To Randy

I felt warmth on my cheek along with a familiar soothing pounding against my ear. I could feel my face spread into a smile. I sleepily raised onto my elbow, my face still warm from sleeping on his chest. A feeling of intense emotion rushed through my body and I smiled again as I brushed some hair from his forehead. My lips press to his skin softly and all I can do is smile as I watch him sleep. My fingers tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear as I look at him and remember how we met……

He seemed so cute to me, tucked away at the corner of the bar I work at. I had noticed when he came in but the volume of people distracted me from approaching him. My day had been less than stellar and my emotions were already in overdrive. I thought he chose an odd place to sit, but then again at his seat I could pass him whenever I wanted. At one point I got a chance to stand near him to look closer at him, as I sipped on a drink between table-runs. I looked at him off and on, noticing the way his hair fell slightly over his forehead and how his eyes held a gentle pain. I noticed he would take sidelong glances at me and it made me realize how cute I thought he was when I first saw him come in.

I finally approached him to say hi and it was oddly cute and arousing the way he just stared at me tongue-tied. It made me smile and laugh softly at him only to make some smart-assed comment, placing my hand on his arm as I walked past him to get back to my shift.

I felt small tingles in my fingertips as I walked away, the kind you get from feeling a persons body heat for the first time. The night progressed slowly with only a few scenes of bar drama once I finally got a chance to stop by more and talk to him. I noticed that every time I sat on the stool next to him, he seemed attracted to my legs which of course did not bother me, just made me slide them in his direction more when I sat. I realized when I was talking to him how much I enjoyed hearing him speak and the fact that he was easy to talk to. I felt the small tingles of erotic pressure between my thighs when I talked to him.

The bar was getting quieter but I could tell he was getting ready to leave as I wiped down tables. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him head towards the bathrooms and I quickly went into the back to wait by the swinging doors that come out right by the restrooms. My eyes watched for him. I saw his head pass by the doors and I reached travesti porno out to grab his hand, pulling him into the back with me. I stared into his eyes before letting my lips slide over his. His body pressed into mine and in the back of my throat came a small half moan. He felt good as we kissed. I could feel the heat from his hands on me, warming my soul.

I looked into him with a slight smile as I backed him against a counter and began to slowly unzip his pants. I pressed my lips and the soft edge of my teeth to his neck, teasing his skin. The palm of my hand teased his erect cock through his underwear before it slipped inside to grasp his hot flesh. It made me smile to hear him moan to me and I took my lips from his neck to kneel between his thighs. I pressed my lips and the tip of my tongue against the head of his cock, he tasted sweet to me. My hands pulled his underwear and pants down until they fell at his ankles. My tongue teased the ridge around his head before I placed his entire tip into my mouth. His length felt wonderful in my mouth as I grabbed his cheeks for leverage and I let him fuck my mouth. My fingers played lightly on his clean shaven balls, making me smile inside. I took my mouth away from his shaft to roll one of testicles into my mouth with the tip of my tongue, massaging it with my lips.

He pulled me up against him, afraid of bursting just yet I suppose. He lifted me up to sit on the counter as his hands caressed my thighs shortly before unzipping my skirt and sliding it off me. My fingers played in his hair slightly as I looked at him. I smiled teasingly as he undressed my lower half and became apparently harder at what he found under my skirt. I could feel my clit throbbing already and it only got worse when he bent his head to run his tongue over the skin of my inner thighs. I felt his fingers teasing my shaven lips as he felt underneath the crotch of my thong. He slid it slowly down my legs and I suddenly felt like crying at his soft fingertips on my skin. My body jerked softly as he suddenly spread my lips open with his fingers. I shivered gently as some cold air hit my sensitive nub for the first time. My body quickly warmed as he kissed along my inner thighs and I tingled as his mouth came nearer to my wet center. I heard and felt him sigh as he breathed me in before his lips met my wet shaven ones. I leaned my body back in gentle ecstasy.

The alt yazılı porno minute I felt his tongue curl around my nub before he sucked it between his lips I came in a rush. My cheeks reddened softly at the quickness of it but he didn’t seem to mind, he buried his face deeper between my thighs as I leaned back and moaned deeply. I whispered his name gently the moment his finger found entry into me. I cried out softly as my walls seemed to suck his finger in deeper. His mouth still sucked deliciously on my clit as his finger moved slowly and deeply inside of me. His finger crooked slightly to rub against my spot and I came again with a small rush of liquid. He moaned against my cunt as he drank from me.

I pulled his face to mine, kissing my taste off his lips. I turned my body so that I leaned on the counter on my elbows, raising my ass gently against his hard cock. He grabbed my hips as I guided his erection into me. He pushed as I back up and we met in a delightfully wet sound. I gasped with the intense feeling of it. He pressed my clit between his thumb and forefinger as he began to stroke rhythmically inside me. My body shook slightly. I could feel the tingles become unbearable as he fucked me. I warned him this time that I was about to come and in turn he warned me as well. I could feel his cock swell slightly inside my tight walls and it made me moan softly. As the tingles turned into small explosions I felt him tense his grip as he came along with me. I felt an odd warmth pass through me and it made me smile.

He held onto me for a short while before I sadly had to remind him that I had to return to work. He sweetly helped me with clothes and I left before him, and resumed the activity of wiping down tables. When he emerged himself I couldn’t help but stare at him and smile……

I smiled at his sleeping form again, the same sweet way I did after out first time together. My clit throbbed with the memory and I smiled teasingly into the dark. I kissed his forehead sweetly again before I moved my lips to his neck. He sighed softly in his sleep and turned his head slightly still in a dream. My tongue dragged slowly down his skin to his chest, flicking softly against his nipple. I felt his lower half stirring and I could see the shape of it harden in the dark. I smiled against his skin as I took his nipple with my teeth softly, causing him to moan in his sleep.

I üvey baba porno crouched silently between his legs as my mouth and tongue made their way down the middle line of his chest and abdomen. I tongued his navel teasingly, making his thigh cutely shiver in return. I couldn’t help but laugh softly against his skin. I could feel his cock hardening in his sleep against the underside of my chin, tickling me and making me laugh again slightly. My fingers wrapped themselves around his erection as I began to stroke him slow and long. I felt his hips rise to meet my hand and he moaned again in a gentle sleep.

My tongue flicked out to rub his tip as my hands still stroked him. He pressed his hips up, bringing his cock into my mouth. I looked up at him and as far as I could tell he still slept. As my mouth enveloped almost his entire cock I felt his hands slide into my hair and I looked up in the half darkness to see his beautiful eyes staring huskily into mine. He guided my head up and down on him, fucking my mouth and letting his tip hit the back of my throat. I moaned with him between my lips. I felt his cock quiver in my mouth and I heard my name moaned into the dark as he came in my mouth. I felt his warm seed slide down my throat, making me moan again.

He slid his cock from my mouth and it was still semi-hard. I crawled to sit on his abdomen, letting my soaking wet lips trail onto his skin. He moaned deeply and lifted my body to slide his cock into my tight wet cunt. I cried out softly and began to move my hips hungrily. His hands grasped my breasts and his fingers played with my nipple rings as I rode him. My belly bloomed with orgasmic bliss as he fingers slightly twisted and I came. I could feel juices drip down his cock, making him harden fully inside of me. I tightened my thighs around his hips as I lifted my body on him only to let his cock almost slip out before I rammed him back into me, making us both cry out sharply in intense pleasure. As the tip of his cock hit my gentle spot I came again, crying out louder than before. He moved his hips into me and I could sense his cock was ready to explode. I tightened my walls and pleaded with him in a soft voice to come. He came inside me in a rush and the feeling of it caused my inner walls to quiver as I came again.

I fell and slightly lay on his chest, his cock softening slowly inside me. I pulled him out of me and lay tangled with him again, my head on his chest. I smiled slowly.

“Rick…do you remember our first night together?”

“Of course I do…” I could sense him smile in the dark.

“We should try that again sometime…”

I smiled before closing my eyes and softly fell asleep with the romantic pounding of his heart against my ears.

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