Visual Arts


Visual Arts

by Platonic Catapult


For several months now, I had been teaching my art history classes online instead of in a college classroom due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While it isn’t my favorite way to teach, my students had done pretty well and I was at least still getting paid. I have an extra bedroom that I’d set aside for doing school-related things from grading and lesson planning to creating charts and other learning aids. It took me a while to get used to all the pieces of technology I needed to master in order to get my lessons across, but I muddled through it.

What I missed most, though, was the person-to-person contact with my colleagues and my students. Being cooped up in my little house was getting old by the time the third month of quarantine rolled around. Quite frankly, I was anxious to get back to my former habits which included an occasional date (or more than a date). Okay, I’ll admit it. I was horny as hell.

To spice up the dreary routine of being quarantined, I set up a little routine for myself. I’d get up, shower, do some yoga and then a bit of lesson planning. Then I’d plan my online sections of art followed by an hour or more of porn as my reward. It helped the day go by more quickly and, because the camera never showed me below my waist, I never had to get totally dressed in order to teach, which meant that I’d never have to get totally undressed either when the mood moved me to masturbate.

About a week before midterm grades were handed in, I happened to find an amateur porn site that revolved around some college students and their over-sexed teacher. I won’t deny that finding it made my heart race more than a little bit. The teacher, a thirty-something woman who bore a remarkable resemblance to a comedian who was once on Saturday Night Live had an intimate relationship with two girls and one guy in her college lit class. What I liked was that each of the characters were neither model-pretty actors nor studly handsome and well-hung. The girls had average sized boobs, attractive faces and average bodies. The character of the guy was a somewhat nerdy but good-looking kid with longish hair, glasses, a beard and a bit of a belly going for him. The general story was that the teacher had a thing for the guy since he was the best student in the class and she arranged for the two girls to be tutored by the nerdy student.

The girls, one redhead and one blonde, fell for the guy and, out of gratitude would each separately meet the guy on the sly and fuck him or give him an occasional blow job. The girls also spent their time going down on each other. Finally, the jig was up. One of the girls got caught fucking the nerd, so they decided that the best way to handle the situation was to try a three-way. That was what did me in. I couldn’t stop watching that episode and I found myself watching it over and over again, masturbating with fingers, toys or whatever was handy. I couldn’t get the trio out of my mind.

On more than one occasion, I woke myself up to watch the flick and then do what came naturally so I could get some sleep. I’d mentally cast the roles of the two girls and the nerdy guy using my various students both past and present. Was I obsessing over it? Yeah. Probably, but for the time being it eased my boredom and my horniness.

One night, I woke up at three in the morning and cued up my new favorite clip, in which the teacher gets in on the fun with her three students. I masturbated, had a wet and wild orgasm or three and then tried to fall back asleep. It must’ve been at least six in the morning that I finally fell asleep and I was damned groggy when the alarm clock rang at 7:30. I managed to down a cup of coffee, some yogurt and a slice of toast, do a bit of yoga, a review of my plans and I was as ready for the day as I was going to be.

Now, ordinarily, I would wear a pair of ratty old shorts (without my usual g string) with a nice top for the sake of presentation. That morning, I was so drowsy that that I just said, “Fuck it,” to myself and just wore my top and nothing at all below my waist. My cluttered desk would hide the rest.

My students were all ready for me and I was (somewhat) ready for them, but for some reason, I realized maybe for the first time, that I had an attractive, if nerdy guy with a beard in one class on Art in the Renaissance along with a few blondes and one outstandingly pretty long-legged, redhead. I did a double take.

My fatigued mind was definitely playing tricks on me, I decided. In spite of myself, as I watched my porn after class was done, I immediately began rubbing away at my clit and clutching at my tits above the desk until I came with a thunderous rokettube orgasm. My fingers were shaking, my chair was soaked and I was sure that whoever heard scream out my orgasm called the cops because they thought someone was being murdered.

To the casual observer, would there be any doubt about what I was doing in the privacy of my spare bedroom?

There was only one little problem — I was still transmitting.

I hadn’t even bothered to shut down my computer. Frantically, I pulled the battery out of my laptop in the hope that no one had seen or heard and that there would be no evidence of my guilty passionate “moment.” But it was too late. It was only a question of who saw me and what had they seen.

Because it was an advanced level seminar, there were only eleven students in the class. I had assigned them a research paper for the following week comparing the personalities of both Michelangelo and Leonardo daVinci; all eleven had apparently emailed me their work and I was relieved, three days later, to see that no one had dropped the class. In eight of the submissions, I found papers of varying quality but it was the other three that made my stomach heave. Nate, Helen, and Sara wrote the same note: “Meet me at Patsy’s Pizza at 9 tonight.”

My stomach took a dive and I gave an offering of vomit to the porcelain goddess. I had worked so hard to get this job. Now I was going to lose it. I cried, I broke things and I got then ready to head out to Patsy’s.

When I arrived, the three of them were already there. Although all three were wearing masks according to Covid protocol, I could nonetheless sense that they were smiling. Smiling? Not what I expected.

“Chin up,” I told myself. “Be professional.” I tried to keep a stiff upper lip behind my own mask. It was so much harder to gauge a person’s facial expressions when half of it was covered.

So, being the consummate professional, I told them, “I hope you’ve brought the research paper I assigned you.”

“About that paper you assigned,” Helen, the spokesperson for the group said, “All three of us have been getting nothing but A’s in your class so far, Eileen. We thought it might be fun to have a bit more of a challenge this time.”

The fact that they called me by my first name rather than Professor Franklin caught me off guard. My lip trembled. “Wwwhat did you have in mind,” I asked from behind my mask.

Sara put her hand on mine. “It’s okay. Don’t get nervous. I’m pretty sure you’ll like our idea and no, you’re not in any trouble at all. None of us will ever tell anyone what we saw the other night and we’re pretty sure we’re the only ones who did.”

“Um, what we had in mind, Miss, er Prof…Eileen… what we had in mind Eileen,” Nate stammered nervously, “is an oral exam of sorts. One which we hopefully all will pass and enjoy.”

They went on to explain that the three of them had been lovers since the beginning of the term and that they decided after that night that they’d offer me a chance to become a member in their oral club. If I said no, they’d accept that, but if I said yes, I had to agree to join then for some red hot coed-teacher sex. How could I say no?


My three oversexed students had seen it all and heard it all. My jerking body, and my flushed orgasmic face, my arm movements that could only mean I was masturbating beneath the top of the desk, my clutching of my un-brassièred breasts and nipples, the squishing noise of my fingers in my soaked pussy and the banshee yell I screamed when I came. There could be no denial of what was happening and when I realized my titanic error, I was sure that it was all over, that they’d turn me in. But I wrong. Boy, was I wrong!

For months now, the three of them had been playing together in spite of the pandemic. All three had boyfriends or girlfriends back home and, in order to stay (somewhat) faithful, to them, they’d set up a little triad in which there was to be no fucking, but otherwise, no holes barred. Their playtimes included play with their mouths, fingers and occasionally toys. Before I left Patsy’s that night, I had to promise that I’d get tested for Covid-19 and STD’s and, if I was to be included in their ménage, I agreed to abide by that rule and a third rule which I gladly agreed to, namely that it was to be totally our secret. I left our little dinner that night so relieved and excited by the promise of what lay ahead that I found myself too wound up to masturbate that night. The next morning I hurried to the health service and got myself tested. The following day I did some shopping and splurged on some new toys, clothes and lube.

I found it hard waiting for my test results to come asyalı porno back so that the four of us could meet and play. We decided that, since I was the only one without a roommate, that my place would be the best place to meet, so it was that the next week we met at my place. I’d cleaned the house, made some food and masturbated I don’t know how many times in anticipation. All three of them showed up on time at seven PM. It was a cold, rainy day, so I’d lit a fire in my fireplace and we gathered in front of it once coats, umbrellas and so on were stashed away.

I’d dressed in a new outfit for the occasion; a low-cut silk shirt and matching silk lounging pants. It turned out I was overdressed. All three of them were wearing fleece pants and shirt with the school’s logo on them. Helen, the tall redhead had the largest breasts of the three of us and you could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Although mine aren’t nearly as big, the fact that my shirt was low-cut and that my hard, excited nipples poked through the silky material was enough to show that I hadn’t bothered with one either. Sara, a short, cute girl with curly sandy blonde hair was small-breasted and it was anyone’s guess as to whether or not she was wearing one or not. Time would tell that none of us wore any undies at all.

We gathered around the fireplace; all of us sat on the floor on my area rug as we ate, chatted and nervously drank wine.

“So,” finally blurted out, “since I’m the newcomer, can you tell me how any of this works? I’m a little nervous in case you haven’t noticed.” The three looked from one to the other, but finally it was Nate who broke the ice.

“Well,” he said, “if it helps we’re nervous also. We talked about it on the drive over and I guess it was like the first time we three ever made it, sexually speaking. Like, none of us had ever done a threesome before and Sara and Helen had never been with, like, another woman before, so it was a little awkward. That first time, we were watching a movie … and no, not a porn movie. In fact it was an Avengers movie. We were on my ratty old sofa and I had my arm around Sarah and so did Helen. Somehow we found us both kissing Sara at the same time and it just took off from there. So, if you want to, we could watch a movie, I guess.”

“Okay,” I offered, eagerly reaching for the remote control on the nearby coffee table. I turned to my left to ask if they wanted to watch t.v. or a movie and I found myself intercepted by Sara’s full, red lips. Her gentle kiss, her arm around me and the tip of her probing tongue made me totally forget all about the remote and it fell to the rug. When her lips left mine, I noticed that Nate and Helen were kissing as well. “Wow!” I stammered, “Did you guys rehearse this?” Helen and Nate were reclined back onto the front of the sofa deep into make-out mode.

“Shhhh.” Sara whispered, “Don’t overthink it,” as she settled in for another stimulating kiss. This time, her hand was inside my blouse, cupping breast and nipple in her small, warm hand.

Not wanting to be left behind, I returned her kiss, slid the tip of my tongue over her lipsticked lips and slid my hand under her sweatshirt to find the small swell of her breast and its large, swollen nipple. She sighed the moment I touched it and she whispered, “I’ve been wanting that for so long, Eileen.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Helen’s sizable breasts with their small, pink nipples were fully exposed. Nate was sucking on the left one as he reached to untie the drawstring of her fleece pants. Helen was already wrist-deep into her partner’s waistband, apparently caressing his swollen cock. Helen made a high-pitched ooh whenever Nate sucked her nipple.

In the meantime, Sara drew me down to the area rug so that I was on top of her, her breasts and pelvis now pressing on my own. How we’d gotten there without having to stop our delicious kiss, I’ll never know … or care, because I could feel my hips moving in a rhythm complementary to Sara’s, so that our pussies were pressed against each others. While still kissing, the two of us struggled to slide down our pants so that we could have skin to skin contact. I ripped off a button in the effort and I eventually had to help Sara with a stubborn knot. Having to help her with the knot assured that my face would be at her waist and that put my face in the environs of her wet and well-trimmed pussy. I couldn’t help myself and I found my mouth drawn to her wetness like a magnet to iron.

“Oh God, yes!” she moaned and I could feel the grip of her hands pulling my face to her. My tongue traced her swollen clit and her hips left the floor. I sucked first one pussy azeri porno lip and then the other into my mouth and she groaned, “Inside,” so first my tongue and then my middle fingers explored inside her. My fingers easily found her G spot which was a swollen washboard of flesh by then.

“I’m coming. Oh God, I’m coming,” Helen shouted as Nate explored her pussy and ass with his fingers. “Harder, harder!” she begged as over Sara’s muscular thigh I could see her twitching as Nate ate her out.

Sara had reached out to her Helen and was caressing her friend’s breast as she, herself neared her orgasm. I, not to be left out, was fingering my own wet pussy as my partner neared hers. It seemed that, the more excited she became, the more excited I became. Sex had never before been like this for me and my body thanked me for it as I reached a thundering orgasm just as Helen did.

All the while she was coming, Helen was stroking Nate’s cock. When her last spasm had passed, though, she arched herself over Nate’s body and began to suck his cock deep into her throat. Now his hands were on the back of her head, urging her down deeper and deeper onto his red shaft. Just when he thought he could take no more, Nate felt Sara begin to lick his balls and finger his asshole. It was all too much for him and he began to cum into Helen’s mouth and all over her freckled face.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Nate cried out as spasm after spasm shook him and his cock spurted gouts of cum all over both girls.

I had just begun to recover from my own orgasm when I felt three mouths on my body. Sara was at one nipple, Nate at the other and Helen was busily licking my pussy. The cum that Sara and Helen had shared after Nate’s orgasm was coating my left nipple and it didn’t take much imagination to figure out that the two girls had kissed and shared Nate’s cum and now Sara was sharing it with me. Helen had the cheeks of my ass in her hands as she ate me out. Her talented mouth went from my clit to my pussy and down to my ass where her tongue invaded my anus. She’d go in and out, in and out and then do the same with my soaked pussy. I was in heaven.

There was a sudden pause to her rhythm and I could feel Helen rotate over me so that she and I were 69ing. Her pussy was also soaking wet and was dripping onto my mouth. Sara had left my left breast and was now orally going to town on Helen’s anus while Helen’s mouth doing the same to me. I loved the feel of Helen’s full breasts on my own and put my arms around her to encourage the contact between our bodies. Nate, in the meantime was fingering Sara to a lovely orgasm as they kissed and as his hands played with her large nipples.


Once each of us had cum I don’t know how many times, we took a break for some food, some hot chocolate and some rest. All I could think about at the time was, “Wow.” I knew I’d no longer have any need for my favorite porn site. I was living in one of my own.

As it turned out, the cold rain that night turned into sleet and then snow. We did indeed watch a movie together and, because we’d been drinking wine that night and because the roads were dangerous and not a bit because we all were still horny as hell, I convinced my guests to sleep over. In the name of safety, of course. Since I have only one queen-sized bed in my room and another in the guest room, we drew lots and Nate and I slept in my bed and Helen and Sara in the other.

Our night of fun and wine, combined with the cold temperatures encouraged me to sleep in. When I awoke I was in Nate’s arms and his nude body was snuggled against my own from behind. The moans and groans and shrieks coming from the guest room told me that Sara and Helen were awake and busy.

As I lay there, drowsing on and off, my hand at my pussy because of the lustful sounds coming through the walls, I was aware of something at my feet. Somehow, Nate had wriggled free and, burrowing under the covers was on his way between my thighs to my now-wet pussy. I felt the rasp of his unshaved face against my soft inner thighs as he approached me, tongue-first.

I pressed my thighs closed around him as I listened to the concert of lust that the girls were providing me. I had a difficult time focusing on the action taking place next door because Nate’s tongue and fingers were inside me and driving me insane. His tongue was in my ass and his fingers in my swampy pussy and I was in heaven. I toyed with my nipples and then with my clit, unsure of where it felt best until, at last, an atomic bomb of lust ignited what would be my first and not my last orgasm of the morning, for, not only was I enjoying a sublime climax courtesy of not only Nate’s talented tongue and digits, but two lovely naked women jumping onto my bed to complete our little foursome.

Oh the things an educator has to put up with! What the hell, with all the snow outside, today would be a good day to play. It certainly beat a department meeting.

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