Wife at Strip Joint Ch. 04

Big Dick

I woke up early the next morning just thinking about watching the tape that Steve had given to me. I looked over at my wife who just lay there butt naked in bed and decided to just let her sleep. She needed her rest.

The tape started off with Tony and Steve walking into the VIP room in which all you could see were five guys standing around a pair of legs high in the air, moving back and forth as this one guy fucked away.

As they got closer, you could see a part of some slut lying on her back, one guy sitting on her huge chest with her tits wrapped around his dick as he was slamming away. Another guy with his dick buried balls deep down her throat, and one guy on each side with the slut’s hand stroking each one of their dicks.

The slut was soon shown to be my wife, Tracy. These guys just slam fucked my wife throughout the tape for over an hour every which way you could think of. The guys would all be laughing and saying the dirtiest things that anyone could think of. They would all laugh and encourage each other to fuck her harder or faster and where to drop their loads. When they finished with her, she had cum leaking out of her ass, cunt, as well as, cum running down off of her face and onto her huge tits.

She was one very well used whore. eskort gaziantep I was so proud of her. This is what I call a woman. She can cook, clean, and fuck like an animal. I knew she would fulfill all of my fantasies. I therefore, loved her even more.

Steve filmed all the guys leaving together saying that they would be back again the next week to gangbang the bitch again.

Tony then said to Steve, “not to stop the video yet, he wanted another go at her”.

Tony then just dropped his pants showing a hard and ready dick. He pushed my wife down on her back, and just slammed his huge dick straight into her cunt.

She first said to him that she, “wanted to clean her face up first.”

But Tony said, “No! That he liked fucking bitches with there faces covered in cum.”

He didn’t last long, and dumped his load into her already cum filled cunt.

Tony then said to Steve, “If he wanted a go?”

But he said, “No that he had to save some for his wife or that she would be mad.”

The whole time watching this, I had a raging hard-on. Luckily for me, my newfound slut had woken up to see me watching her porn tape and asking if I needed some relief.

I was fucking the gaziantep eskort bayan shit out of her cunt within seconds right on the bedroom floor. The only drawback was that I didn’t last too long and dropped my load into her pussy within a couple of minutes.

The rest of the day, we spent lying around the house and then seeing a movie. We then had a good two fuck sessions before going to bed that night. I didn’t believe how fast she had recovered from the night before and that her cunt seemed tighter then ever. She was also an animal like I have never before seen.

A couple of days later, Steve called.

Asking, “how is your wife doing and if he could come over to talk to me about some business opportunities that he had for the two of us?”

I said, “Sure why not! It doesn’t hurt to hear what he had to say.”

When he got to our house, Steve was pretty much to the point.

He said, “that he had my wife booked for a stag party this coming weekend. She would do a lesbian strip and sex act with his wife and get paid 500 for that. Then, she would fuck, the groom and/or the best man, for another 500. After all of this, they would do a 50/50 draw in which she would be the prize to some gaziantep eskort guy and she would get her half and the groom would get the other half.”

Then Steve said, “He would also setup some extra customers on the side for 200 a fuck with him getting 20 per client for his services if she was still up to it.”

The next thing that he said was, “that since she was so good on film and had no problem getting gangbanged, that he talked to a couple of friends of his that are in the porn business. That he was looking at getting her to audition and star in her first movie.”

Steve finally said, “and if times are slow at first, she could work at his club any night of the week. That the word had gotten around about her. That the same guys wanted to fuck her some more.”

While he was talking, the two of us just remained silent. At the end we looked at each other and smiled.

We both knew the answer to Steve’s questions.

When we all were on the same track, we all toasted to our new business dealings and then both Steve and I, fucked my wife for the next two hours.

He dumped three loads of cum into her and I dumping two. My balls were aching from all the fucking that the two of us had done the last four or five days. I just had none left in my balls.

I asked Steve, “Maybe he should save some cum for his wife and not dump so much into my wife.”

He said, “it’s okay because his wife was on the rag and that she knew he wanted to fuck Tracy some more. That his wife actually told him to come on over to our place and fuck his newest whore.”

Look for more soon!

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