What Happened in the Bedroom


This story follows the further exploits of Mike and Sharon, as described in “Cassandra Learns her Lesson,” and “Unexpected Poker Night.” It is set after “Unexpected Poker Night,” and describes something alluded to in that story in detail. I am somewhat back on track, and so this story should be considerably more concise.

A few nights after unexpectedly hosting a poker game, Mike and Sharon were again home alone. Another few hectic days had passed, and they were again attempting to have a quiet evening at home, just the two of them. They were sitting on the couch in the living room, having a speaker worshipping session. Decidedly more sensual music was playing tonight, mostly a mix of female fronted goth metal bands: Lacuna Coil, the Gathering, Epica, Leave’s Eyes. Sharon was smoking from her preferred pipe, a purple blown glass piece that had silver speckles cast throughout. Mike was simply sitting back, enjoying the music, and occasionally blinking his eyes and waving his hand to clear smoke from the incense burner that sat on the end table.

Sharon smiled pleasantly over her glasses at her lover. “Is there anything you want to ask me?” she asked, smiling seductively.

Knowing that she was deliberately baiting him, Mike rolled his head to look over at her. “Like what?” he responded, feigning disinterest. His head rolled back, and he closed his eyes, allowing the eclectic music of the Gathering and Anneke van Gresenburg’s voice to wash over him.

At first Sharon just stared at him, then picked her pipe back up and held the lighter to the bowl. “Fine. I won’t tell you,” she said, clearly miffed.

“Tell me what?” Mike asked, looking over at her.

“No, you don’t care. So I’m not going to tell you what happened.” She lit her bowl and inhaled deeply, smiling slyly at him.

He reached for her, but she scrunched herself up in the corner of the couch and wiggled away from his hand. Mike snorted softly in amusement, and leaned further so he could touch her leg. Giggling, she jumped up, still holding the pipe close to her face, and danced easily out of his reach, her long skirt twirling about her calves. Her lover sat up, and stretched, causing his back and shoulders to pop loudly.

“Oh,” he yawned, “I think you will tell me.” He smiled warmly up at Sharon, knowing the game was on.

Giggling again, she stuck out her tongue at him. “Make me,” she taunted in her brattiest voice. When Mike started to stand up, she laughed loudly, and made to run out of the room. However, Mike was faster than most people would give him credit for, and he bounded up and off the couch very quickly, and snaked his arms around her waist, hauling her back into him. “Nooooo,” she wailed, laughingly.

When her back was pulled firmly against his chest, he leaned down and breathed into her. “I think you should put the pipe down, babe.”

“One more hit, then I’ll put it down.” He shrugged, but didn’t let her go. “Let go of me. Then we can play.” Her voice had grown husky and breathy, full of the promise of things to come. His hands dropped away and he sat back down on the couch. Sharon took a long drag from the pipe, and sat it down on the end table before sitting down. After a moment, she exhaled, and a thin white wisp of smoke issued from her full lips.

“Tell me what happened.” Mike was looking intently at Sharon, but his eyes were bright and vibrant. Clearly, he was eager for the game to really begin.

“Nuh uh. You don’t want to know. So I’m not telling you.” She smiled at him again, leaning forward so that her evanescent blouse fell open ever so slightly, offering a glimpse of cleavage and the top of her bra. Her breasts moved as she did so, their curves and the cream colored bra slightly visible through the thin fabric of her blouse.

Mike stroked his goatee, knowing now what her game was, but not sure how she wanted him to make her talk. Thinking back over the last few days, he pondered the events that had transpired. Of course, his thoughts centered on Katie and Christy. He knew that she was teasing him, trying to confess what she had done with Katie. And he of course was curious, all the more so because she wanted to tell him. That certainly meant it had been bad. Which is to say, it had been great. But how did she want to be “tortured?”

Then he remembered helping with the laundry. He had found her black satin elbow length gloves in the hamper. He loved those gloves, they way they felt against his skin when she massaged his sac and his cock. It was smooth and rough at the same time, exquisite. Feeling the heat of her hand through the material, how it glided over his skin, but was rough enough to catch every now and then. They washed them frequently, but they hadn’t used them recently. He had asked her then why they were in the hamper, but she had rebuffed him. “Wouldn’t gaziantep escort you like to know?” she had said, smiling that mischievously sexy smile of hers that he so adored. And then he remembered what Sharon had told him when she returned from the bathroom after checking on Katie.

Realization dawned on him, but he controlled his expression. He sat still for another moment, considering his plans.

Sharon seemed bored with watching him play with his goatee. She turned around and bent over the arm of the couch to retrieve her pipe. Mike seized his opportunity and pounced. He surged forward, his right arm moving across his body to seize her left shoulder while his left arm shot forward to grab her right shoulder. He stood up and brought his arms back around, pulling Sharon to her feet and turning her to face him in one movement. His gaze was dark, sexy, and powerful as he looked down at her. His lover looked up at his face for a moment, but as the lust crept into her eyes, she quickly turned her face down and stared at the floor to keep him from seeing.

Confident that things were moving in the right direction, he smiled at the top of her head before sitting down and guiding her across his lap, facedown. His left forearm pressed against her shoulders, pinning her against his legs. His right hand stroked her back, gradually moving down towards her upturned ass. He spent a few moments smoothing her skirt over her delightfully round butt.

“I think you will tell me. And I will spank you until you do.” She wiggled sexily against his lap for a moment, and her sharp intake of breath let him know that this was, in fact, what she wanted.

“Nuh uh,” she said forcefully while shaking her head. Her hair danced nicely over the floor as she did so. Mike grinned to himself and delicately ran a hand down one of her legs to the hem of her skirt. His finger tips touched her calf, and she kicked a little, but stopped when his fingers began to run back up her leg. The calluses of his finger traced her smooth skin, pushing the skirt up as he slowly moved his hand back toward her butt. When the skirt was bunched up near her panties, he closed his hand on the material and gently pulled it up and laid it on her back. Her dark brown panties were the micro short style she favored, with lacy frill around each of the legs and along the waistband. The back of his hand ran feather-light touches across the small of her back, just above the waist of her panties. He felt her chest and abdomen swell against his legs as she inhaled deeply. Finally, he hooked his fingers in the waistband and began to tug her panties down, each tug exposing more of her light brown butt. She began to kick again, but his pull was relentless, and soon her panties were stretched between her knees.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to tell me what you and Katie did?” His voice was supple, and sent shivers down her spine.

“How did you know that’s what I was going to tell you?” she asked, turning her head to look at him.

He laughed softly. “I can read you so well, my pet. How do you think I know that this is what you wanted?”

Her head fell back, but suddenly snapped back up as his right hand fell sharply against her exposed ass. He began to strike her butt sharply with his bare hand, each time leaving a slight pinkish tint on her skin. This wasn’t a brutal spanking by any means, but each stroke stung sharply, and Sharon began to hiss each time his hand found her flesh. Soon, she was squirming against his lap, but his arm held her firmly while the spanking continued. When her ass was bright pink and hot to the touch, he stopped for a moment.

“Well?” he asked.

Sharon breathed deeply. “I touched her.” Mike’s finger traced down the cleft between her cheeks and into the wet crease between her legs. She shook her head. “Not there.” He paused for a moment, but then his finger traveled back up, trailing the moist evidence of her arousal behind it. His finger delved between her buttocks and touched her anus. Her head nodded, and he gently pushed his fingertip into her.

“Yeah, like that.” His finger slowly invaded her anus, gently because he didn’t want to hurt her. He didn’t have any lube, and he hated the idea of tearing her. After a minute, Sharon was breathing hard, and Mike stopped.

He stood her up gently and pushed her panties down to her ankles. Standing in front of her, he wrapped his hands around her, and their mouths met. Their lips parted, and her tongue slid between his, and danced with his tongue. Mike began to slide down, breaking their kiss. His hands trailed down her back, grasping the hem of her blouse. His mouth touched her chin, then her neck, and her full breasts. His lips trailed lower, kissing their way down her blouse, until he was on his knees in front of her. He lifted her blouse and kissed her belly button. Then he began to stand back up, kissing her belly and her breasts as he drew her blouse up over her head. He bent his head again, kissing her deeply while he undid her bra. She dropped her arms and he stepped back, allowing it fall to the floor. He knelt again, slowly pushing her skirt off her hips, and kissing her soft skin until the skirt fell into a silky pool around her feet.

Standing again, he grasped one of her turgid nipples. Her nipples, like her breasts, were large, and they were a dark brownish pink, standing in contrast to the milkier brown of her skin. Then, tugging gently, he led her to the bedroom by her nipple. Mike pushed her down onto the bed. “Tell me what you did to her.”

Sharon’s dark brown eyes were cloudy with sex now. She nodded while he reached into a drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. She set the pillows up against the head board and leaned back, opening her legs. Her shaved pussy was very wet, and her lips parted, showing the glistening pink of her labia minora.

“I brought Katie in here. First, we just kissed a lot.” Mike leaned forward and kissed her deeply again, but briefly. Sharon swallowed hard. “Well, you know that I like a shaved pussy better.” Mike nodded. “So I got a few towels, my shaving gel, and a razor. Then I shaved her.” He put his head on his hand and watched her lips as she spoke.

“When that was done, we kissed some more. Then I ran my hands down her body.” His fingers began to trace down her body, teasing her nipples, caressing her breasts, touching her thighs. There was a quaver in her voice when she spoke again. “I touched her between her thighs.” She breathed in sharply as Mike’s fingers found her wet pussy. He stroked her clit gently, played with her lips, and stroked her open thighs. “Yeah, like that.” Sharon’s voice was breathy, and goose bumps rose on her skin.

“But I knew what she wanted. I had seen her in the bath tub. I got my gloves.” Mike nodded, but didn’t retrieve her gloves; those were hers, and he wasn’t going to wear them. “I told her that you love the way they feel.” He nodded again. “I put a little bit of lube on my middle finger.” He reached for the lube, but she shook her head. “The petroleum jelly. I wanted it to be dirty with her,” she said, grinningly evilly. “I wanted her to feel the slickness in her ass all night and in the morning when she woke up. I wanted her to have a reminder of what I did to her.” Mike reached for the tub of petroleum jelly. The thick, yellow goo wasn’t his favorite stuff; it stained, it was bad for most toys and condoms, and it was just…well, icky.

He spread some around his middle finger. Sharon nodded. “Then I flipped her off, showing her the lube on my finger.” He smiled wickedly, as did Sharon, as he did the same. “Then I stuck it in her ass with no…Ooh!” Sharon gasped as his middle finger slid quickly deep into her ass. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she said “Y-yeah, l-like that.” She stopped for a moment. “I finger fucked her ass.”

Mike began to move the finger slowly in and out of her ass, but she shook her head. He began to piston his hand, forcing his middle finger in and out very quickly, stopping to grind his knuckles against her flesh every now and then. Sharon began to get a dazed look on her face as her orgasm approached. She held up a hand, and he stopped.

She swallowed hard. “Then I used two fingers.” He lubed another finger and then eased both his index and middle fingers past her sphincter. “Yeah. Then I made her cum. A lot.” And Mike began to ruthlessly finger her ass, hard, fast, crooking his fingers to tease her rectum. His shoulder began to ache, as it normally did, but he continued, watching Sharon’s face as he finger fucked her ass. Her eyes were wide, her mouth hanging open. Then, slowly, her eyes began to close, and she began to moan. Her hands tightened into fists, pulling the sheets up a little. Her breasts were jiggling as he fingered her, but he could see that her breathing was growing faster and shallower. He could hear her panting. And then she sucked in her breath sharply, holding it, and her eyes opened suddenly as she strained, pulling the sheets up more. Her head fell back, but the cycle repeated itself again, but faster. And again. And again.

Mike thrust his fingers back into her ass again, but held them deep inside of her. He could feel her muscles contract around his fingers, he could feel her body reacting to this invasion. He felt her heat. And he loved it.

When Sharon opened her eyes, she sighed deeply. “Yeah, like that,” she whispered. Her eyes close again. He crooked his fingers twice in quick succession, drawing her back out of her orgasmic bliss.

“Then what?”

She sighed again, and her voice was still quiet. “I ate her pussy while I fingered her ass.” Mike leaned forward, laying down on the bed. His warm breath against her wet pussy sent shivers through her. His tongue touched her thighs and trailed its way to her open lips. Gently, he began to lick her lips. Slowly, he made his way to her clit, and his fingers began to slowly move in and out of her ass. He timed the flicks of his tongue to coincide with the in strokes of his fingers. Gradually he built up the pressure of his tongue, lapping at her sopping pussy and flickering over her clit. She began to breath hard again, and her hands slid through his hair, pushing his mouth against her wetness. He began to trace the alphabet against her clit. He heard her breathing grow shallower again, and then began to angle his fingers up. Soon, he was massaging her G-spot through her ass, something she loved. It felt so different to have indirect stimulation against that sensitive spot, and she was simply amazed that it was even possible. Soon, she came again, grinding her pelvis against his mouth while he licked her clit. Sharon lay back again, and Mike gently slipped his fingers out of her ass and set up.

He went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back, Sharon was sitting up again.

“You didn’t ask me what I did next,” she said impishly.

“Well, what did you do next?” Mike asked.

“I made her go down on me. And then I told her that I wanted her to watch you fuck me and that I was going to make her suck your cum out of my twat.” Her face was smoldering with passion. “But I guess that we can’t do that last part.”

Mike grinned. “Well, you can certainly go down on me. And we have a mirror on the dresser, so you can watch me fuck you.” He sat down on the bed. Sharon unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out from his boxers. She kissed the head once, then began to lick it. Her mouth moved down the shaft, sucking and licking his dick. After a moment, her mouth opened wide, and she took as much as she could into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked as she moved back up the shaft, her tongue massaging his cock in her mouth. She licked the head again.

“But what about the rest?”

“You’ll just have to do as your told and find out.” He smiled at her as his hands pushed her face back down.

One hand wrapped around his cock as she continued to suck on his head. His hands undid his pants, and Sharon sat up so they could divest him of his garments. Once his pants were down and his shirt was off, he leaned back on his arms and admired the way she sucked his dick. She slowly moved her lips down his shaft, teasing his cock with her mouth and tongue. She licked his shaft and sucked on the tip before swallowing him again. Soon, he was ready to cum, and he pushed her off.

“Now, watch the mirror.” He positioned them so that she could see her face as he fucked her from behind. He plowed deep into her pussy with long, firm strokes, alternating with teasing thrusts that barely entered her. His hand fell down between her legs and stroked her clitoris. She gasped loudly, but her eyes never left the mirror. Long ago, Mike had discovered how fascinated Sharon was with her own eyes when she came. It made her hot, wet, and willing to do almost anything. As he fucked her, he watched her face in the mirror. When her lip began to tremble, he knew it was time, and he let loose, fucking her hard and fast, ignoring the pain in his right shoulder, grabbing her hips and pulling her back as he thrust into her hard. Each deep thrust brought him closer, and when her muscles tightened around him, he pushed forward hard again and shot deep inside of her. She sucked in her breath and then let it out with a loud cry that was indistinguishable, but loaded with pleasure. He groaned and clenched his eyes shut until his dick quit twitching.

Mike sat back and pulled Sharon down next to him. They kissed again, though not as hungrily as before. His hand trailed down her belly and stroked her clit. She shuddered and he bit her lip gently. His fingers moved through the slick folds of her pussy and entered her. She gasped as he probed her sensitive cunny, feeling their combined wetness. Then he pulled his fingers out. Glistening on them was some of his white, sticky cum. Sharon looked into his eyes, then opened her mouth. Her hand guided his sticky fingers to her lips, and she sucked the cum from his fingers, licking them inside her mouth. They looked deep into each other’s eyes while she cleaned his fingers and then pulled them from her mouth. Still looking intently at each other, she swallowed.

He kissed her forehead. “You know I love you, babe. And I love how dirty we are together.” He smiled at her.

“Dirty? We’re disgusting, you pig,” she said, giggling as she pushed him away. “I’m going to go shower. Clean myself up after you violated me in such a horrible way.” She struck a sexy pose in the door way. Then she laughed and scuttled off to the bathroom. Smiling and shaking his head, Mike followed her.

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