We Meet at the Meet


Although it had been weeks since our first meeting, Sly was a constant thought. That weekend on the beach was one of the most incredible times of my life. One of the things that we had in common was that we both were active in our local Senior’s swim program. By surprise we learned during our time at the beach, we would both be attending an event in Florida. Now with only hours away, I’ll be arriving in Destin for the Senior’s Swim Meet.

I arrived at the hotel selected for the meet swimmers. It was within walking distance of the event pool. When I checked in there was a note waiting for me, “My darling Eddie, I have a pleasant surprise waiting in your room. My Love, Sly” My heart raced as I hurried to my room and fumbled with the key card to unlock the door. What I saw inside took my breath away.

It seemed Sly had already been there, and the room was prepared for an intimate evening. The table set for two with flowers, the bed pulled back with a black silk robe resting on the foot of the bed. There was another note awaiting me on the bed. “My dearest, I hope you don’t mine, but I figured you would like to stay in a rest the night before the meet. Please freshen up and I’ll be there soon, Love Sly” I hung on each word, I could hear her words as I read the note again. The bath was refreshing after the long drive and I found a romantic radio station and let the music take me away with thoughts of my beautiful Sly. My thoughts were interrupted by the wiggle of the door and my heart jumped in anticipation of seeing Sly again.

“Hi darling,” her words sang out as she opened the door arms full of packages, “I have supper for us,” she giggled as she moved to the table to unburden herself of the bundles. I took an eternity to look at her again. She was wearing a casual sundress that really looked nice on her. After dropping off the meal, she was bounding in my lap smothering me with baby kisses. tecavüz porno “Ya, miss me sweetie,” she laughed. She moved from my lap and pulled me to my feet. “Let me see how you look in your new robe.” I stood quickly and did my best model turn. “It’s perfect,” I said laughing as I spun. “And I have a present for you too darling.” I spoke taking the wrapped gift box from my suitcase. You grabbed at the box as a kid at Christmas and ripped the wrapping off quickly. It was a joy to watch you eagerly open the gift. You stopped suddenly as you first saw your prize. “Oh, Eddie, this is so beautiful.” You spoke slowing pulling the white shear full length gown from the box. “I have to put this on right now,” you chirped as you heading for the bathroom. “No peeking,” you laughed as the door closed.

I went to the table to arrange the meals you had gotten then I heard the door open and there you stood in the back light shining through the gown giving it an angelic glow. The sheer material did little to conceal the beauty of your body. You glided to the table and give me a deep wet passionate kiss. “I have missed your kisses and how good you feel close to me,” you purred. “Let’s eat and then I’ll give you a bit of desert,” you giggled. The food you had brought was excellent, but looking across the table at you in that gown made me completely forget what I was doing.

“That was a great meal, you proclaimed, “but I think I ate too much. Care to take a drip in the pool to let our food settle?”

“Sure,” I said “I would like spending time with you anywhere.” You moved to the bedside and removed the gown carefully and quickly slipped into a nicely fitted 2-piece bathing suit. I followed you to the bed and was hurriedly fumbling to get my suit on. I was have a bit of a problem as seeing you in the gown and then naked as you changed had a very arousing effect. I did travesti porno note you looking over to smile at my predicament. I grabbed two towels and we made our way to the hotel pool where others were enjoying the evening and the refreshing water. Most of the people in the pool were also in the swim meet. It was a pleasure to watch you as we spoke and laughed with the others. From time to time you would tease me by rubbing against my cock or brushing against me with your breast. Soon the pool was emptied except you and me. We moved to the shallow end and set on the steps.

“Eddie, this has been a great evening. Great food, great gift, great company and soon a great desert.” You eased a hand to the front on my suit and slipped it inside to fondle my semi-hard cock. We started to kiss deeply as you continued to gently stroke my cock. My hand found it’s way into your suit and teased your pussy. “Take the bottoms off, Eddie,” you words surprise and excite me. “I want you to fuck me now, this minute.” My hands glide your bottoms off as you remove my trunks. My cock springs out as it is freed. We move to deeper area and we tightly embrace. I can feel my cock rubbing against your pussy.

As you nibble on my ear your words “Fuck me baby.” cause my excitement to peak and I shove my cock deep inside your pussy. You jump a bit as I buried my cock deeper, rocking against the wall. “Sly, my sweet, I have missed your so much.” my words now a bit panting. The moment of our passion is broken briefly as a swimmer slips into the pool. He adjusts his goggles and starts swimming laps. “Baby, don’t stop,” you urge. With that I continue slamming my cock deep inside you. I can see the swimmer slowing when he is directly across from us. I know that with the goggles he is getting a great view. You do not seem to care as you ride my cock harder with each stroke. The swimmer stops xhamster porno his laps and smiles as he leaves the pool. You are completely oblivious to anything except the passionate sex we are having.

Within a few moments the swimmer has returned, this time with his lady partner. Seems we have given him an idea and they are quickly in a passionate embrace. His back, like mine is against the pool wall and his lady friend is now riding up and down on him. My competitive nature builds as I increase my moments into you. I look to see he has also made an increase. “Sly, darling, I think we are in a race,” peaking over to the couple now heavily in the heat of passion. You smile, “Think we can beat them?” You grab the wall behind me, pounding hard and deep against me. Your head thrashing in the water wildly. I can hear the moans coming from the other lady and they make me more determine. I ease your top off to expose your heaving breast, they bounce on the water as you continue your assault on my shaft. Not to be outdone, the other lady now is topless. You look over your shoulder and smile. “Let show them how this is really done.”

It’s now a race to see who can make the other cum the hardest. Your moaning is reaching a fever pitch as our competition is matching us stride for stride. My balls banging against you, your tits slamming into my face as fuck for everything we have. Then we hear from across the pool the lady call out as she cums for her partner. I can feel our passion nearing its completion and with one final thrust we explode. Your screams mixed with mine echo around the empty pool as my cock erupts into your cunt and your pussy grabs and milks my cock. As the waves of passion flow we stop to look across the pool where our competitors are smiling and nodding. They know who won this race, as they slip from the pool. After awhile, we dress and sleep a nice peaceful night’s rest.

The next day at the meet, we look over the event heats. We chuckle when we discover in the first heat we will be swimming against the two from the previous evening. “Sly, darling,” I laugh, “think we can smoke then again?” We both burst into laughter as we prepare to go head-to-head once more.

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