Whores And Pimps Ch. 03

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Michele pulled at her bonds, struggling and wriggling on the bed trying to break free for a few minutes until she realised that she was securely tied and had no way of escaping. Ellie sauntered over to the bed and looked down at Michele,

“Well honey, looks like we have you just where we want you; I think we are going to start to really have some fun now,” she sneered.

Michele opened her mouth to scream and Ellie slapped her face hard. Michele’s face was jerked to one side with the force of the blow and her eyes watered with the pain.

“Look bitch, you can try to scream all you like, but if you do I’m going to invite my friends here to smack you around a bit as a prelude to whatever else they’re going to do to you. And once they’ve done that we can gag you if you still insist on making a fracas, although I’m sure they have better ways of stuffing your mouth, so shut the fuck up or wear the consequences,” Ellie threatened.

Realising that resistance was useless, Michele lay still and contemplated the circumstances in which she now found herself. She had already seen Ellie and the fat cop who she had encountered earlier in the evening; she wondered who else comprised “we” Ellie had spoken of; she looked around to see who else was in the room. There were three other men sitting at a table drinking. Their chairs were turned towards the bed and they had obviously been entertained by the performance provided by Ellie fellating the cop while they waited for Michele to come around.

They were rough looking types, dressed in jeans and T-shirts; solidly built and appeared to be in their middle forties. The men were talking amongst themselves in gruff voices; their language vile and littered with swearwords. Their eyes glistened as they looked hungrily at Michele tied to the bed.

“I won’t worry too much about formal introductions Michele if you don’t mind. You met my friend here from the local constabulary on your way to the party earlier in the evening, and I suppose it’s fair to say you’ve known him only briefly but certainly intimately,” Ellie smiled cruelly.

“These other three gentlemen are also aficionados of special ladies like ourselves; that is to say they have a penchant for attractive transvestites; and they particularly like a little bit of, shall we say, extremism when it comes to sexual encounters.”

“They are very close friends of mine, and over the years I’ve been able to sacrifice quiet a few ‘virgins’ to the altar of their desires; if I might wax poetic,” Ellie went on.

“Most of the girls I have lured into their clutches have left having eventually enjoyed the encounters; a few have not; but none have ever been a position to complain. So I suggest you just relax and enjoy what I am about to allow you to experience; if nothing else you will at least leave this room enlightened as to what two transvestites and four hungry mature men can accomplish in the way of sating their appetites.” Ellie finished.

Ellie turned to the three men who had been eagerly watching and listening to her explain the situation to Michele, like a pride of lions watching their wounded prey. Their eyes glittered in the darkened room as they feasted with wanton lust on the bound transvestite. Michele’s miniskirt had ridden up when she had struggled at her bonds and her luscious nylon sheathed legs were exposed right up to the tops of her thighs and her red satin panties peeked from under the hem of her skirt.

“Gentlemen, meet Michele. Michele, meet the gentlemen,” Ellie introduced them sarcastically.

“As for you, my law enforcing accomplice; you can sit over there on the lounge and I will keep you suitably amused whilst Michele and our three comrades entertain us.” Ellie sauntered over to an overstuffed lounge which had been positioned beside the bed.

The three men rose as one and sauntered over to the bed and they looked down and surveyed Michele tied to the bed. They stared at the middle aged whore; her black leather miniskirt rucked up around her waist from her struggles, her red lace garters clipped to her black stocking tops; legs spread wide and her ankles tied to the bed just above her black high-heeled sandals; her red painted toenails visible through the diaphanous nylon. Michele’s leopard-skin print nylon blouse was opened at the top displaying her red satin brassiere.

Michele’s face was framed by her brunette wig the lighter tints highlighted in the lamplight, her heavily mascared eyes peeked from under her fringe, emphasised by her blue and pink eyeshadow. Her rouged cheeks and ruby red lipsticked lips were accentuated by her pale foundation and face powder. Michele’s earrings and necklace glittered in the dim light.

One of the men noticed her anklet glittering and reached out and caressed her ankle and then slowly ran his hand up her leg to her stocking top, stopping briefly to play with her garter strap and then continued up her thigh until his hand rested on the front of her panties.

“She’s istanbul travesti wearing pantyhose under her panties and stockings guys; looks like this whore will need to buy a new pair tomorrow,” he chuckled to the others.

Michele wriggled as she felt the man’s hands on her leg and panties.

“Hold still now honey; Michele is it? My friend is going to untie your legs and if you give us any trouble; well Ellie has already explained what we will do,” he threatened.

Michele felt the bonds on her ankles loosen and then her ankles were free; she tried to close her legs but the man who had untied her legs now held them wide apart and pushed her ankles down on the bed.

“Keep her like that Joe; if she moves or makes a sound belt her one,” said the man who had his hand on her thigh to the man holding her legs down.

Then he and the other man started to undress; they dropped their clothes where they stood and kicked them away into the centre of the room. One of the naked men then relieved Joe of his task and Joe shucked out of his clothes so that all three of them were now naked. Michele strained her neck up off the bed and saw the three men standing around the bed with their erections standing proud under their round bellies. She started to cry and the man named Joe slapped her once across the face.

“Keep quiet bitch; last warning! Next time you will get a proper belting,” he growled.

“Fuck she looks good,” said the man who had stroked her legs, “can I fuck her first?”

“I think that’s only fair Steve,” Joe replied, “I fucked the last trannie that Ellie got for us first. You ok with that Bill?”

“Sure,” Bill answered, “I’d prefer a blow job before I fuck her anyway.”

Michele’s head was spinning; she knew that resistance was futile, maybe she could reason with them?

“Look, Bill, Joe, Steve; what about if you untie my wrists and just let me go? I won’t tell anyone about this honest. You’ve had your fun now so the joke’s over; come on guys let me go,” Michele Begged.

All three of the men standing over Michele, the fat cop, and Ellie laughed in unison.

“You silly cunt; we ain’t joking; and we ain’t letting you go; and I’ll let you into a little secret Michele; you won’t be telling anyone about what happens here tonight.”

“Are you really going to admit to being a transvestite? And anyway who you going to tell; the police? Our friend Bob over there is the police you dumb cunt!”

“And I gotta let you into a little secret; our real names aren’t Bill, Joe, Steve and Bob. Sure you know Ellie is Eddie but Ellie saved you when you got drunk and passed out at the party. She was your saviour and friend tonight in front of all those witnesses; do you really think anyone is going to believe that she took you up to her hotel room and gave you to four men to have their way with? It’s just ludicrous!” Joe lectured Michele.

“Now shut the fuck up and you take what we give you and you won’t get hurt; like Ellie said you might even enjoy it,” he finished.

“I know how to shut her up,” Bill said and bent down and began to kiss Michele on her painted red lips.

Michele felt Bill’s tongue invade her mouth and attempted to move her head out of the way but it was useless, he continued to kiss her, the taste of whisky and cigarettes on his breath. She felt one of the men; Joe she figured as Steve had hold of her legs, untie her wrist and grip it firmly. He moved her hand down and then she felt her hand come into contact with his erect member and she tried to flinch it away.

“Don’t you fucking well make me hurt you bitch; you take what I give you and don’t even think of hurting me down there,” Joe growled.

Michele wrapped her fingers lightly around the rubbery fat cock and placidly held it there. Joe held her wrist and began to slide his cock in and out of her loosely clenched fingers. He looked down at his thickening member wrapped in Michele’s hand, her red painted fingernails accentuating her delicate fingers, and groaned. He swayed back and forth on his heels and fucked her hand.

“Oh yeah; wank that cock baby! Wank that cock!” he moaned.

Michele felt her other wrist being untied and when her right arm was freed it was placed over Bill’s shoulder and she left it there, limp, so that she held him in a faux embrace. Bill sat on the bed as he continued to kiss Michele and he felt her start to respond. Gently at first, she tentatively slipped her tongue into his mouth and then when he pressed his lips harder against her lipstick painted mouth, she kissed him back passionately.

Michele was becoming aroused despite the fact that she was being forced to participate in their debased game. Bill’s kisses were deep and exciting; she responded despite her feeling of abhorrence and used her free arm to embrace him. Instinctively her right hand clasped onto Joe’s cock and started to slowly masturbate him. She felt her fingers şişli travesti slide along the sleek hard shaft and then over the spongy bulbous head; she manipulated the sensitive area at the bottom of glans and heard him sigh.

Bill lifted his face from hers and Michele reluctantly allowed him to escape her embrace. He bent down and kissed her lightly on her lips and then both eyelids.

“God you are one pretty whore,” he whispered into her ear.

Michele became more excited and felt her own cock hardening inside her satin panties. Bill shifted position so that he was kneeling on the bed, his groin next to Michele’s head. She offered scant resistance when he turned her head towards his erect member and rubbed it on her lips. Michele opened her lips and skimmed her tongue across the head of Bill’s penis. Bill pushed forward and his glans slid over her lips and into her warm wet mouth; he rocked back and forward and pushed his cock in and out of her mouth; fucking Michele’s oral cavity as her lipsticked lips clamped on his shaft and her tongue lashed at his cock-head.

Michele couldn’t help herself; she was enjoying playing the role of a whore; sucking Bill’s cock whilst she stroked Joe’s cock with long slow strokes. She enjoyed the feeling and taste of the hard member in her mouth, unlike the fat stubby cock of the cop, this cock was long, sleek and the secretions that leaked from the eye of the penis were sweet. The cock in her hand was also long, but thick and veiny; she loved the silky feel of the skin of the shaft contrasting with the spongy feel of the head.

Then she felt Steve’s hand under her skirt start to stroke her own cock through the layers of her satin panties and pantyhose. As the satin of her panties rubbed against her nylon encased cock it sent small shocks of pleasure shooting through her. Then she felt Steve move onto the bed between her legs as he continued to stimulate her through her underwear. She was startled when she felt Steve’s other hand push aside the crotch of her panties and a finger probe at her anus through the nylon gusset of her pantyhose. She wriggled a little but she found the finger stimulating.

Michele could not believe that she was becoming an active participant in her own rape; she was enjoying it, she couldn’t stop the raging desire that coursed through her. She sucked on Bill’s cock and used her free hand to stroke the shaft as she slobbered over the head of his cock, alternately kissing, licking and sucking at the fat cock-head. Her other hand slid up and down Joe’s member, varying between squeezing it and then running her red painted fingernails gently up and down the shaft and under his balls.

Steve was mesmerised by Michele’s nylon sheathed legs; he manipulated and caressed Michele’s hardening cock through her knickers and with his other hand he stroked her stockinged calves and thighs. Steve straddled Michele’s right leg and began to hump her thigh. Then he lifted her leg and worked his cock into the silky furrow behind her knee; he groaned revelling in the soft sensations in his cock as he slowly worked his penis in the gossamer nyloned crevasse behind her knee and thigh.

Steve slid his cock further up Michele’s thigh until he could force it under her stocking top so that it was trapped in the silken diaphanous tunnel between her stocking and her pantyhose encased thigh. He fucked the gauzy chasm leaving a silver trail of pre-seminal fluid soaking into her nylons as his cock throbbed and released sticky beads of pre-come. Michele could feel Steve’s hard penis sliding up and down her leg and was surprised to find that the sensation was highly arousing. When he slid his cock into the silken trap behind her bent knee she clenched her knee so that his penis was clamped between the sensitive nylon sheathed skin of her calf and thigh; she moved her leg from side to side and felt Steve’s hot cock secrete warm moist droplets of sticky pre-come which was absorbed into her stockings and pantyhose.

When Steve moved his cock up her leg and started to fuck her thigh with his cock between her stocking and pantyhose she pushed her leg up into his groin so that her pantyhosed thigh rubbed against his scrotum, sending delightful stabs of pleasure through his balls.

Michele wanked at Joe’s cock; squeezing the shaft as she worked her fingers up and down his manhood; when she came to the end of his shaft she worked her fingers in circular motion around the glans and then grasped at the shaft and slid her hand back down the length of the engorged member. She sucked and slavered at Bill’s cock, occasionally allowing his member to come right out of her mouth and then she licked the entire length of his phallus and gently nibbled at the head whilst flicking her tongue under the sensitive skin where the glans joined the shaft.

Joe was rocking back and forth on his heels, fucking Michele’s hand as she wanked him. He looked into her pretty bakırköy travesti made up face and her rouged cheeks and mascared eyes, fringed by her silky hair aroused him; but what stimulated him the most was the way she worked her ruby red lipsticked lips up, down and over Bill’s cock. For a girl who was terrified of what was about to happen to her twenty minutes ago, she had certainly changed her tune; she really was a whore.

Joe cast his eyes down Michele’s body, he reached out and caressed her belly through her nylon blouse and scanned down to her groin where her miniskirt had been pulled up and was rucked up around her waist exposing her garter belt and red satin panties. Steve was slowly massaging Michele’s cock through her panties and his other hand was pressing down on her magnificent black stocked leg; his cock jammed between her stocking top and her pantyhosed thigh as he rocked back and forth and fucked the gossamer tunnel.

Steve was in ecstasy, but he forced himself to remove his cock from the silken trap of Michele’s thigh and moved back down the bed so that he was between her spread legs. He moved up between them and pushed his cock down onto her panties to replace his hand which had been stroking Michele’s cock through her satin knickers. He pressed down and began to slide back and forth, fucking Michele’s silken encased cock with his own. The feeling was electrifying as his shaft felt hers start to throb through her tight pantyhose gusset and the satin panel in front of her panties.

Michele felt Steve’s manhood rub against her own as he dry fucked her through her knickers and hose; the taut nylon on her cock sending sensations all through her member. She bucked and lifted her crotch to meet Steve’s thrusts and gyrated her hips to enhance the sensations shooting through her groin. Then she was a little disappointed when she felt Steve move on top of her and his cock slid down her shiny satin panties and eased under the gusset; she felt the head of his cock nestle in the crack of her arse and begin to push against her arse bud, forcing the nylon of her pantyhose into the puckered hole.

Steve was gasping with pleasure as his cock rubbed against Michele’s nylon sheathed, engorged member. He could easily come this way and enjoy every second; but he wanted to fuck the lovely transvestite who lay beneath him sucking the cock of his friend and masturbating the other. He pulled back and shuddered as the glans of his penis rubbed feather lightly along Michele’s panties; he pushed forward as the knob of his cock nestled against the elasticised crotch of her panties and then forced his hard cock under her panty crotch and against her pantyhosed arse. He manipulated his crotch and wriggled his cock in the silken pantyhosed valley of Michele’s arse crack until he felt the head of his penis nestle in the bud of her back passage.

Steve pushed forward and felt the nylon pantyhose gusset begin to give; he pushed harder and his cock broke through the gossamer prison and wedged into Michele’s anal bud. His cock was wet and lubricated from his pre-seminal secretions and he continued to push forward and felt his cock stretch Michele’s sphincter and finally the head of his penis penetrated Michele’s virgin passage.

Michele felt Steve’s cock begin to slide inside her; at first it was uncomfortable but she forced herself to relax and then the sensation of being slowly filled with hard cock began to excite her. To Michele’s own amazement she actually started to push her groin against Steve to force his cock further and deeper inside her. She felt her passage open as his manhood filled her and then she felt Steve’s groin hard against hers; he was all the way in. Michele heard Steve groan and she lifted her stockinged legs up and wrapped her high heels around his waist and began to buck underneath him. Steve held on and Michele began to fuck him, raising her buttocks off the bed in time with his thrusts in a slow steady rhythm.

Michele had now actually become the whore that she had only pretended to be at the start of the evening. She was not only dressed as a whore; she was behaving like a whore. She had already sucked her first cock before she got to the party, she had had lesbian sex with Jill on the balcony; now she was having forced sex with three middle aged men; and she was loving it! ‘Yes’, Michele thought to herself, ‘I am a whore and I adore being a whore; what have I missed out on all these years?’

The three men and Michele began to concentrate on inducing their orgasms. Steve was now slamming his cock in and out of Michele’s back passage and she was bucking under him; raising her buttocks off the bed to meet his thrusts. She could feel his pulsating cock stretching her back passage and pushing against her prostate, sending waves of sexual sensations through her body; she wiggled her arse and clenched and unclenched her sphincter to increase Steve’s pleasure and enhance her own gratification.

Bill’s cock was pulsing in her mouth and she felt his orgasm approach as he pushed his cock in and out of her lipsticked mouth, holding her head as he fucked her face. He groaned as Michele slavered at his erect manhood, running her tongue over the head and shaft as she felt the vibrating piece of flesh begin to convulse.

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