Workplace Blackmail Ch. 01

Austin’s workweek started out pretty typical: extremely busy with meetings, constant problems and paperwork. He supervised a large department of sixty in a company of thousands. In general, he was a very hands off type of boss as long as people got their work done, but lately he’d caught several of his employees goofing off on the internet so he contacted tech support and had a spying software installed so he could read and view what all of his employees were up to. He already had his mind made up that unless someone was spending several hours a day screwing off, he wouldn’t make a big deal of it. Another reason he was willing be to be flexible on this issue was the fact that he was very young to be in the position he was—38 years old—and didn’t want people to start resenting him.

In the first week he found several employees who were abusing their internet privileges, but what caught his interest most were emails being sent by too of his employees: Jennifer and Allison, both in their mid to late twenties, very attractive and office support staff. They were both friends at work and often hanging out together outside of work. In general they both dressed extremely sexy yet professional, skin tight black slacks or skirts one day, nearly transparent blouses that accentuate their breasts the next, high heels, open backed tops, he had slowly learned never to be too surprised just how sexy they’d look at work. But, for the most part he thought they were pretty typical women, college graduates, professional, social etc. that is until he read their emails. Both of them were extremely kinky writing dirty emails to a guy they were seeing, or confessing something they’d recently done to a girlfriend, telling them how last night they’d been blindfolded, tied down and teased and fucked or sucked a guy off at a party in their car, spanked, anal sex, the list went on and on. Jennifer, who was about 5’5 with soft shoulder length hair and a constant tan who wore tall black boots and skirts to work often was currently corresponding with a guy, telling him how much she loved having him cum all over her face after he’d bent her over and pounded her. Austin was hooked, he just kept reading and reading until several hours had gone by and his cock was rock hard. When he passed Allison in the hall, who was wearing a white stripped blouse and tight black slacks that showed her beautiful shape off nicely all he could of was how she’d told her boyfriend how she loved to wait in bed for him to slip into her back door, finding her totally naked and hold her down and have his way with her like an intruder.

For a week or two all he did was read the emails and IM’s until Allison asked Jennifer where she’d been going off to for lunch and she replied how she’d been going out to her car in the parking garage at lunch or on some occasions the file room, sliding her hand in her pants and masturbating thinking of none other than Austin. Allison had said that she’d masturbated and thought about him too, fucking her bent over his big desk, making her do whatever he wanted. He was good looking, athletic, and confident with women but he had to reread the line a couple of times to make sure he wasn’t imagining it. Now he knew he had to come up with a plan to capitalize on what he knew about these girls.

The next morning he called Jennifer into his office and had her shut the door behind her. She had on a pair of cream-colored slacks that hugged her incredible curvy ass and hips and a tight top that showed the shape of her lovely tits, dipping low in the front, showing some cleavage. He handed her a log of all the websites she’d visited during the past few weeks, knowing that it would shock and embarrass her. He told her that IT had started randomly monitoring people and notified managers. He lied and said that he couldn’t read their emails or IM’s just that he could tell how long they’d spent on them. There was no way he wanted to stop reading about all their dirty adventures. He had highlighted several websites where it was obvious they’d been shopping for lingerie, sexy toys, dirty movies or reading erotica. Jennifer’s face got incredibly red and she looked down and just kept saying how embarrassed she was.

“I don’t want to let you go since, I think in general you’re a good worker, but I might not have any choice as a manager,” Austin said.

“I really don’t want to leave either, I love my job and the company is paying for some night classing I’m taking.”

“Instead of making a decision by myself, right this second, I’m actually going to give you a day to think this over and come back to me with a proposal.”

“What type of proposal?” Jennifer asked.

“I want you to think about just what you’re willing bursa escort to do to keep your job and see me first thing in the morning. If it isn’t good enough I’ll have to let you go.”

Jennifer seemed a bit shocked at what he might be proposing but then she nodded and seemed happy with the prospect.

Next he called in Allison who had on a flowing skirt that hugged her hips tightly and a tight top as well. When she turned around to shut his office door he saw one of the straps of her white thong hiked up. It turned on Austin even more knowing what she had on underneath her skirt and also what he had over her head. He laid it all out for Allison the same way as he did for Jennifer only he had another ace over her. Knowing that she’d been masturbating in her car in the garage and the file room he told her that he’d actually walked into the file room one day and saw her masturbating but had quietly backed out because he was totally shocked.

Allison got even more red than Jennifer and said that she’d just bought a condo and couldn’t be unemployed and asked if he could just forget what he’d seen.

“I could but then I’m running the risk of this getting out and then I could fired because I played favoritism,” he said, laying it on like he was above such a thing.

He sensed that Allison was much more willing to do whatever he wanted right then and there and he knew if he had her please him in order to keep her job, Jennifer would come in the next morning ready to do the same.

“I would literally do anything to keep my job Austin,” she said, looking at him, smiling.

“Oh yeah?’


They sat there for a minute looking at each other, Austin’s eyes taking in her beautiful body, wondering who just make the offer first. Then, Allison asked him if he liked catching her masturbating and how long had he watched. He told her he liked it a lot, seeing her with her hand inside her pants, her other hand pressed up against the wall. That’s when she asked if he’d like to watch her please herself right then and there. He said yes and she made sure the door was locked and then moved over to a long flat black leather couch so he could get a good view of her. As she stood next to the couch she unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. Just as he thought she had a gorgeous body, toned legs, a nice curvy ass which looked amazing in her white thong, slipping between the cheeks of her ass. She lay down on the couch, facing him, running her fingers over the crotch of her panties before sliding her hand inside, rubbing herself. Austin’s cock was instantly hard, pushing against his boxer briefs.

“Push aside your thong for me,’ he said and she gladly did so, giving him a perfect view of her trimmed pubic hair and smooth velvet pussy lips which were getting wetter by the second. She motioned for him to come and sit closer and he did, moving his chair right next to her.

“Do you want to take your cock our and stroke it for me?” Allison asked.

He unzipped his slacks, pulling his cock out, teasing the head with his finger, rubbing the wetness all over. She watched him stroking and teasing himself while she rubbed her pussy faster. She licked and bit her lips and he remembered from her emails that she loved sucking cock. Austin leaned forward and pushed two fingers in her mouth pumping them in and out of her like she was deep throating his cock, stroking himself in sync with her movements. She began to moan and wiggled even more. She looked up at him and he knew she wanted to suck him so he kneeled over her, offering his hard cock to her lips. She didn’t waste a second before she was holding his cock with one hand, stroking her pussy and clit with her other, sucking and pumping him between her lips. The more and more he sucked the more she got into it wanting him to fill her mouth, placing one of her hands on his belt pulling him into her. He began fucking her mouth, looking down between her legs spread wide open, watching this beautiful woman play with her pussy for him. One of his hands made its way inside her shirt and bra, pinching and stroking her nipple, the other pulling her hair lightly, making her fill her mouth with every inch of his cock. AS he felt himself getting closer he remembered back to one of her emails where she’d told a man she was seeing how hot it made her to have him explode all over her face, feeling his warm, creamy cum explode all over her. It had made her feel a bit slutty and she loved it. With this thought in mind, one hand stroking her nipple, admiring her with her legs wide open, nearly ripping her own thong off rubbing her clit and pumping and grinding her hips in the air like he was fucking her pussy he pulled out of bursa escort bayan her mouth, his cock soaking wet from her saliva and stroked himself over her. Allison knew what was going to happen in a few seconds and she responded by positioning her body so he could cover her, sliding down on the couch, licking his balls. Austin felt his cock spasm, pulsing intensely as he watched his explode all over Allison’s beautiful face. She moaned out that she loved it and wanted his cum all over her. As he stood there, catching his breath, he watched Allison cum, moaning and wiggling all over his couch as she licked her lips, tasting him. They sat next to each other on the couch and he told her that that was a good start but that she still owed him.

“I tell you what, how about the next time I get horny on my lunch hour you take care of my problem for me?”

“That sounds like a good arrangement. Next time thought I’m going to fuck more than your mouth,” he said and she smiled, cleaning his cum off of her, zipping her skirt back up and fixing herself before returning to work.

With that Allison left. He knew that she would tell Jennifer what she did in order to keep her job that way she’d come in the next morning prepared to fuck him. He checked their email and IM’ing and just as he thought Allison told Jennifer everything. Jennifer responded that she’d actually been brainstorming things like taking a pay cut or working unpaid to make up the time and not fucking him but that she would gladly fuck him. Jennifer responded to Allison’s confession of what had happened by saying her pussy was dripping wet now and that she wished she could go in and see him right then. Reading that Austin considered having her come in but he wanted to savor the moment and besides his cock was still tingling and sensitive from Allison’s lovely and skilled mouth.

The next morning Austin couldn’t wait to see Jennifer. When she arrived she had on a pair of her tight black slacks and a long sleeve shirt. She locked the door behind her walked over to the chair that was facing his desk and without a word slipped her shirt off and then unzipped her pants, slipping them off, leaving them on the chair. Her body had a nice even, natural tan like she sunbathed baked often. Next her black lace bra and panties came off, teasingly slow, giving him a nice view of her body as she went. When she slipped her black lace bikini panties off she bent over, giving him a nice view of her ass. Now she was standing in only a pair of calf length boots. She placed one of her legs up on the chair like she was stretching, giving him a view of everything. Austin let his eyes wander up and down her body, taking in every inch of her smooth, soft flesh. She only had a tiny triangle of pubic hair above her pussy, large nipples with tips like erasers like they were hard most the time.

“Is this a good enough proposal?” Jennifer said.

“It’s a good start,” he replied, “now come over here and show me if you suck cock better than your friend.”

She walked around his desk, spinning him around in his chair, kneeling between his legs, unzipping his pants, taking his cock in her hand and a split second later her mouth. Slowly she worked his cock in and out of her mouth, her full large lips pumping over the smooth sensitive skin of his shaft, making him wetter and wetter with every pump. She slurped more when she sucked him than Allison he thought, and didn’t take him as deep but her smooth soft tongue felt like silk when she was licking all over his cock. From time to time she’d slow things down, kissing all over the head of his cock making sure he had a good view of the action. As she sucked him he reached down between her legs and began teasing her pussy with his finger, tracing up and down her wet lips. She moved around so she was standing over him, draped over his lap taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him fast and hard, so he would be in a better position to play with her pussy and admire her ass. The more he played with her pussy the wetter she got, until she slide his cock out of her mouth and kissed him deep and hard. He could taste his cock spread all over her lips and tongue, which turned him on even more. Gripping her smooth hair, holding her right where he wanted, letting her know he could kiss her and control her body as long as he wanted.

“Fuck me now,’ he said.

She slid his pants down around his ankles and straddled him with her arms wrapped around his neck for support, guiding his cock inside of her. With both hands he gripped her curvy ass as she sat down on feeling his cock spread her apart. They both let out a gasp as she worked him in and out of her pussy. He could feel görükle escort bayan her wetness dripping down the shaft of his cock and all over his balls, even making his thighs wet. He loved how wet she was and wanted to spend all day with his cock and balls soaking wet from her. After a while she was unable to fuck him as fast as he wanted and he gripped her, picking her up and laying her across the face of the desk, her legs spread wide apart, her boots still on. He began slamming her, his balls slapping her pussy and ass, leaning over to suck her beautiful nipples in his mouth one at a time. As he grinded his cock deep in her pussy, back and forth, then fucking her hard and shallow, mixing up his rhythm he remembered from her emails that she loved her ass played with and fucked so he slipped a wet finger in her ass, pushing deeper and deeper as he pounded away. He could feel the pressure from his cock against his finger, which was buried in her ass. She moaned out for him to fuck her anyway he wanted. It took him all of about two seconds to decide to fuck her ass, so he slid out of her and positioned her on the black couch, kneeling on the floor, with her ass in the air. She was occupying the very same spot Allison had sat only the day before, legs spread wide apart rubbing her pussy for him while he fucked her mouth. The image of Allison came to him over and over even as he had this incredible woman bent over, his cock oiled up with some lube he had slipped in his pocket before leaving that morning. He slowly guided the swollen head of his cock inside her smooth ass as she reached back and began teasing her clit. Slow and steady he began pumping his cock in and out of her ass, feeling her tightly gripping his cock. He ran his hands all over her beautiful back, down her hips and ass, stroking her skin, enjoying the feeling of her smooth flesh under his fingertips as he held her body down, letting her know he was going to fuck her the way she liked to be fucked. Then, he remembered something else he knew turned Jennifer on: she loved being talked dirty to.

“Do you know what I did to Allison on this same couch?” he asked.

“No I don’t,” she said, not having a clue that he knew she knew everything, obviously just wanting to hear it again while being fucked.

“I made her suck my cock while she played with her pussy.”

She moaned, pushing back on him, wanting more of his cock in her ass, while she rubbed her swollen clit. He wondered if she liked picturing her friend sucking him, playing with her pussy not just because it was naughty but because she too wanted to fool around with Allison.

She asked what else he did to her and he told her he fucked her mouth and came all over her face while she fucked herself. She moaned and wiggled even more at that gasping. He could tell that turned her on. He began steadily pumping her ass, gripping her cheeks, spreading her apart, running his hands all over her body.

“Do you like thinking about Allison sucking my cock right on this very same couch?’

“Yeah,” she moaned out, taking more of his cock, rubbing her clit faster and harder, arching her back, pushing her face against the cool leather of the couch. She said that she wished she could have been there to suck his cock at the same time and watch him cum all over her face and then lick him clean. The thought of that was such a turn on, especially hearing Jennifer say it herself, that he felt his cock tingling, on the verge of exploding.

“Oh god, I’m so close,” he said.

“Cum all over my ass,” she moaned out.

He slowly slipped out of her ass and stroked himself all over her ass, spanking her while he watched wave after wave of his cum shoot out all over the smooth skin of her ass. With every drop of his cum all over her he leaned over and began kissing her deep and hard, slipping his finger in her ass, fucking her with it just like he had with his cock knowing she was also on the verge. A second later she was squirming and gripping him, biting his lip feeling her contract around his finger as she came. Afterwards he stroked her body, admiring it, watching her put her bra back on. When she went to slip her black lace panties on he grabbed them away.

“I’m going to keep these for a day or two, you can have them back after I’ve stroked my cock in them, how does that sound?’

“I like knowing you’ll do that,’ she said with a smile.

He sat there watching her zip her tight pants back up, fixing herself just like Allison had after he fucked her.

“For the record, you’re not off the hook yet, you know that right?”

“Yes, Austin, I do.”

She was smiling when she said it. A few minutes later she was IM’ing Allison telling her everything that had happened, how she’d sucked him, ridden him, been spread out across his desk and fucked her ass. Allison said, “That’s so hot, I can’t wait to fuck him too!”

Austin spent the rest of his morning and afternoon daydreaming about what else to do with his two little office hotties…

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