Warehouse fun with Brandi

Wes was finishing up his last bit of paperwork when he heard his phone go off. Brandi was outside his office, wanting to come inside. He walked to the front door and wasn’t disappointed with what he saw. She had dressed up for him. Brandi was wearing a red sweater with a keyhole in the middle, showing a good amount of cleavage. The black skirt she wore seemed to barely contain her voluptuous ass and other curves. She wore opaque black stockings on her legs, going to her strappy red and black platform stiletto heels. Her hair was down, in big curls. She wore simple diamond studs in her ears. Wes found it difficult to hide his growing erection as he showed her around the office. Wes took her to the back work area. Brandi was walking around as Wes talked. Finally she was standing in front of him.

“So nobody else is here?” Brandi asked

“No, I had to stay late.” Wes replied.

“So we’re all alone?” Brandi asked as she pressed her body against Wes


Brandi pulled away, then squatted down in front of Wes. Looking up at him she opened his khakis, reaching in his boxers. Wes’s hard member was ready when Brandi touched it with the tip of her tongue. görükle escort She slowly ran her tongue around the head as she kept looking up at Wes. Her shiny red lips kissed the tip of his cock as Wes left out a long moan. She stood back up, looking at a work station next to them.

“Fuck me, right now.” She told

Wes pulled her to the table. Wes pulled his pants off, getting in the table. Brandi got on top, squating down over him as she pulled her skirt up. Wes held his cock steady as she guided her wet pussy down on him. Wes pulled his knees up giving her a makeshift seat to lean against. Brandi gyrated her hips on his cock as she planted her hands on Wes’s chest. Brandi worked her pussy back and forth on Wes’s hard cock.

Wes pushed Brandi’s top over her big tits as she bounced on his dick. Wes pulled Brandi down into his chest, Brandi’s giant melons pressed on Wes’s chest. They kissed passionately as Wes slammed Brandi’s pussy. Wes put his hands on Brandi’s voluptuous ass working it up and down on his cock. Wes rolled them both over, pulling out of Brandi. Brandi was on her back, Wes pushing his cock back in her wet pussy. Wes started eskort bayan fucking the big titted brunette as hard as he could. Wes rammed his dick in her, making her tits bounce.

Brandi wrapped her legs around Wes as he kept fucking her. Wes bent down, kissing Brandi furiously. He grabbed her big tits sucking her nipples roughly. Brandi gasped as Wes sucked her hard nipples, using his tongue and teeth to make her scream. Brandi worked her pussy on Wes’s pole as he kept working her nipples.

Wes pushed himself up, grabbing her legs, pushing his cock into her. He grabbed her hips slamming her over and over. Brandi held on to her big bouncing tits, pinching her nipples to hardness.

“I wanna fuck those tits.” Wes said.

“C’mon then!” Brandi told him.

Wes quickly pulled out, mounting Brandi. Brandi held her big tits together as Wes slowly slid his cock between them. Brandi watched as Wes pushed his cock through her ample cleavage. Wes reached down, holding Brandi’s tits together himself. He sped up his thrusts, getting himself further in between them. Brandi held on to Wes’s legs as he kept going. She let his cock altıparmak escort slip between her cleavage, sticking her tongue out to touch the tip. Wes pumped his hips forward, as Brandi licked his cock every time it slipped toward her lips. Wes bent over getting his cock between Brandi’s lips. Brandi let Wes slip the head of his cock between her lips, teasing him with her tongue. Wes pushed his cock down Brandi’s throat, letting her grab his ass to get him down her throat. Brandi slowly sucked Wes into her mouth. Her red lips slowly sliding back and forth on him. Wes started fucking Brandi’s mouth as she opened wide. Wes was close to exploding in Brandi’s mouth, and he pulled out. He flipped her over, pushing his cock into her doggy style. Brandi put her voluptuous ass in the air, letting Wes fuck her hard. Wes was holding Brandi’s hips as he slammed her pussy hard. Brandi slid a hand to her clit, rubbing her hard nub while Wes pumped his cock inside her.

“Harder!” Brandi grunted “Fuck me harder!”

Wes grabbed Brandi, pulling her into him and slamming his cock into her as hard and fast as he could. Suddenly Wes felt his cock ready to erupt, his balls tightening as he grunted

“Oh fuck!”

Brandi knew what happened as Wes kept going, eager to dump his seed in her pussy. He kept going til he was spent. He pulled out, his cock growing soft. Brandi spun around, pulling Wes to her lips. They kissed slowly as they came down.

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