What Are Friends For?


Being an emergency room nurse can be very hectic and stressful. So on the weekends, several of us cut loose at the local dance club. “Cutting loose” includes a great deal of alcohol, dancing and generally raising hell. And if we are really lucky…sex!!

The group I go out with is a very tight knit bunch from the emergency room that include nurses and paramedics. All of us are female. Well, sort of. There are six women, and then there is Ken. He fits in perfectly with our little group, because as far as he is concerned, and the rest of us as well for that matter, he is just one of the girls.

A bit more about Ken. As you may have already guessed, Ken is gay. Way gay, as he describes it. On the outside, he looks perfectly “normal”. He is ruggedly handsome, has a killer smile, and a muscular, toned body that most women would drool over. But you spend more then a few moments with Ken, and it becomes very obvious what he is all about. His mannerisms, voice and his quick wit all scream GAY! But he has a heart of gold, is a fantastic nurse, and one of my very best friends.

When we go out, Ken and I are both the life of the party. Especially when we have some alcohol on board. We are wild, uninhibited and game for almost anything. I think that is why the other gals like going out with us. And they all feel safe with Ken, because they know they can have a great time with him, and yet they don’t have to fight him off like a drunken sailor wanting to get into their pants. And God forbid someone try anything stupid with one of us. Ken would tear them apart!

I have been trying to tell Ken for some time now that he is probably bi instead of gay, but he just has not acted on it. An assertion he denies. But more then once, while bumping and grinding on the dance floor, I know I felt a hard on pressing against my ass. The other gals have mentioned the same thing. And once, while having an argument at the table about his trying women, I pulled up my halter top, exposing my c-cup breasts. I asked him if these looked good enough to eat or what. He leaned over and licked a nipple and then admitted that they were tasty. The other gals all howled and loved it.

One night, we again were at the club. It was very early in the morning and too far from closing time. I was pretty drunk and extremely horny. Being drunk always makes me super horny anyway, but you add in all the bumping and gaziantep zenci escort grinding I had been doing all night and I was really out there! Ken, who was pretty drunk himself, had been on his cell phone for the last half hour. I could tell from what little bits of the conversation I could hear over the loud music that he was having a fight with his boyfriend. After hanging up, I could see his face was flushed red and he was very upset. He grabbed me by the hand and took me outside. He said he needed some fresh air. Both of us were sweating from the hot, stale air inside the club, so I thought it was a good idea.

Outside, he started pacing back and forth. He was ranting about how unreasonable his boyfriend was and how pissed off he made him all the time. I knew he just needed to vent. The night air was not helping either of us cool down however. It was mid July, the temp was still in the 80’s and very humid. I took en to my SUV at the back of the parking lot and turned on the a/c. The cold air felt good. My nipples thought so as well, as they started to poke through the thin material of my strapless tube top.

Ken started to calm down, but was still a little pissed. “You going to be alright?” I asked.

“Yes” he said. “But you know what this means. No action for Kenny tonight.”

Ken had told me before that when we go out, like me, he gets extremely horny. he always goes home and wakes the boyfriend to work it off. But I also know from past history that when hey fight like this, the boyfriend is less then receptive to Ken when he gets home.

I reached over Ken and opened the glove box. I too out a small bottle of coco butter hand lotion and handed it to him. “There ya go big boy.” I said. He looked at me with a puzzled look. “Hey, you are bitching that you are all worked up with no relief in sight, so whip it out and go for it.”

It suddenly dawned on him what I was talking about. “Are you fucking nuts.” He asked. “You want me to just whack my meat in a public parking lot where anyone could see? Not to mention doing something like that right in front of you.”

“Look” I said. “My windows are very tinted, someone would have to have their nose right on the windshield to see in, plus we are at the back of a dark parking lot. Who’s to see? Besides, what are friends for? And I promise not to gaziantep escort peek.”

This made him chuckle. He then looked around as if check out how private we actually were. Yet he was still hesitant. So i decided to take the bull by the horns. He needed a little “push”, and as horny as I was, I was just the gal to give it to him.

“Ok, pussy, I’ll go first.” I reached across him again and pulled out a small cloth bag from inside the glove box. I then pushed my seat back as far as it would go and reclined it slightly. I kicked off my shoes and then reached under my short leather skirt. I lifted my ass off the seat and pulled off my soaking wet thong, which I discarded into the back seat. I then put one bare foot on the steering wheel and the other leg I placed across the center console and onto Ken’s leg. There is an advantage of being short. My skirt was hiked above my waste and my shaved bald pussy was in plain view. I reached into the bag and pulled out a thin 4″ vibrator. I had larger ones at home, but this smaller one was for emergencies. With Ken watching opened mouth at my boldness, I started to run the buzzing vibrator across my soaking wet pussy lips and erect clit.

“Ooooh, God that feels good” I purred. I leaned my head back against the seat as I enjoyed the buzzing sensation against my sensitive lips. “Come on chicken shit, join me” I dared him.

He apparently needed no further encouragement. Ken quickly unsnapped his pants. As soon as he unzipped, his semi erect cock sprang out. I had a feeling he had not been wearing underwear. He opened the bottle of lotion and poured a good amount onto his hand. He then immediately wrapped it around his growing cock and started to slowly stroke it. Once his cock had become fully erect, it appeared to be about 7″ and very beautiful.

“God, Ken. It’s beautiful” I said.

“You really think so?” he asked. He placed his palms against pubic area, causing his cock to stick out even further for my inspection. It took all my self control to not swallow it whole.

“Trust me sweetie. I have seen a lot of dicks in my time, and that one is gorgeous”. he just smiled and went back to stroking.

I continued to moan out loud as I ran the vibrator over my pussy. As horny as both of us were this was not going to take long. As I watched him stroke his cock fro head to balls, I slipped the vibrator easily into my drenched pussy and started pumping it in and out in time to his stroking. He was watching also. He had one hand cupping his large balls as the other continuing jerking hard dick.

My nipple were straining against the fabric of my tube top and begging to be released. With a quick yank, the top came down and my bare breasts were exposed. I then lowered my hand and started to furiously rub my rock hard clit as my other rammed my vibrator in and out of my pussy, no longer concerned with keeping pace with his stroking’s. I was too close for that.

Ken could sense my approaching orgasm. Knowing there would be no objections on my part, he reached over and placed a hand against my right breast. he kneaded the soft skin and then took a hard nipple between his fingers and rolled it between them.

“Oh, fuck ya” I moaned out loud. I was so close. I started panting out loud and used all four fingers on my hand to stroke my clit as hard and fast as I could. I closed my eyes as the first wave of my orgasm crashed over me. My whole body shook and my ass came off the seat. I pulled the vibrator out and placed it directly against my hard clit. Wave after wave hit me, sending me into absolute orbit. I came so hard I felt myself squirt juice against my hand.

The sight and sound of me coming was enough to send Ken over the top. I had heard him grunting, but lost in my own orgasm, It had not registered with me until I felt the first stream of his hot come splash across my bare leg. I opened my eyes in time to see three more long spurts of thick, white cum spray from his beautiful cock, soaking his hand and pants.

We both sat there for several moments basking in our respective afterglows. We then looked at each other and laughed out loud. I reached out and touched his cheek. “I hope that helped.” He laughed again.

I reached down and took some of Ken’s cum off my leg with my fingers, then raised it to my mouth. Very tasty.

“Hey, that’s mine bitch” he said in mock protest.

“Fuck you bitch. It landed on MY leg so it belongs to ME”. We both laughed again.

I took out some wet ones from the glove box. it took some time for us to clean up and get dressed. Once we did, we exited the SUV and walked back to the bar. We stopped just in front of the front door.

“Thanks for helping me out” he said.

“Hey, what are friends for?” We then shared a very sweet kiss.

Just before we went inside I said “I have a confession to make”.

“What?” he asked a little puzzled.

“I peeked”

We were laughing so hard when we went back inside that people thought we were crazy.

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