Wife Relents

We have been married 15 years. She is a very beautiful woman and shy and reserved but our sex was always nice.

Ann works in a bank as a teller and is very good with the public. She has been asked thousands of times if she is married even when her big diamond ring is so obvious. She has been asked many things and has a way of changing the subject very nice.

The wildest our sex life has ever been is watching xxx and erotic whispering’s of desires and “would you try that?”

She has always been most excited by big cocks in our xxx viewing. That’s where our fantasy desire leads us many times and she has answered many times at her moment of climax that “Yes, she wants to try it. Yes.”

How it would happen was never figured out but as the talk of it became more steady it was clear she was turned on a LOT.

It was her who kept the story going of what she would do with a big cock. It got serious when she suggested looking at personal adds.

There were a few massive cocks for sure but as we found out soon enough there were a lot of scammers wanting pics of her etc. Anyone who has tried this knows what we mean.

She found what she wanted through a girlfriend..

It was a young man who had a cock that was over 10 inches.

He had been “discovered” by her girlfriend through this woman’s daughter.

He was shy and polite and just realizing his potential so Ann began to work on a strategy. There really wasn’t any strategy and Ann just told her friend to ask him if he would be willing to meet us.

Ann was shocked when she discovered she had seen the young man in the bank several times and she wasn’t going to have anything to do with it then.

One morning he came in the bank and came to her window to cash his check. Ann was shocked and almost died when he said “I guess we know Mrs. so and so.”

She turned crimson red. He smiled.

She didn’t know what to do when she came home from work that day. She was crying and mad that her friend must have told him. She was embarrassed beyond anything I had seen.

She texted her friend and they had an argument and the friend insisted she didn’t tell him WHAT she wanted. “I didn’t tell him you wanted to fuck him!” she insisted.

The young man came in the bank to her window again and cashed a check and left his number and walked away.

She was even more beside herself when she came home this night. She was crying again. “Omg why did i tell her anything! What if…omg people find out!”

I told her to just text him and say your not sure what her friend told him but he needs to just please stop thinking ANYTHING..

That was what she texted him.

He replied with a picture escort bursa of him holding his hard cock and setting in a chair.

She was in complete shock.

“I will not go to work on Friday ever again! He cashes his checks that day! I will never go in again! I will change my schedule. I will transfer to downtown!”

She was crying again.

Another text came quickly. “I promise to never say a word Mrs. ********”

True to her word she took Fridays off and was on edge and nervous at the bank.

Our sex was plain for several weeks. I finally had to bring it up.

“Ann he did have a huge cock.”

“Omg no!! Don’t please…”

“Do you still have his texts?”

She began to cry softly. She really is emotional over several things and then she made a confession that she had the text and had looked at his picture many times.

I asked her to get her phone so we could see it. He was truly massive.

“He is way over twice as big as I am Ann.”

“I feel like such a slut!” I keep looking at him and thinking about him..”

We lay quiet for a while and then talked about it and got very excited and had good sex again this time talking about his cock. For a few weeks it went this way..

We were in the grocery store one afternoon and we saw him. Ann froze and pointed him out. As fate would have it he saw her and walked to us..

He was very polite and introduced himself to me. He was a very nice looking young man indeed.

“Ann tells me you come in the bank It’s nice to meet you” I said.

Ann was beet red shuffling her feet. He was calmer than we were by all means.

We talked a bit and parted. We were beside ourselves with nervous excitement. When we got home we made love and she used his name. It was so erotic to hear!

Neither of us could stop thinking about it now.

Ann couldn’t stand it. The want. It was all to present now.

“Omg how…how would we do it?” you absolutely HAVE to be there. It’s the ONLY way.”

We decided to text him. She took her phone nervously.

She texted simply…”My husband has to be there watching.”

Instantly a text came back with a smiley face. Her phone rang. It was him. She was


“Answer it honey. I’m here. Put it on speaker.”

“Ann? Mrs *********?

“Hello? Yes, of course it’s me”

“Hi. I’m glad you texted. You are really pretty Mrs ******”

“My husband is listening on speaker with me”

“Hi Mr ******”

“Hello again Alan. Nice to talk with you. We have both been thinking about you. I’m sure you know much more than we need to tell you, We want to you stop by our house soon.”

“Is tomorrow alright görükle escort Mr. ******?

I looked at Ann. She nodded yes.

“Tomorrow is fine Alan. Ann will text you the address in the morning if she is still sure it’s what she wants. I want it too Alan and I will be there, you do know that right? I’m going to watch this happen. It’s the only she will agree to it.”

“Yes It will be alright with me for sure,” he answered.

Ann went to work the next day and made several mistakes at the bank and came home a few hours early. When I got home from work she was pacing and nervous.

“He’s so big honey! What if it hurts too much? Omg what are we thinking!!”

Finally the time arrived and so did he. My gawd he was so calm!! So polite! Like he was just there to visit!!

We had some wine.

“We’ve never done anything like this before Alan,” I said

“And you must NEVER tell a soul Alan!!” Ann chimed in.

“I won’t Mrs. ******”

“Omg call me Ann! please!”

We had some more wine until we were as relaxed as possible and decided to go in the bedroom and watch a bit of xxx. Gawd he was so calm and we were so entirely nervous.

A big cock xx was on. Ann was starting to breath heavily. Our sessions were always us making love and talking about big cocks but we didn’t know if we should go there and I said “Ann would you like to lay down with Alan? Why don’t you two lay on the bed and get comfortable”

They lay fully dressed as the xxx played on the big screen.

It was Alan who leaned over to Ann and kissed her.. She let him kiss her. They kissed softly. She looked intoxicated as she allowed it to happen. He undid her shirt very slowly and undid her front snap bra.

I was setting at the foot of the bed. My cock was fully hard. My heart raced.

Ann was letting him do this in front of me. She was quietly allowing this young man to seduce her. Her breasts lay open to him.

Ann moaned in a submissive whisper, “Alan I don’t know what to do. Oh gawd..”

“You are so Pretty Mrs..I mean Ann…you are doing so good”

He took his shirt off and then took her shirt off and hugged her.

They kissed.

Alan slipped Ann’s pants down and my wife lay naked on our bed. She looked at Alan and at me.The moment of truth had arrived.

“Ann you can take my pants off o.k.?”

“Omg I feel so omg naughty!! This is so naughty!!”

“Take them off Ann. I want you to see my cock.”

I watched my nervous wife pull his pants off slowly. The first time in her life she saw a massive cock a real cock. It lay semi-hard on this young mans leg. She gasped “OMG!”

Alan hugged to her bursa eskort again and kissed her and brought her hand to his cock.

“Hold it Ann”

She held it ass they hugged.

What a view! I had never been so aroused in my life and I admit I was aroused by his cock. I wanted to stroke my cock.

“Alan are you o.k. with me undressing?”

“Yes of course. Come lay by your wife she might relax more. Come up with us.”

We all lay with Ann in the middle. I could see her worry. His cock was huge.

“Ann you look more beautiful than I have ever seen you. I have never been more excited in my life. Please honey relax and offer yourself, Please honey.”

She did relax and began to make love very slowly.

Alan got into position to enter her.

“Oh gawd it’s too big Alan. Your cock is too big for me.”

“Open yourself to me Ann.”

She eventually got all of his cock inside her

She didn’t go wild or crazy she just let him take her missionary. She lay willingly.

She gasped many times in erotic tones. Alan tried to make her really get into it but she was passive yet it was still the most erotic thing I will ever see.

She got most excited as he was ready to cum. She had her legs wide in the air.

I think she was worried about me though. I think she wanted to not make me feel inferior I don’t know. I was super hard stroking and finally saw her face good just before he came inside her.

Her eyes were wide with awe and fear and yes love. Deep moans gasps and in a soft audible whisper she finally relented.

“Fuck my pussy Alan please gawd please…ohhhhhh gawd I feel your sperm squirting in me Alan!!”

She collapsed emotionally spent. She turned on her side whimpering.

“Please…Alan please go now please. Please leave us alone.”

“Are you alright? Did I hurt you?”

“No…but please, please go I want to be with my husband.”

He dressed and left making sure all was alright. We assured him it was.

We lay and I stroked Ann’s back as she lay on her side.

“I love you honey. I love you so much,” I whispered.

“Your not mad or jealous?” she asked.

She took my hand in hers and squeezed it. She turned to face me..

“I came so hard when he did I think I passed out honey. His had so much cum.”

“I love you Ann. You were so beautiful.”

We kissed. We were being soft and loving kissing.

I kissed her face and neck and slowly kissed her nipples. They were hard.

I felt her hands stroking my hair as I sucked her nipples gently and then my own shock as I felt the pressure from her hands gently pushing me lower.

She persisted. As I made my way lower she propped herself up on two pillows and watched me go lower. Her legs were opened. I had never seen her pussy so wide.

We didn’t need to speak now. It was clear what she wanted to happen.

She never stopped watching and when my mouth covered her swollen mound…

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