Voicemail from Mistress 01


“You have one new voice message. To listen to the message press 1, to skip the message press 2, to delete the message press 3, to return to your voicemail settings press hash.”


“Message received at 23:29 on the 18th of June 2018”

“Hey there my little slut! You may have thought that going to visit your family for the weekend was going to mean that your balls were once again belonging to you. Due to the time difference, I’ll be asleep as you listen to this message but I want you to know INSTANTLY, the moment you land, that your balls are still mine, no matter how far away you travel! By the time you listen to this, you may already be at your parent’s house but you’re going to need a few items…don’t worry, you’ll find all of these lying around, I’m sure of it.”

“For starters you’re going to need to make sure that your work phone has plenty of charge. You will of course be recording every single second of this…how else will I know that you’ve followed my instructions to the letter? Obviously, you’ll be using your personal phone to listen to my sweet, powerful and seductive voice. Secondly, you will need a shoelace. Any kind will do, just make sure that it’s long! Thirdly, I want you to grab a handful of clothes pegs. You shouldn’t need any more than…oh, I don’t know…10? Finally, you may need some lube. I know, I know, your parents probably don’t have a bottle of lube just lying around the house. So…I want you to go grab something you can use as lube: maybe some Vaseline designed for lip care or perhaps that jar of coconut oil that your mother uses on her skin, you know the one I’m talking about. The lube is the only optional item but I’d advise you get it, just in case!”

“I know you have a lock on the door of your old bedroom but you won’t be in there. No…today you will be following my instructions while in the bathroom. That’s right, the one with the broken lock! You have my permission to cheat a little: you can use earphones to listen to my instructions and you can run the bath or pretend you’re taking a shit to avoid looking suspicious…but one thing is certain: you are not leaving that bathroom until you have followed every single one of my instructions. Do you understand? Good boy! Hang up this call and only listen to the rest once you’ve got the items, your camera is recording and you’re kneeling on the bathroom floor in your underwear!”

“Mmm, how does it feel to be recording yourself in a room with no functional lock? Are you worried that one of your parents could walk in at any second? Good! The thought of you squirming with anticipation and nervousness REALLY gets me going! I want you to start massaging your entire body BUT you cannot touch your cock or balls. I want you to caress your nipples, flick them, give them a little squeeze, rub your ass cheeks, drag your nails lightly across every single inch of your skin…really tease your body. Just the thought of your frustrated cock beginning to harden is making me wet! Since your face isn’t here to sit on, I guess I’ll just have to find my own source of stimulation!”

“As your cock begins to harden, I want you to imagine I’m standing in front of you completely naked. I’m so close that you can smell my moist pussy juices as they begin to leak from my perfectly bare pussy. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Can you smell it? That familiar smell that gaziantep vip escort makes you just go weak at the knees. I bet it is sending waves of pleasure across your body. Did your cock just twitch a little inside your underwear? Mmm, I’m glad you know your place well! Ah, ah, ah, I didn’t say you could touch your cock yet. It isn’t yours to touch! It’s mine! If you’ve so much as brushed against either your cock or your balls, I want you to put two clothes pegs on each of your nipples, NOW!”

“Since you’re not here to see it for yourself, I want you to know that I’m sliding my hand down to my pussy. Unlike you, I can masturbate how I want, when I want. I don’t need to hold myself back; I can just slide a finger right…in. Maybe one finger isn’t going to cut it…that’s it, mmm, who needs your worthless cock when my fingers do a better job anyway! You’ve got no idea how wet I am right now. Your face would be dripping in my juices and I would just keep riding it on and on and on. Put a peg on each nipple…or add another peg to each nipple if you were a disobedient little slut earlier on! I mean look at you! You don’t even know if you’ll get an orgasm at the end of this and yet you’re STILL going to do every single thing I tell you to. If I didn’t have such a use for a submissive little bitch like you then you’d be utterly pathetic, unloved by all and lost in the world…like a stray dog.”

“You now have my permission to touch your cock BUT only through your underwear and only with your fingertips. I want you to drag them lightly from the base up and across that sensitive little spot just below the head. Focus on that a little as you use just one finger to draw little circles over it. Now move onto the head and continue to use light touches with your fingertips. Then run your fingers back down to the base. How desperate are you to whip that pathetic cock out and begin stroking? Is there a damp precum stain forming on your underwear? Keep teasing that cock of yours…or should I say my cock. With your other hand begin employing the same technique with your balls. I want you to be squirming with anticipation!”

“Since you’re not here to lick up all my warm juices up, I guess I’ll just have to do it myself! Mmm, I taste so sweet today. I’m leaking even more than usual! I guess the thought of you following my instructions is just more arousing to me than you actually being here in person! Take your underwear off now and if there is a wet spot of precum on them I want you to have a little taste. Just use the tip of your tongue but be sure to smell that fragrant odour of fresh cock as well. I know that you’re such a horny little slut that it probably turns you on to be a filthy whore! You have a choice now. I know, I’m such a lovely Mistress and you really don’t deserve to have me. I treat you so much better than I should. Your choice is this: you can remove the clothes pegs now but you have to flick each nipple 25 times…HARD! Alternatively, you can leave the clothes pegs on for a little while longer and on my command you can remove them flick-free. Choose wisely!”

“I’d imagine that by now your cock is pulsating, throbbing, leaking everywhere and desperate for stimulation, correct? Hopefully you managed to grab some lube but if not, you’re going to have to improvise. One option is that you go in dry but a gaziantep yabancı escort safer, more pleasurable and a dirtier option is to suck your fingers, drool on them, or even spit into your hand and use that as lube. Lie down on your back and lift your feet up, perhaps resting them onto the bath or toilet. Get your lube or your spit and reach down to that tight little asshole of yours. That’s right; your cock is going to be twitching a little longer! I bet it is dripping precum like a river!”

“Start to tease around the hole but don’t think about diving knuckle deep just yet! I want you to tease your ass hole with your finger in the same manner you would tease mine with your tongue: Small, gentle circles that tickle just ever so slightly. I want you to suck two fingers on your other hand while you do this. Imagine that I’m letting you suck my fingers and that your ability to go a good job and please me is what decides whether you get an orgasm today or not. Keep in mind that I’ll be watching this video and if so much as a single frame isn’t to my liking, you’ll be punished SEVERLY! If you’re not putting 100% into this I’ll have you cumming into your mother’s panties! Would that even be a punishment for you? You depraved little bitch boy! I bet the mere thought of that turned you on a little didn’t it?”

“Apply some more lube or spit to your finger and then slowly begin to push the tip into your hole. I want you to close your eyes and make a face like you’re receiving the most pleasure you’ve ever felt in your entire life! If you really want to sell it, arch your back and curl your toes, maybe even let out a little moan if you’re feeling brave. I don’t care that your parents might hear and I don’t care that you’re feeling almost no pleasure right now! I want you to continue to suck your fingers as you work that finger in deeper and deeper. Push all the way in until you feel your prostate…good…now pull your finger all the way out. Do it again! This time, match your fingers so that as one finger enters your ass, the other two enter your mouth. Be sure to suck those fingers like they’re a big, meaty, juicy, salty cock! Have you reached your prostate again? Good, then pull it all the way out and repeat. If you need to reapply some lube, you may do so at any time.”

“My own hole is thoroughly enjoying the thought of you carrying out these tasks. Teasing you has put me in the mood for teasing myself so every single time I get near an edge I…I…MMM…I slow down the stimulation and let the edge fade a little. I could give myself an orgasm right now but something tells me that you’ll find hearing me moan and cum even more frustrating in a moment! You can stop fingering your ass now as we won’t be doing much anal today. I just wanted to add another level of stimulation before I let you anywhere near that cock of mine! Are you desperate to touch it? Is it dripping precum all over the place? Collect any precum on a finger and smear it across your lips as if you were applying lip balm! Lick your lips ever so slightly and if you have any precum left, add some more to your lips!”

“Grab the shoelace and take one end and tie a simple knot with the lace wrapped around the base of both your cock and balls. I want it tight enough that it’s a little uncomfortable but not so tight that you’re cutting off all gaziantep yaşlı escort circulation. Good! Now take the loose end and begin wrapping it around just your balls. This should force your balls further and further away from your body. When you get to the end of the lace simply tie it in a knot and we’ll be ready to begin!”

“Suck one of your middle fingers and get it nice and wet! Now, using only that one finger, begin to stroke your frenulum up and down. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the sensitive strands of nerves on the underside of your cock head. I got you to touch it earlier! Sometimes I forget how much of a zombie you become when you’re horny! Right now I want you barely touching your cock! The finger should be so light that you can barely feel it…even though we both know that the slightest touch is driving you crazy! As a general rule from this point onwards: if you have any precum oozing out of your cock, you need to scoop it up and suck on the finger! Something tells me that you’ll DEFINITELY taste a lot of that sweet, sweet precum!”

“I’ve put you on loudspeaker because…well…I need both hands for this next bit! Since you’re basically rubbing your clit, I guess I should join you and rub mine. Oh God…my clit is so sensitive right now and I am already on the brink of orgasm. Mmmm, I can feel my eyes rolling back in my…oh God! Don’t you dare speed up or apply any more pressure! Right now I want you to look straight into the camera and tell me that you’re a worthless slut. Tell me who you belong to and tell me that you don’t deserve to cum today! Tell me…Ohhhh…MMMM…Oh God I’m cumming…Oh God…Ohhhh…WOW! Would you like to orgasm like that? I know you CRAVE the female orgasm but it will forever be out of your reach!”

“I think I can let you have a little more stimulation now! Add a little more pressure, add a little more spit, and begin to do circles around that exact same spot. Remember to keep scooping up that precum you filthy slut! You need somebody’s juices in your mouth and since it can’t be mine, it’s going to have to be yours! How is your little clitty feeling? Can you feel that thick load building up? Are your balls beginning to tighten? If you start getting close then slow down or decrease the pressure. NO CUMMING! I can tell that you’re hoping desperately, perhaps more so than usual, that I will let you experience an orgasm today. I mean it would just be cruel of me not to…right? If you chose to leave the clothes pegs on your nipples rather than taking the flicking option, you can remove them now. I had planned on letting you take them off earlier…but oh well!”

“I have some good news and bad news for you. The good news is that I might let you cum…the bad news is that it won’t be now, in fact it won’t even be today. Stop touching your cock…NOW! Take your hand away, untie your cock and balls and put your clothes back on! Here’s what you’re going to do: once your clothes are back on, you will stop the video and send it to me. If I like the video and think you did a good job then I will grant you permission to cum. I’ll watch the video when I wake up…or maybe when I get back from work later in the day…who knows. Until then, you’re going to come back to this bathroom once every hour and you’re going to stroke your cock to the edge. You will only edge ONCE each time and then you’ll leave the bathroom and go about your day.”

“When you go to bed tonight, you will sleep naked and with the door unlocked. When you’re lying in bed naked, horny and aching with desperation and sexual frustration, you’re going to video yourself begging and pleading for an orgasm. Who knows…you may just wake up in the morning to a message holding the permission to cum that you so desperately crave!”

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