Watching, Waiting, Wanting


{This is my first story, so I hope you like it! It’s a combination of a true story and a fantasy, so it was fun to write it too ;)}

Once again, we had found ourselves at the same party, surrounded by people we sort of knew. The punch was too sweet, the room was too smoky and the music was way too dubsteppy for my taste. We exchanged a look of recognition from across the room. Just a nod and a half smile.

I wished I was braver, or at least less uptight. I had wondered so many times if his lips were as soft as they looked, but even if the couch had caught fire, I wouldn’t have been able to stand up at that moment.

I’d heard him talking to people at other parties. He talked about philosophy and the human condition and the commercialisation of romance… You know, smart stuff. Stuff way above my level. But now, he just sat there. His tall, lean frame hunched. His elbows resting on his knees with his long elegant fingers laced. His icy blue eyes watching the people on the dance floor. Slowly, he turned his head and looked at me again. I blushed and looked away, embarrassed about staring so blatantly. I looked at the floor for a few seconds pretending to tighten the laces on my boots.

A sudden weight on the couch next to me made me look up.

“May I… sit here?” he asked, a little nervous. Clearly my face had betrayed my surprise and confusion.

“Of course! Sorry, I just thought… Well, I didn’t see you get up and…” holy crap it was hot in this room. I ran my fingers through my blond pixie cut and exhaled. “Sorry, you surprised me. And then my mouth was moving faster than my brain. I’m Natalie.”

“I’m Ryan” he extended a hand formally towards me. His voice was young and light, and didn’t really match the intense expression that seemed to be the default for his face. As I took his hand it felt cold and smooth. I was suddenly aware of how hot and sweaty my hands had become since he’d sat down.

Self-consciously I withdrew my hand and wiped it on my jeans. “So, you don’t look like you’re enjoying this party either.” I laughed.

“It’s a little too dubsteppy for my taste.”

“So what kind of music do you listen to?” As I said it, I chastised myself for such a cheap conversation starter. This guy talked about existentialism for fun, and here I was like ‘oh hey what’s your favourite colour?’

Turned out I was so very wrong. We talked for an hour or more about music and TV shows and movies and actors and books and comic books. He talked deeply and passionately about every topic, analysing characters and plot arcs and bass lines and lyrics.

Suddenly, a very drunk girl collapsed onto the couch, draping herself over Ryan’s shoulders, and nuzzling her face into his neck. My heart sank. She looked young, maybe 18 or 19, with long legs and gorgeous red-brown hair which fell softly to her shoulder blades.

“Ryaaaannnnn…. come dance with meeeee.” she whined. “You look so sexy toniiiiight. I want to dance with yooouuu.”

“Kaylah, I’ll dance with you next time ok? I’m talking to someone.” He gently lifted her arm off his shoulders and shrugged tecavüz porno her head away.

Kaylah glared at me, and begrudgingly detached herself from Ryan, slouching back towards the punch dispenser. Ryan smiled apologetically.

“I made the mistake of taking her home once. I think she was hoping for more than she got, and she’s been trying for a replay ever since.”

“So you didn’t sleep with her?” I blurted, and then blushed at my stupidity.

Ryan laughed, “well, I slept… she got dressed and went home.”

I tried not to look relieved. I think I failed. But didn’t really care. Ryan looked back towards the dance floor for a few moments.

“I’m pretty over this party. Do you like Chinese food? It’s the only place open this late.”

“Sure, Chinese food is fine.” I stood up after him and followed him to the door. I couldn’t resist one last look at Kaylah, who was now staring slightly slack jawed at me. I waved… I’m a horrible person.

We went to the nearby Chinese restaurant and sat at a small booth table. They had a special on Chow Mein, so we each ordered one and continued our conversation as we ate. I watched Ryan as he spoke. He articulated every word beautifully, his soft pink lips moving quickly as he spoke passionately about the origins of Brit Rock and Punk in the UK.

In a moment of pure instinct I leant across the table and kissed him, my lips barely brushing his. Just as soft as they looked. He sat, stunned for what felt like an eternity. I began to worry I had totally ruined the evening, as he reached out and picked up his leather jacket from the seat next to him. He tucked some money under his half-eaten plate of chow mein, and stood up.

“My apartment is just down the road. Unless yours is closer.” He sounded hoarse, and he avoided eye contact as he cleared his throat.


The walk to his apartment felt like the longest 5 minutes of my life. We didn’t even wait for the electric gate to open fully, we just squeezed through the moment there was a wide enough gap. We almost ran the four flights to his door, and I just about hyperventilated waiting for him to unlock the door.

As the door slammed behind us I found myself pressed against it, those same cold, smooth hands now pinning mine above my head. I moaned softly as he pressed his body against me, and brought his lips to meet mine. Tentatively, the tip of his tongue traced my bottom lip, and then snaked its way into my mouth. I could already feel the orgasm building inside me. Months of wanting and fantasising boiled up inside me in an instant. I thrust my hips out towards him, trying to feel as much of his body against mine as possible. His hands released my wrists and worked their way down to cup my firm, petite bottom. He lifted me easily and I wrapped my legs around his waist, still greedily enjoying the sensation of his agile tongue flicking and swirling around mine. I couldn’t wait to see what else he could do with it.

He carried me a short distance to the kitchen counter and sat me down gently. Immediately his hands went to the buttons travesti porno on my coat and mine to the zip on his jacket. As I shrugged off my coat onto his counter top he broke the kiss and he buried his face in my neck, kissing and suckling his way down from my jawbone.

“I’ve been thinking about you for months” he breathed into my collarbone. The sensation caused me to moan again, his warm breath tickling my skin, and his tongue tracing small circles as he moved his head. He dropped to his knees in front of me and began to untie my bootlaces. Now that we were in private, he was in no great hurry.

“I saw you at all those parties, in your well-fitted jeans.” He smiled as he pulled my right boot off, and casually dropped it over his shoulder. “I wanted so badly to come and talk to you, but I was always so nervous I would make a fool of myself.”

On any other day, I would have been flattered or tried to think of a witty taunt, but as I watched my other boot tumble over his shoulder, all I could think was how badly I wanted to feel his mouth on me again. I didn’t care where. Everywhere. I couldn’t speak for the lust pounding in my chest and between my thighs.

As he stood again, I reached out and pulled him towards me, guiding his hands to my chest. He didn’t hesitate. In one motion, he reached down and pulled off my shirt, exposing my bra. I wished I had worn something sexier, but I liked the way this one gave me lift, making my 32A breasts look full and round. Immediately Ryan bowed his head and I felt his teeth gently graze my skin. He pulled the cup of my bra aside and began to suck and nibble at my small pink nipple, slipping his free hand underneath the other cup, pinching that nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I reached behind my back and popped the clasp. As the straps fell away I heard Ryan grunt as he renewed his attentions, his head now moving from one breast to the other, licking and sucking at my areolas. He was definitely in more of a hurry now.

His hands went to the waist band of my jeans, fumbling for just a second before undoing the button and zip. I leant back and lifted my hips so he could pull them down. Smoothly and quickly he removed my jeans and panties, leaving me naked on his kitchen counter, the cold of the granite top a pleasant shock to my naked arse and thighs. He took a moment to stroke the soft skin around my freshly shaven pussy, and bit his lower lip as stared at it. He pulled my hips forwards, positioning me right on the edge of the counter, and dropped to his knees once again.

The second I felt his tongue on my labia I felt the orgasm rising inside me again. He ran his tongue backwards and forwards just brushing the skin, every lick making me more and more desperate to feel him inside me. I put my arms out behind me and leant back, spreading my legs as wide as I could. He pressed a little harder with his tongue, moving gradually towards my clit. I made an impatient noise and he laughed slightly, which made me moan more loudly than I intended. I clapped a hand to my mouth. He looked up at me and xhamster porno smiled.

“The walls are really thin here baby, there’s no point in holding back”. And he closed his lips around my clit and began to suck on it. At this point, all the will in the world couldn’t hold me back. My orgasm rushed through me and I began to pant. Instinctively I twisted my fingers through his hair, holding his head in place, as he continued to suckle gently and rhythmically. As the nuclear explosion raced through me, my panting grew into increasingly high pitched moans, then into an incoherent stream of words

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, oh don’t ah stop, oh my fuck yes!” The orgasm spread from my belly, to my chest. I curled my toes and clenched my fists. I could feel the warmth of my juices seeping onto the counter beneath me.

As the feeling subsided, disentangled my fingers from his hair, but I barely had time to draw a ragged breath before he lifted me once more.

“Thank god”, he hurriedly carried me through to his bedroom, and dropped me on my back onto his bed. “I”m about to explode baby.” He pulled a condom from his bedside table “Please let me come inside you”

The idea of finally feeling his hard cock inside me almost made me orgasm again. I nodded mutely, still recovering from cumming so hard, and spread my legs to welcome him in.

He pulled off his own jeans, not even bothering with his T-shirt. As he pulled his trunks down his erection sprang out. His cock was long as narrow, and the head mushroomed out excitingly. He slid the condom over his shaft and crawled up the bed towards me. He held me firmly by the hip with one hand, and lifted my leg with the other, bending my knee towards my chest. He eased himself into me, enjoying the tightness of my swollen post-orgasm pussy. He moaned softly and appreciatively, watching intently as his cock disappeared into me, until I had accommodated all of him. His thrusts began short and slow, withdrawing only a short way and slowly easing back in, gradually withdrawing more and more until he was pulling out almost to the tip before thrusting back into me. This didn’t last long, and I could see the hunger on his face. The look excited me and I moaned loudly as he pushed his full length into me once more. The next time he thrust harder and I moaned again, and a third time, and fourth. Each time the thrusts became shorter and faster, and I continued to moan as he filled me again and again. His own moans became shorter and deeper and he began to thrust quickly and purposefully deep inside me. I lifted my other leg to match the first, and felt him slip just a tiny bit deeper into me. He lost all self-control. He laid both his hands flat on the bed next to my shoulders, and began to fuck me as fast as he could, his hips slapping against my arse. I felt his cock swelling inside me, getting hotter and harder. He exhaled hard through his teeth, he didn’t speak, but then suddenly let out a shout and a string of low, rasping grunts. He slowed his pace until he eventually came to rest still deep inside me. He stayed there for a few seconds, his eyes closed, breathing heavily. I watched his expression as the last shockwaves rippled through him. As he withdrew from me, he collapsed on the bed next to me and draped and arm over my chest, casually cupping my breast.

“Please don’t get dressed and leave” he muttered as he pulled himself close to me.

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