her hand.

At her apartment building, she beckoned me to come in with her and I did so.

In the elevator, I rested against the wall and she pounced on me, pushed her body against mine and on tippy-toe, she kissed me on my jaw line.

I lowered my head and we kissed on the lips. So soft, gentle, safe. She sucked on my lower lip. She then moved down and sucked on my neck, my whole body was tingling, my ass muscles clenched and I let out a soft moan.

She had her hand rubbing up and down the front of my shorts. It was a full on assault of my senses and my body tensed up while diyarbakır escort my hardening cock twitched in response.

We broke apart, startled by the loud ding as we arrived at our floor and the doors opened. She looked at me like I was her favorite dessert.

I on the other hand was slightly shocked at the proceedings and breathing heavy. Wondering how this evening was going to end.

She took my hand in hers and pulled me with some urgency from the elevator and down a dimly lit corridor to her apartment. There was a myriad of spicy smells in the hot sticky air. Intoxicating but not as much as Ting’s urgency to get me to her apartment. She wanted us to be together and I just hoped I would be up to the task.

The apartment was very narrow but fairly long. You entered into the kitchen, along the left hand wall was the kitchen equipment and storage space. Beyond that on the left was a shower unit then a partial wall that separated that space from the living room.

The living room had a shelving space running all along the left hand wall with a TV sitting on it right in the middle of the room – it was turned on. The room was split in two by a wall of teddy bears in the middle. On either side of the cuddly wall was beds. Well a mattress on the floor with some pillows, no sheets. The whole room – no the whole apartment – was lit by the light from the television and two dim bedside lights, one either side of the teddies.

A girl appeared from behind the bears wearing what looked like mens boxers and a spaghetti strap tank that was far too big for her, leaving a her ample tits exposed. The girls talked briefly, while her roommate idly scratched her left breast.

What had I wondered into? Should I leave? Those are the first real tits I’d seen! Threesome? All thoughts running through my overactive brain. The feel of delicate fingers sliding around the back of my neck and pulling my head downwards snapped me out it.

Ting kissed me on the lips, her tongue dancing around my mouth like moth on a light bulb. I was a little disappointed when she broke away but was all smiles again when she directed me to lay down on the bed.

Propped up on my elbows, I watched to see what would happen next. She slowly undid her silky white blouse then let it flow gently to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra, I could see her small gently rounded breasts. Her nipples were prominent and raised by the small areola around them. My eyes must have popped a little in that moment because a huge grin appeared on her face.

Next she unhooked the top of her sky blue skirt, slowly pushed down the zipper down as she continued to drink in my obvious desire. She pushed the skirt passed her hips and let it drop to the floor. I covered my mouth in mock surprise, she laughed.

This five foot, five inch beauty stood before wearing just a plain white thong and white stockings that ended mid thigh. To this day, my cock stirs at the sight of white stockings.

The thong followed the skirt to the floor and I sucked in air. Ting flowed to the ground with a grace I’ve never seen since. This beautiful creature started crawling towards me, her long black hair brushing along the inside of my thighs. Each strand of air seemed to carry a small electrical charge that lit up my body with anticipation of what was to come. I had no clue how I’d gotten to be so lucky.

She licked her lips and smiled as her dainty hands pulled on my shorts and underwear. I lifted my hips to help her and in an instant, my cock sprang free – erect, the head glistening with precum.

With my lower body naked, Ting ran her nails up my legs from the base of my feet to the inside of my thighs. Her hand then cupped my balls and she leaned in and sucked one to her lips and then moved on to the next one. As my cock twitched, looking to attract the same attention my balls were getting for itself. She smiled at this and started licking up along the length of it.

Once at the tip, she first kissed the wet head and then lapped at the end like you do a melting ice cream. My hips spasmed upwards pushing my cock into her teeth. It stung a little as a tooth caught in the eye of my cock. I grunted, she laughed and then kissed the end to make it all better.

She started to kiss her way up my belly, chest, neck and chin. My cock was pushing up onto her, leaving a trail of precum as she worked her way up me.

Now her eyes were looking into my eyes, my cock was pressed against her with her pussy. I could feel a dampness down there contrasting the silky feeling of her stockinged legs against mine.

We kissed, tentatively at first like young lovers getting to know one another for the first time. The kisses grew with passion until we were going at it with wanton abandonment. She began to rock her hips, pussy massaging into the base of my cock – covering my balls in her sweet nectar. It was a miracle that I’d not shoot my load yet.

We broke from the excitement to remove my shirt. She ran her hands over my chest, making contact only with the tips of her nails, leaving little white lines trails. The trails stung a little but I craved more.

Her hands rested on my chest as she raised herself up off body. The only contact our bodies had was her warm hands on my chest and the cooler feeling of her stockinged legs against mine.

She paused, catching her breath and looking down into my eyes. Her hands moved up off me, pulling on my nipples as they did so. Then up, across her cheekbones and on through her long flowing hair, pulling it back behind herself.

Taking a hold of my cock with her left hand, she slowly lowered herself down on me. Her pussy was tight, warm and the muscles felt like they were sucking me into her. We moaned and sucked air in unison as she bottomed out on me.

“Big.” she whispered, her face looking a little strained.

She started upwards slowly. My cock was soaked and glistening, I could see trails of her sweet juices flowing down her legs. My hips tried to keep up with her rise, I wanted to keep my cock in it’s perfect new home. Her pussy muscles contracted around my shaft as if trying to hold onto its prize.

We reached the point that just the head was nesting inside of her then she began a slow descent. I was in heaven, I reached up and ran my hands up and down her hips looking to convince myself this wasn’t a dream.

Her breathing seemed to sync up with her motions, breathing in as she rose up, breathing out as she slid down my now slick cock. With each motion, the pace increased. Soon our efforts had our bodies glistening with sweat matching the look of the areas soaked in her juices. There was now a slapping sound each time she bottomed out to go with a rasping sound as we both sucked in air.

All of a sudden, she stopped when she bottomed out, she slumped forward, her hands slapping down on my chest in an effort to keep herself upright. Her body trembling, her moans were more strained and urgent and her pussy muscles clamped down hard on my cock. With this increased pressure, my balls tightened and my cock throbbed – I was close.

Ting started a to rise up again slowly as if using her last ounce of strength. My cock was on fire with an unbearable pleasure and every nerve ending in my body seemed alive.

“Oh fuck!” I grunted.

Ting dropped down hard and fast on my cock. It responded by exploding, pumping my seed into her. My vision blurred and I was aware of nothing but my own pleasure but at the same time I was acutely aware of everything that my body was in contact with. Slowly, I was aware she had collapsed onto my chest, her long hair was on my face and she was breathing heavily – no we were both breathing heavily.

Once we regained our composure a little, we kissed. Little sweethearts kisses that celebrated the union that had just taken place. Ting then suddenly broke away and was up, standing above me. She blew a kiss and was gone. I heard a door open and then the sound of a shower running.

I lay there, awash with excitement as my mind ran through the events of the evening. This was one birthday I would not forget in a hurry.

She was gone less than five minutes but by the time she returned, I was well on my way to being hard again.

Covering her mound with her fingers, she licked her lips and smiled – a wicked smile. My cock – ever the exhibitionist – twitched and grew as her eyes fixated on it. Her fingers began to grind into her sex. I joined her – wrapping a hand around my cock, I slowly started to pump myself.

Our eyes locked as we pleasured ourselves. It provided a thrill that you just don’t get when you’re alone in your bedroom doing the same thing.

She stopped as her legs started to tremble. You could see she was working hard just to remain upright and then she gave up that fight.

Once again living up to the graceful part of her name, she glided downward until she was kneeling over my left leg. She replaced my hand with hers on my cock and started to stroke it with long gentle motions. At the top of the stroke I felt my balls being pulled up and at the bottom she was pushing her hand into them. It felt amazing.

With her other hand, she had pulled her purse over and was fumbling around inside it searching it for something.

It took a few moments but she finally found what she wanted and pulled it out. It was a condom, that she then proceeded put it on me.

It was the first time my brain registered that I’d just had unprotected sex with her – a girl I’d known for only a few short hours. And, then the bigger thought passed my somewhat distracted brain – I wasn’t a virgin anymore.

She resumed stroking my now sheathed cock, as I lay there with my eyes closed.

Just as when she seemed to get into a rhythm, she stopped. I sighed and opened my eyes in time to see her stand up. I started to wonder what’s was wrong when she turned around then she started to squat down onto my cock again.

She reached between her legs to take a hold of rock hard cock and directed it to her hole. This time she needed to push hard get it in. It felt different, tighter – I wondered if was the condom making it feel different but soon realized I was in her taut little ass.

She took her time again, this time controlling not only the pace but also the how much of my cock she took with each downward stroke. The increased tightness felt incredible but the condom reduced the feeling of intimacy.

The pace increased once she had two thirds of me in her. It took a few minutes more before her ass was slapping down on my pubic bone with each downward thrust.

I reached up and ran my hands through my hair, it was soaked. I could feel the beads of sweat running down my face and see them running down her back. This sex thing was hard work.

Onwards and onwards she went, we were both grunting like wild animals as the wanton assault on her ass continued under her own orchestration.

After what seemed like hours but likely was minutes, I felt my balls tighten and then that pleasure again washed over me as my cock expanded and then started to pump out my load. She collapsed forward, my cock slipping from her hole.

She crawled back to me. We kissed before settling down to try and sleep. Both of us, completely spent.

I woke when the dawn light shone it’s bright orange beams into the room. As soon as I became aware of the petite woman pressing into my body, my cock sprang back to life pushing into Ting’s ass.

Not sure if Ting woke because of the feeling of my cock pressing against her ass or the arrival of the sun but she was awake now.

Ting lifted her leg a little reached through and guided the head of my cock into her pussy.

Remaining on our sides, as I gently pushed into her. I took my time and slowly built up pace – just as she had done. I reached my hand over her body and took a hold of my first ever breast. It wasn’t very big but to me they felt just about perfect. Her nipple was rock hard became my plaything as I explored the many way to play with it using your hand and fingers..

She was responding to my novice administrations, pushing her ass back to meet my thrusts. Our breathing was once again becoming labored.

We rolled over, so she was face down. She pushed her ass up into the air as I resumed sliding in and out of her warm and increasingly wet pussy. Her muscles tighten around my cock as I continued my strokes. I varied the speed and length of the strokes.

As I continued, she grabbed a hold of the sheeting and clamping down hard on it – her knuckles turning white. With each thrust, she was gasping out words that had no meaning to me. They did however heighten my feeling that I was doing it right.

I didn’t get much of a warning from my body, I started what normal downward thrust into her when her pussy muscles clamped down hard on me causing my cock spasm and then shoot a series of semen loaded charges deep into her.

Her body was shaking as I collapsed on top of it. I rolled onto my front beside her and tried hard to suck in the sweet air, I was spent once more..

She pushed herself up and slid over to me and gently kissed me on the lips. Her hand caressing my chest.

When she regained her strength, she got up and held out her hand for me.


I got up and followed her hand in hand to the shower. We took turns to washed each other and then to dry each other. Returning to the living room/bedroom, she helped me dress and I left to get to work.

I went back to Kim’s that night and he told me that she and several other girls had been picked up by the police. He didn’t know why and would try to find out. A week or so later, I ran into her roommate and he – yes that was a surprise for me too – confirmed her arrest and that she was being deported, apparently she was in the country illegally.

By the time I left Japan – just two months later – I had experienced joys of sex with several other partners including the lovely Chiya. I left with a love of white stockings and Asian women that continues to this day.

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