Weekend at Alice’s Cottage Ch. 06

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I was able to creep up the carpeted stairs without waking either Vance or Alice. Slipping into the room where they dozed in the after-glow of sex, I picked out my sheer black chiffon babydoll nightie and a black satin robe I knew Alice wouldn’t object to my borrowing.

Creeping back downstairs was silent, but I had to be careful since my nylon clad feet could easily slip on the carpeting on the steps due to the silkiness of my hosiery.

Pausing at the landing, at the bottom of the staircase, I slithered the nightie down over my body that was clad only in the white bra and silicone false inserts with still stiff nipples, lacey black nylon garter belt and my black stockings. I’ll need to slip my panties on, I reminded myself, although they were so sheer the black nylon would not hide any of me, and the flared legs would easily expose my cockette and balls if I wasn’t careful. But then, who cared?

Clyde was lightly dozing and I understood why. He and Vance had both had a long day. Picking up Alice and me for golf just past 6 in the morning was an early start. We’d played most of 9 holes of golf in the cool fresh air and sunshine, and then fucking me on the golf cart seat, plus working all day and spending the evening, had to have tired him out. I was lady enough to pull my panties back on before joining him in the bed.

I snuggled next to him and we happily lay there until I heard movement up above us. Alice and Vance were rising and I thought Clyde and I needed to get “presentable” before they came down stairs.

Too late, as they burst into the room in time to find me just getting off the bed and Clyde still stretched out nude. He was sporting the start of another hard-on and I was surprised at his virility.

“Looks like she didn’t take enough care of Clyde,” Vance laughed, causing Clyde to stir.

Alice joined in with giggles and said, “Maybe she needs to take care of him now.”

“I’ve already fucked her,” Clyde said, sleepily to them, “But maybe there’s one more thing she can do.

“Go for it, Erica,” Alice urged and Clyde placed his hand atop my head guiding me toward his now upright prick.

This was embarrassing as I’d never done anything sexually in front of anyone else other than an intimate single partner. Nonetheless, I was unable to resist Clyde’s strong hands and soon found his dick right in my face.

Despite the “crowd” I opened my mouth and soon engulfed him as best I could. I began bobbing my head up and down on his cock and didn’t care how much slurping noise I was making. I knew it would take a while to get Clyde to cum again.

It was then I realized having someone watching me doing this was a turn on.

“Want to join in?” I hear Alice whisper to Vance and I looked over at them as I sucked on Clyde. It was then that I noticed she had put a pair of her pink satin panties on Vance and he was tenting out the front.

Alice slid his panties down to his knees and I thought she was planning to go down on him. Not so. She moved him around behind me and slipped the looseness of my black flare leg panties out of the way and guided him to my waiting, and still quite lubricated with cum, rosebud. Gently pushing him forward she got Vance to get his cock head on target and thrust the head inside my not resisting boi pussy.

Once Vance began fucking in and out of me, Alice moved around in front and raised the hem of her pink babydoll out of the way and sat on Clyde’s face. She was facing away from me as I sucked on Clyde but I knew the three of them were enjoying themselves. I certainly was!

Alice surprised us by cumming first. Clyde may not have known it, but he was cleaning out some of Vance’s cum along with Alice’s juice. Then Vance began to swell and I felt him shooting squirt after squirt of his love juice inside me. A moment later Clyde was filling my mouth with his semen and I swallowed as fast as I could.

Moments later we all collapsed on the bed. I was the only one who had not cum but I didn’t care. My dickette was making my panties stick out in a most unlady-like manner and the all giggled at the sight.

“Well, Vance now knows I’m not a girl,” I thought to myself, “And he is accepting it ok.”

We stayed like that for a few minutes and then Alice advised it was almost 11 o’clock and her mom would be home soon. That started a scramble. The boys both saying it was time to go anyway as they had another early day at the golf course tomorrow.

In just minutes the boys were both dressed, özbek escort but Alice and I stayed as we were. We walked them through the patio outside and up the stone steps to the car park area at the top. Our high heels could be heard clicking on the hard steps it was like music in the dark night. I liked the idea of being outside dressed as I was and no one could see.

We kissed out dates goodnight and watched them leave in their car. Then we hurried inside and began picking up the results of our evening. Alice helped me put the hide-a-bed back in place and I scurried about picking up the dishes and silverware and loading all into the dishwasher before turning it on.

We moved the patio furniture back in place and checked throughout the downstairs to make sure it was all as before.

Then we made our way upstairs and each checked our make-up. Just as we were in the bathroom we heard a car pull onto the gravel outside. We’d just made it, as the boys had not been gone more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Kathleen and her date knew we were still up as the light in the bathroom could be seen from where they were and Alice’s bedroom light was still blazing away.

Looking at each other, and grinning, we heard them murmuring outside. We stood still in hopes we’d hear something interesting. Next came the sound of a car door opening and closing, male footfalls on the gravel, and then another car door opening and closing.

Kathleen’s date had opened her door and was now escorting her to the cottage. We weren’t sure which way they’d come in, or if he’d stay, but they came to the side porch close to the parking area as we could hear Kathleen’s high heels on the walkway.

They stood on the porch quietly and we realized they were probably kissing each other. Then Kathleen murmured, “Didn’t you get enough already?” and we wondered just what she meant, trying not to giggle and give ourselves away.

We crept down the short hallway and stood at the top of the stairs out of sight from any view. By the bookcase, there, we listened as best we could and both thought we could hear a soft squishing sound and Kathleen moaning.

Then the mystery was solved when we heard her whisper, “If you keep fingering me like that I’m going to cum again.”

“I just need to taste you one last time,” we heard her date mumble and then no more sound from the porch other than Kathleen’s high heels sliding apart on the porch deck.

After several moments we heard her softly cry out, “You’re making me cum, Honey!” and we realized he was going down on her. We both pictured her leaning back against the porch railing with her legs spread for him as he performed cunnilingus to make her spend one more time.

No other words were spoken after that. We did hear some kissing and then his footsteps off the porch to his car. Kathleen stood on the porch and watched her date leave before she came inside – just as Alice and I had done not many minutes earlier.

“Sounds like you had a good date, Mom,” Alice spoke up as Kathleen came through the door, startling her.

“Oh, you scared me!” Kathleen said. “Were you two eaves dropping on us out there?”

Alice laughed and said, “Yep! It sounded delicious!”

“You two are so naughty! Standing there in your nighties, and lingerie, listening to an older woman as she comes home from her date.”

“I think you did more than come home,” I boldly stated, “I think you came home and came.”

Kathleen gave me a playfull punch on the shoulder and ushered both of us into her room at the end of the hall. “Erica, you can help me get ready for bed while I relate what happened on my date and then you can tell me all about your dates while I was out.”

Undoing her dress I discovered she had some hickeys on her upper breasts that her shelf bra couldn’t hide. Removing the dress I found her nylon stockings a bit twisted and her panties missing. “Where are your panties so I can put them in the hamper?” I asked.

“Oh, in my purse. I hardly wore them, so just put them on a hanger in the bathroom.”

“Mom, you got right into it, didn’t you,” Alice giggled.

“Yes, we did,” she replied. As I removed her bra more hickeys were evident on the lower parts of her orbs. While undoing her garter tabs and slipping her garter belt and nylons off, I noticed a couple of hickeys on the insides of her thighs near her pubic area. Her date had made sure to give her a lot of attention.

Kathleen azeri escort told us when he picked her up they had a nice chat in the car on the way to a really elegant restaurant for dinner. He ordered cocktails for them and after the first one she knew where the evening was going. Excusing herself, she went to the ladies room to ‘check her make-up’ but actually to remove her panties and put them in her purse.

Returning to the table they enjoyed another cocktail while the meal was being prepared. He sat close to her in the booth and as their conversation got a little more intimate he leaned over and kissed her. Kathleen said she responded and let his tongue slide inside her mouth to duel with hers.

Dinner arrived and they enjoyed the porterhouse steaks he’d ordered for them. “Good energy food and I thought we’d need it if things went as I was already imagining,” Kathleen laughingly mentioned.

By the time they were ready for desert, his hand was resting on her thigh and she said she did not make him remove it. Taking that as a good sign, he began massaging her leg and noted the garter tab he could feel under his palm.

Desert was ordered and she said he slid his hand under her hem to slide up her nylon clad leg. He had just gotten to the top of the reinforcement bands of her hose when the waitress returned with their deserts.

She told us he started to remove his hand, but she dropped her hand over his holding him where it was. He smiled at the waitress but the real smile was for another reason.

She said they chatted as if nothing was going on under the table but his hand slipped farther up her leg and she spread her limbs for him.

“No panties tonight?” he whispered to her. “You must have been expecting this.”

“Not until we were about done with our first drink,” she pointed out. “When I went to the ladies room is when I took my panties off for you.”

He must have loved that as she said he began softly toying with her outer pussy lips and when he felt them moistened he slipped them over to toy with her inner lips before touching her clitoris.

“I almost came right then and there!” she admitted to us. “It was then he said he’d like to take me back to his house for an after dinner drink.”

Kathleen leaned over and kissed him to let him know she understood and liked the idea. He fingered her to almost cumming and then he paid the bill and they left. She had to make sure her hemline was down properly and not showing any excitement of what he had done to her under table. However, she let us know he was having trouble hiding his hard-on as they left the restaurant.

The valet brought the car around and he helped Kathleen get in the front seat. She told us she’d deliberately let her dress ride up and both he and the valet got a nice view of her nylon stocking clad legs to just above her stocking tops. Their gawking flattered her, she shared with us.

When her date got in the car he noticed she had not made any move to lower her dress.

“Nice view of you,” he said to her according to Kathleen.

“Not fair I’m the only one giving a view,” she replied and reached over and unzipped his trousers as he drove. “I must be expert in undoing men’s slacks,” she said, “I had him unzipped and out in the open within 5 seconds.”

We both giggled at her comments and I hung her dress up in her walk-in closet, eager to hear the rest of her night. Putting her lingerie away I got out an ankle length ultra-sheer black nylon nightgown for her. Kathleen, still talking, stood as I gently placed it over her, letting it fall in place and then ease a pair of black satin high heeled slippers on her feet with 4 inch spike heels and a black chiffon bow on the open toe of each.

She told us she jacked him slowly as he drove to his house, fortunately not far away, and eased the car into the garage and hit the door closer.

They passionately kissed in the garage and she leaned down and began kissing his cock while they were still in the car. “Not now,” he muttered. “I want to be able to perform for you in the bedroom.”

Kathleen said she smiled and him and released his raging hard-on with reluctance. He let her out of the car and ushered her inside.

“Forget the after dinner cocktails,” Kathleen said she told him. “I want your after dinner cock!”

In his large bedroom they hurriedly stripped each other and when he was nude and she clad only in her black six suspender garter belt kazank escort and black nylons he gently moved her to sit on the bed and kissed her deeply.

Moving between her spread knees, he knelt down and kissed her once more before kissing his way down her body. When he was fondling her breasts and suckling on them is apparently when he gave her the hickeys Alice and I could see.

She said when he went down on her she came almost right away. She had been so charged up at the restaurant that she was just like a volcano ready to explode!

He then moved up over her and pushed her back onto the bed with her head on a pillow. Easing between her legs he rubbed his cockhead against her wet pussy, teasing her, until she begged him to fuck her.

“He has a very thick 9 inches and knows how to use it!” she giggled. Kathleen told us he fucked her for about twenty minutes before he came in her. In the meantime, she said, she had cum twice while he fucked her – the last time with him when she felt him cumming in her.

They stayed on the bed, cuddling for quite a while, and actually talked about the local real estate market which was supposed to have been the whole reason for their date.

As he spoke she fondled his cock and was delighted when she felt it begin to respond.

“I couldn’t resist,” she admitted, “I had to go down on him and get him hard again so maybe he’d want to fuck me again. It worked!”

He fucked her a second time, lasting much longer than the first time, and she was beginning to feel a bit sore but happy that she came three more times as he fucked her.

After that they got up and showered together and then had the cocktails he had offered at the restaurant. “When I realized it was nearly 11,” she said, “I knew I had to get home and check on you two girls. We finished our drinks and got dressed, but it was fun walking around his house with him while in the nude.”

We then related our evening with the boys, leaving out no details. Kathleen was surprised, I guess, at the fourway we enjoyed at the end. Hearing that I’d not cum, during the last event of our double date, she said, “I imagine I’ll be hearing some strange sounds coming from Alice’s bedroom soon.” We smiled at her comment.

I helped Kathleen with removing her make-up and brushed out her hair. Then she stepped into the bathroom and voided her bladder, only to call me in to gently pat her pussy dry after she was done. Then she brushed her teeth and kissed me good-night, telling me to be gentle with Alice as she might be a bit sore, too.

Alice was patiently waiting for me in her room. She’d pulled the covers and sheet back and I could see she’d removed her panties.

As I approached the bed, Kathleen came to the door, “One last thing, my darlings,” she said. “I’m sorry to interrupt you but Marlowe (her date) said we should come to his office tomorrow afternoon and sign some papers to list the cottage. That means it will take a while, and I apologized Erica. Alice has to go with me as this place is in her name, too, per the will my husband had drawn up. It will be kind of boring for you, so do you mind waiting for us, here?”

Of course I couldn’t object and wasn’t about to. Kathleen blew us both kisses and dove for the bed, planting a heavy kiss on Alice’s lips. In moments she had my panties off and had me giving her head. I could taste slight remnants of Vance’s cum still in her pussy and loved it. Soon she was coming and surprised me with squirting in my mouth!

She eased up over me and mounted my unsatisfied cockette. I didn’t last long, cumming in her with just a few minutes but she was happy. As usual, she eased up over me and had me happily clean her cream pie I had made. By this time I was too tired to know for sure if she had another climax but think she must have. She snuggled next to me with a smile on her face and we quickly drifted off to sleep.

I awoke later to the feeling of her getting off the bed and heading to the bathroom. In a few minutes she returned and it was my turn. My mouth tasted of old cum and I just had to give my teeth a good scrubbing.

Returning, Alice snuggled up to me as she turned out the light. Holding my somewhat limp cockette in her hand she murmured her she hated to leave me alone for part of the day tomorrow.

As we both drifted off to sleep I thought about the shoe store and wondered if they also sold nylon stockings. Most she stores did. I decided maybe I’d call and ask the manager, who took care of me earlier, if that was the case but was unsure how I’d get there to make the purchase. Little did I know he’d confirm they had several different styles, including seamed nylon stockings, and he’d take care of getting them to me.

Tomorrow was going to be more exciting than I imagined.

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