What A Way To Make A Living


“Next!” calls a voice, an upper-class, middle-aged woman by the sound of it.A hand in the small of my back pushes me firmly forward into the gloom.I advance, the click of my high heels echoing through the large space.As my eyes grow accustomed to the semi-darkness, I see a simple wooden chair, and stop by it, my hand resting lightly on the back.There is a distant “clunk” sound, and I’m suddenly blinded by a spotlight. I instinctively raise my hand to shield my eyes, but then remember that I am a professional, and force myself to lower it again, and smile towards my unseen audience, who I can hear murmuring out in the darkness of the theatre.“Let down your hair,” orders the disembodied voice. I quickly untie the ribbon holding my ponytail, and toss it aside as I shake my head, letting my dark hair tumble past my shoulders.“Turn.”I slowly turn around to give them a good look at me.The second time I have my back to the audience, the voice orders me to stop.“Raise your skirt.”This is always the first thrill for me. ‘Always’? Yes, I’ve done this before.I slowly pull my knee-length grey wool skirt up, exposing first the tops of my lace stockings around my shapely thighs, and then my pert bottom. One side of my white cotton knickers rides up, exposing my cheek, and I give a slight shiver as the cool air hits it. My sense of symmetry and what’s left of my modesty wants to pull it back down, but I know what my public wants, and I remain standing, exposed to them.“The first bid is for a spanking, over the knickers, twelve strokes.”A different voice, a man this time, begins to run the auction, and my bottom is soon sold.A balding, middle-aged man in a tweed suit climbs up onto the stage from my right and sits down on the chair. I hike my skirt all the way up around my waist, straighten my knickers, and lay myself across his lap, legs clamped tightly together. He lays one hand across my back, and I can feel he’s already hard as he strokes my bottom with the other, then I tense Sex hikayeleri up as he lifts that one. He brings it down firmly, first on my left cheek, then the right.“Is that ok?” he whispers.“You’ve paid good money,” I reply quietly, “you can go as hard as you like.”He lays down four more strokes, much harder this time, and I grab the chair legs to stop myself from clutching my stinging bottom.He pauses and strokes my sore cheeks for a few seconds, and I reflect, not for the first time, about what I am doing here, selling myself for the use of the highest bidder. The auction house takes fifteen percent, the venue another fifteen, but the rest is mine to fund college. I also get a cut of the entrance fee, although that’s much smaller since it’s split among all the girls for sale tonight. Much better than waitressing!He’s done fondling, and his erect cock is now trying to burrow its way into my belly through his trousers.He lays down five more spanks, and I know he wants to savour the last one. As a treat, I part my legs, and feel him take a sharp intake of breath. He strokes me again, letting his hand slide between my legs and brushing my pussy lips through the flimsy cloth, then ‘whack!’, he hits me for the last time, hard enough to make me yelp out loud.He helps me to my feet, thanks me politely, and tries to hide his erection as he walks back off the stage, to the amusement of the other guests.“Remove your skirt,” comes the hard female voice.I unclasp it, slip it down and step out of it, and hand it to a young woman who has emerged from the shadows. For the first time, the audience sees the front of my knickers, and it thrills me to know there’s just the thinnest piece of fabric preventing them from seeing my shaved snatch.“Now your blouse.”I slowly unbutton the crisp white blouse and slip it off my shoulders. Once again, the young woman relieves me of it.I’m standing there in front of over a hundred people in just my underwear and heels. I pull Sikiş hikayeleri my belly in and push my tits out to let the lacy bra do its thing. I chose one that’s slightly too small so that my ample boobs look ready to spill out of the cups. I know what sells!“The next item for sale is to remove the bra and clamp the nipples.”I shiver with excitement as the auctioneer begins.“Are they real?” calls out a man’s voice.I begin to nod, but the woman in charge curtly says, “You’ll have to win to find out.” So I keep still.More, generous bids come in, until finally my breasts are sold, and I’m approached by a handsome, grinning young man. He comes up behind me, keeping me facing the audience. He gently moves my hair aside and softly kisses my neck, and my knees nearly buckle. God, I wish he’d won the right to fuck me!His hands move to my shoulders, then gently slide my bra straps off them. I keep my hands by my side, even though I want to slide one behind me to his cock.He slides one hand onto my belly, then uses the other to expertly unfasten my bra and lets it drop to the floor, exposing my breasts to the room. I’m tingling all over. His hands slide up to cup them, and he takes firm hold of my nipples between finger and thumb, tweaking them to hardness, then gives them a sharp, deliciously painful twist, making me gasp in delight. His mouth is on my neck and shoulder again, kissing and licking, and I’m willing him to slide a hand down into my knickers.“If you don’t mind…” The woman in charge breaks the spell, and he slides his hands off my tits down to my waist, moving around me at the same time, and turning me slightly so that he’s facing me, but the audience can still see. (Has he done this before?)We’re now locking eyes.The young woman reappears and hands him something. It’s a chain with nipple clamps attached to each end. He squeezes my left nipple again, and applies a clamp to it, without breaking eye contact, then the same with the right. The chain Erotik hikaye hangs down level with my belly button.He now reaches to each clamp and begins to turn the little screws, tightening it, increasing the pain, never taking his eyes off mine. I stare defiantly back as the pain increases, determined to take it, but eventually, I flinch and let out a little whimper. He gives one more cruel twist of the screws, then lets go. He gives me a slightly questioning look, but my nipples are starting to go numb, so I think I can take it, and I give him the slightest nod.He smiles, then takes hold of the chain and leads me to the very front of the stage, then he’s gone, and I’m left alone in the spotlight, minus another item of clothing, but plus some very painful jewellery.“The next item for auction is to remove those damp underpants. The winner will get to keep them. The subject will please kneel at the edge of the stage, facing away from the bidders.”I do as instructed, turning my back on them, and kneeling, my feet hanging off the stage.“Nipples to the floor please.”I lower myself all the way down, until my breasts press the clamps and chain against the cold floor, thrusting my bottom high in the air. I know all eyes in the room are staring at the thin fabric stretched tight over my cunt. Is there a visible wet patch? I wonder if the front row can smell my arousal.The bidding begins. I must look good because it ends remarkably high.Footsteps approach. It sounds like another man, but I keep my head down.He stops right behind me, standing on the theatre floor, so his face is level with my bottom, and places his hands on my calves, then slowly slides them up, squeezing my thighs, then onto my bottom. He presses his fingers into my firm flesh and then slips them under my waistband. Here we go.Slowly, oh so slowly, he begins to tug my knickers down, inch by inch. I can barely breathe as he exposes my most secret place, then feel his breath as he leans in close. He kisses each cheek, just a few millimetres away from the hole, then tugs down further until my pussy is revealed to him.He uses his thumbs to spread me wide. He can see firsthand now how wet I am. He leans in again and I hear him inhale deeply, savouring my scent.

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