White and Black for Wife


I grabbed the icy glass and turned to scan the room. The music pulsed and I could feel the bass in my chest. Throngs of people swayed and undulated with arms in the air. The spotlights raced over the bodies. I did not like many things about the club scene, but I liked dancing enough to ensure I wouldn’t stay away too long.

“What did you get?” my friend Meredith asked.

“Long Island, baby.”

“Is Alister out with the boys?” she asked.

“No, he’s at home. He offered to pick me up when I was ready to go home,” I explained.

Home. My husband was probably doing a crossword puzzle, waiting to get me home so he could fuck me. We had some of our best sex after I have been out dancing. It excites me to refuse so many advances then go home and give in to a man. My man. Coming to the club is a guaranteed ego boost. Many of the men are complimentary and it’s not tough to understand their motivation for being so: they want to be with you. I was starting to dance with Mere when I heard a voice behind me.

“Do you want to dance?” The man’s voice was a shout due to the music.

I spun and saw the owner of the voice. He had chocolaty skin and a gleaming head. She looked up to see his eyebrows were raised waiting for a response.

“Sure.” I said. It was a rarity to have men ask me to dance.You expect most of the guys you meet to not wait for consent to dance-they simply start dancing with you. If I am asked to dance I always reward this behavior. And I could tell it would be a pleasure to reward this dance partner.

I noticed that he was a good dancer. Again, most suitors have one overtly sexual dance move that lacks any sensuality or skill. This man’s movements were controlled and precisely on beat. If I was fortunate enough to find a partner like this man it was the highlight of the night. He kept his distance for the entire first song. Restraint—another plus.

“My name’s JD,” he said in the lull between songs.

“I’m Michelle.” I replied. We both yelled it was nice to meet each other as the music picked up again. After several songs he placed his forearms on ,my shoulders as we moved together. During the last song we got much closer and I felt his broad back muscles through his shirt.

“You want a drink?” JD asked.

I thought about the strong Long Island I had finished less than an hour ago, “No, I really shouldn’t. I need to take a break. Could you get me a water?”

“Anything you want, playa.” He flashed a megawatt smile.

I walked over to the only empty booth with Meredith. We slid in, hands holding the sides of our skirts down. I saw JD waiting at the bar, money in hand and talking to another black man.

JD was handome and his shirt reflected the ripples of the muscles that made up his broad back. The warmth of the alcohol in my stomach swam up to my head as I sat. I dared to fantasize about a man like this, or any man other than my husband on rare occasions. My husband was open-minded and tried to cultivate any fantasies I might have. Never having been with a black man made me curious and JD did seem nice.

“Here you go. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were with your girl. You want something?” JD asked. He set the drink down and leaned in so his head was in between me and Meredith so we could hear him.

“That’s fine, I’m good,” Meredith replied in his ear.

“Just say the word. This is Mike. Can we sit with you guys?” JD gestured to the man that came over with him. They sat down and drank something clear out of plastic cups.

We all chatted while we drank. I learned that they were both students at the university, and JD was majoring in business. He was close to graduation. Mike was a sports medicine major and seemed to know everything about the university’s athletic department. As we spoke JD focused on me and I remembered I wasn’t wearing my wedding ring.

“Can I get your number so I can call you sometime?” JD asked as he pulled out his phone. Now, I usually don’t give out my number bayan gaziantep escort but if I don’t then he’d ask why…and I would have to tell him…and the night might be over with him. Not only was he the best looking guy in the club but he was a good dancer and polite. I was not about to pass up this jewel of a man.

“Give me your number and I’ll call you.” I said. Mike scoffed and JD looked up and away. “Well, take or leave it,” I said with my best sly look. He did take it.

Mike excused himself to go to the bathroom and came back with four drinks. “You did not just do that,” I looked from the glasses to Mike.

“You don’t have to drink them, but they’re here if you do,” he replied with a mischievous smile on his face. The men picked up there glasses and looked at the women.

“Just a toast dedicated to the sexiest girls in the room,” JD said.

“You guys are bad.” I shook my head and laughed.

“You don’t know the half of it.” JD said and we all clinked glasses.

After the drinks there was more dancing. JD danced closer now. He moved his body in unison with mine. His hands began to glide all over my body. He wasn’t groping but incorporating light caresses into his dancing. Normally, I don’t allow this but he was still being respectful and appropriate. My inhibitions were absent; he was sexy as hell. So sexy, in fact, that I began thinking about his dick and what it looked like. As our bodies responded to each other and the music I imagined kissing him. After a full hour of dancing I was ready for a break. As I went outside to call Alister I thought to myself, “I need to get home and get that dick inside me soon.”

“Hey, babe.” Alister sounded far off; video game haze.

“Just calling to check in. Baby, I want your cock so bad.”

“Oh yeah?” He was listening now.

“Yeah, I’ve been dancing and I’m so horny now.”

“With Meredith?”

“I actually met a guy named JD. He’s nice and he can really dance.” At that particular moment my mind swooned and I felt like saying something outrageous. “He seems like he’s really strong and he’s black.” I blurted out.

“Really?” Alister sounded intrigued. He liked to hear about any men that I found attractive when I was out dancing.

“What if I said that I wanted you to pick both of us up and not just me?” I didn’t even believe that I had said it. My thoughts were scattered and I was giggling.

“Fuck, baby. Do you want me to find some interracial porn for you to watch when you get home?” I had yet to discover something sexual that made him uncomfortable but he did not think I was serious. Why would he? I’d never done anything like this before.

“I mean we won’t need it.” I tried to sound sincere. It took a while to convince him that I was not drunk or kidding. He was always pushing for more adventurous sexual experiences and I felt like tonight the stars had aligned. He was already on the way when he got off the phone. My last problem was JD. Do I just tell him what I want? No, I don’t want to scare him off.

“You want a shot?” I asked JD when I got back to the table. I figured the best way to ensure him being receptive would be to eliminate any inhibitions. As I waited for the drink and danced with JD I was struck by how devious I was being. I felt the delightful steam of sin bubbling up from my stomach.

JD took the shot. Put my hand of his hip for the first time and I whispered in his ear, “Do you want to get out of here?”

“I don’t have a car,” he said with a surprised look of his face.

“I’ve got a ride. You come and you can party at my apartment,” I heard myself saying. “Meet me outside in a few minutes.” I told Mere that I was leaving and made sure to get out the door alone so she wouldn’t see me leave with another man.

Alister pulled into the lot minutes after I was outside and just as JD came out the door. He walked over to me and asked me where my friend bayan escort gaziantep was. I could tell that he was feeling the shot I had bought him. I told him that we had another ride. He crinkled his forehead and nodded. He was so gorgeous, with had generous yet well-proportioned features. He seemed a little unsure, pursing his lips and looking around. I felt nervous and did not know what to do next. Luckily, the car rolled up to break the silence. Alister got out of the car and JD looked baffled.

I told JD that we were just going to have a drink at my place. Alister gave him a handshake and assured him it would be fun. I was stunned at how Alister was reacting. I realized both men were looking at me, waiting for the cue to leave. I realized the power that I held. Both men seemed to be a little off-balance and they were both responding to the signals that I was giving. My heart shuddered with the electric zing of anticipation. I slid into the passenger seat and we drove home.

On our way up in the elevator my mind was racing on how to steer this night. I decided to be direct, be brazen. I knew that if we got into the apartment drinks would be the first thing to come out. I didn’t want another drink and I did not want JD to have another. He wasn’t stumbling yet but I wanted everything in working order.

Without thinking, I kissed JD.lI was struck by the texture as I pressed my mouth on his. He was surprised and did not kiss back. His eyes were wide and they were looking behind me to Alister. I pressed my hand against Alister’s crotch and guided him to press against me. I felt a familiar sensation on my neck and I knew that Alister had taken the hint. With the competition cooperating, JD seemed to switch gears. His surprised resistance melted into earnest desire. Kissing one man with another sucking on my neck was incredible.

Alister grabbed my ass with one hand and my hips with another. I grabbed JD’s hands and put them on my breasts. I was now experiencing the attentions of two men. I knew my will controlled the situation but the power of these two large men was palpable.¬ I felt the pressure as they both pressed against me. We were all caught in a torrent of desire; we recklessly kissed and the hazy abandon of the thing was wonderful.

“I love you, Michelle,” Alister whispered in my ear. It did seem a little out of place but I knew where it stemmed from. I knew that Alister loved to push the boundaries of their sexual expression. I knew he would try to show me love and tenderness when ever we tried something new.

The elevator door opened and I got out first. I paused at the threshold and turned my neck to look back at them. “Are you guys coming?” I bit my lower lip.

The men responded affirmatively and the looks in their eyes would have made the devil blush. I could feel the raging sexual energy they emitted like bulls; wide-eyed and strained, waiting to be released to the arena. I trotted to our door and didn’t look behind me until the key was in the lock. I gave another backwards glance.

“Welcome to our home, JD.” I said and opened the door.

I went straight to the bedroom and sat on the bed. I saw the two men standing in front of me, waiting. I beckoned with one finger and they both obeyed. I was dying to see what JD’s dick looked like. I reached up and placed a hand on each of their crotches and massaged each one.

“Take your shirts off.”

They did and JD had the abs that my husband was working on. The light shone on their well-muscled bodies and the shadows accentuated their strength.

“Alister, lick my pussy.” I took my dress off.

I lay down on the corner of the bed so my feet were on the ground and my head was near the edge of the bed. Alister had already began by slow long licks and full mouth kisses. I motioned for JD to come near where my head was.

“Kiss me while he licks my pussy.”

Again, immediate compliance. He massaged escort bayan gaziantep my breasts and kissed me deeply. Being able to kiss a gorgeous man and have another licking my pussy was so hot. I told my husband to slow down or I would come too fast and he switched to the lightning quick but soft licks that always brought a tingle to my toes.

“Let me suck your dick, baby.”

JD was on his feet in no time. I could tell the alcohol was affecting him less and less. He lowered his jeans to reveal blue briefs. His stomach flurried with his shallow breaths. When the band of his briefs lowered enough to reveal his dick it was nearly erect. His balls and shaft were a darker hue than his skin and his head was a deep purple. He positioned himself so that I could reach over and draw the dick to my mouth. His cock had a satisfying heft that made me think about how it would feel in my pussy.

“Give me thumb, Alister.”

As Alister slid a slicked up thumb just inside my ass as I took the head of JD’s cock in my mouth. His head was full and beautiful and upon coming in contact with my warm tongue I felt a surge of blood rush into the tip. Alister had two fingers in me working in lock-step with the thumb that was pushing deeper into my ass. I knew I was going to come soon. I had to withdraw that beautiful member from my mouth in fear that I would bite it.

“I want you to lick my ass while I come.” Were the words that came out of my mouth.

JD acquiesced and moved to the end of the bed. I told Alister to lie on the bed so we could 69. In this position JD could finger me and lick my ass while Alister continued lapping at my pussy. I regressed little in the time it took to get in position. The sensation was other-worldly. Having my clit licked and my asshole brushed with a tongue was too much. The orgasm sent hot waves of pleasure through my entire body. I grabbed a pillow and screamed and screamed. By the end, I was limp and on fire. As the pleasure subsided I came out of my sex-induced fugue. I thought about how hard both these men would fuck if given the chance and I didn’t think I was ready.

I sat up and told Alister and JD to sit at the edge of the bed. Both their heads flared out from the shaft in the tell tale signs of a man at the peak of arousal. I marveled at the beauty and balance of cock in front of me. One black and one white. There was something symmetrical and pleasing about this arrangement. I grabbed both and began sucking on JD’s first. The head disappeared and I worked hard to get as much in my mouth as possible. This position was not great for deep-throating but I did my best.

I goaded them by talking dirty. If I didn’t have a dick in my mouth I would say, “Give me that hot cum,” and “Oh baby, I want you to shoot all over my tits,” and “Are you boys going to spray hot cum all over me?”

Eventually they commandeered their own cocks and began pumping furiously. I held my tits together and flipped my hair back. I looked up with the best pleading eyes and pouting lips I could muster.

JD came first. Thick ropes of white cum contrasted with the tip of his dark penis. It oozed out and he leaned forward so it dropped on my chest. Alister came next. His thin, clear jizz shot out and ricocheted off my tit and onto my neck and arm. He blasted over and over, in incredible volume.

I think that JD was expecting a little more and Alister was fulfilling a fantasy that had been years in the making. The men collapsed on the bed and I had to run and clean myself. The haze was gone and I was left with a sense of awe over what I had just done; a threesome with a strange black man and my loving husband. I must admit that it was the best orgasm in memory and Alister’s load was incomparable.

As I returned to the bedroom I found the men putting on their underwear and looking a little awkward.

“Come here, guys.” I lay down. As I spooned with JD I looked in my husbands eyes. He pushed some stray hairs behind my cheek and said that he loved me. I told him I loved him, too. As I heard JD’s breathing become more regular I closed my eyes and marveled at what a strange and exciting world I lived in. My husband always said that he wanted to continue to explore new sexual realms with his true love. I didn’t want this every night but it was a new sexual realm that I looked forward to revisiting in the future.

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