Wet Afternoon

Female Ejaculation

Sitting on the couch, facing one another, they chatted about work, movies and other things that make up the small talk that constitutes light conversation. The sexual tension was undeniable however. As she shifted in her seat, he caught a quick glance between her legs. This didn’t go unnoticed by her, and she scolded him playfully. He could feel himself already starting to become hard, and she must have sensed his arousal, or simply noticed the increasing bulge in his shorts.

She laid back and lifted her dress to show off her satin pink panties. The seam went right up the middle of her crotch, directly across her clit. If she moved her thighs in just the right direction, the seam would rub back and forth across her clit. She loved wearing these out to stores. Men, who stared at her had no idea how wet her pussy was getting just from walking.

Without hesitation, he adjusted himself to where he was kneeling beside the couch before placing his mouth only a few inches from her ecstasy. Her actions had gotten the intended result. She was dying for him to start licking her pussy. He took his time, pressing his mouth up against her mound and using his tongue to taste the wetness that was already soaking through her panties. onwingiris.biz He loved the way she tasted, and gently slid her panties to one side in order to get his first drink of her sweet juice. He slid his tongue along her slit and over her clit, where he stopped for just a moment to suck and swallow.

The panties were now becoming somewhat of an obstruction, but he wanted to see the bulge that was created from her full lips, so he let them fall back into place. He could now see the wetness that was created from both his saliva and her juice. His cock was now fully erect and straining to get out of his shorts.

She led him into the bedroom, where she removed her dress, allowing him to kneel at her feet as he kissed down and around her stomach. As she got onto the bed, she hesitated in a position that allowed him to view her from behind. He could see the outline of her vagina against the wet panties. The sight was overwhelming, and he buried his mouth into her backside, sliding the panties to the side in order to lick her fully. He sucked her pussy gently before letting his tongue travel upward to her ass, where he continued to lick and probe her tight hole.

She rolled over onto her back just as he lay down on top of her. She could now feel how hard he was as his cock pressed against her stomach. They kissed passionately as their bodies ground against each other. With a few quick movements, they were both naked, and she glanced down to see his fully erect cock pointed directly at her now dripping wet pussy.

She could feel her juices running down the crack of her ass onto the bed, as she anticipated the feeling of initial penetration. Guiding the head of his cock between her lips, he pushed forward, sinking his shaft up to the balls. She spread her legs farther, bringing her knees up to her chest and allowing him to thrust in deeper. Holding himself above her in a plank position, he watched as his cock slide in and out. “I want you to lick my pussy again”, she said softly. He was happy to oblige, and immediately went to work between her legs. Cream was already oozing from her hole, which he hungrily devoured as he focused in on her clit. She spread her lips to provide better access to her swollen button. Flicking his tongue ever so slightly and gently sucking brought her back to a fever pitch.

She needed his cock inside her again. This time, as he thrust in and out, she vigorously massaged her now swollen clit while imagining the cum that would fill her pussy. The thought of it turned her on even more, and she clawed his back and arched her hips to allow for the head of his cock to hit against her g spot. His thrusting became quicker as he neared orgasm, and she felt the muscles in her vagina contract around his stiff rod. She was losing control, but didn’t care, allowing herself to squirt. The liquid gushed out from both sides of her vagina, spraying onto his thighs. The feeling of her hot juice on his cock was too much to take as he felt the first wave of orgasm.

Pulling out, he knelt over her as she watched his hand stroke his glistening prick. He squeezed the shaft as the first load of white cream shot out, landing just above her clitoris. She enjoyed the hot sensation just as the second load covered her pussy. Immediately, he went down between her legs, sucking her clit while his fingers pushed cum into her waiting hole. She exploded in orgasm. The thought of him licking cum from her pussy was an incredible turn on. It was dirty and taboo which made it all the better. She tightened her thigh muscles and let it happen. Her quivering followed by a content sigh, let him know she was done for now, and he took his place beside her on the bed as they lay wet and exhausted with not a care in the world.

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