Yes, Sensei!

It was a Friday night and Alana’s Tae-Kwon-Do lesson had just ended. It was the last one for the evening so everyone was packing up and heading out. A few days back, Alana had hurt her ankle during one of the work-out sessions and now she was taking a few moments to ice it, just in case. She was sitting in one of the chairs next to the far mirrored wall, her foot propped up on another as she gingerly set the ice pack on her ankle and then sat back to wait a bit, her eyes glancing over those few that still remained. The last remaining students from her class were heading out the door so the only ones that really remained were the owner, Mr. Reid, and Alana’s class in instructor, Vu.

Glancing down at her ankle again, she was suddenly surprised when she looked up again to see Mr. Reid standing there with a concerned look on his face. “Hi Mr. Reid,” she offered with a smile as her fingers continued to press down the ice pack.

“How’s the ankle, Alana?” he asked, moving closer to look at it. “It doesn’t look swollen.”

“Its better, Mr. Reid … just taking an extra precaution.”

“Such a wise girl you are, Alana,” he said, with a smile. He reached out to gently grasp her shoulder as he added, “You are progressing nicely with your studies. I’m glad to see you taking care of your ankle as not to interfere with your progress.”

Alana couldn’t help but smile at his words, encouraged to know that he was proud of her progress. “Thank you, Mr. Reid.”

“Vu has had nothing but good things to say about you,” the man added, following Alana’s sudden glance in her instructor’s direction. Alana’s gaze suddenly fell on the handsome young man from across the room. She could feel her heart flutter just to hear the older man’s words. She had spent weeks trying to impress her handsome young instructor. She could feel the pat on her shoulder, her gaze suddenly moving back to the older man with a soft blush kissed to her cheeks. “Well, I have to go now. Vu will be closing tonight so hang around as long as you need to. It’s important that you take care of your ankle first.”

Alana smiled at him. “Thank you, Mr. Reid. I promise not to rush and good night!” Her voice trailed off as the old man quickly moved back across the room and out the door, leaving her alone with her instructor.

Her green gaze followed his every move as her ice pack tingled on her dainty ankle. She watched him put items up, stacking them around the mirrored walls that surrounded 3/4ths of the open room and then shutting down most of the lights and locking the door, leaving Alana bathed in soft shadowy light as she gingerly reached down, taking off the ice pack and examining her ankle.

She felt his presence before she actually glanced up to see Vu standing over her, his arms crossed over the wide expanse of his bared chest. He was only dressed in his white instructor pants with the black belt tied around his tapered waist. Alana couldn’t help but glance over his hard body all the way down to his tanned, bared feet.

“How’s the ankle?” he asked, squatting beside where she sat, his onyx eyes turning to the ice pack on her ankle. Nimble fingers reached out to pluck the ice pack away and then gently, carefully examined her ankle.

Alana could feel a heated blush start to kiss her cheeks at his simple touch. She had to stop a moment and gain control of the sudden flutter of butterflies in her belly, licking her suddenly dry lips before she could answer him. “It’s okay … I’m just being careful,” she said finally, looking at him for a moment before their gazes locked.

Vu smiled gently at her, his fingers still caressing her ankle as they sat there like that a moment, neither one of them speaking. Alana wanted to say something but was so afraid of breaking this moment with him so she simply smiled, lowering her gaze as she reached out to take the ice pack from his hands. “I think it’s going to be okay,” she whispered.

Then Vu did something that completely took Alana off-guard as he had never given any indication of seeing anything in her except one of his students. As his fingers closed gently around her ankle, his other hand lifted gently to her face, his fingers sliding up around her ear and temple as he leaned close to her … so close that she could inhale the mere scent of him. Just before his lips claimed her in a soft kiss, he whispered back, “I agree.”

Alana couldn’t help but blink a little at the kiss. As many times as she had imagined him doing that very thing, she was still shocked the one time he actually did. Her eyes melded with his, somewhat wide and then she realized that he was looking at her, gauging her reaction and she smiled, emerald eyes twinkling a bit.

That was all the indication Vu needed as he pressed his lips gently to hers again, keeping his hand against her soft cheek. Alana felt a flutter beginning in the pit of her belly as his lips covered hers again and reflexively she reached out gently to press her own hand to his hard chest. She relished this moment görükle escort bayan with him, the feel of his lips exploring hers before he leaned back a bit to look at her, a smile appearing on his inviting lips.

Again, Alana suddenly felt like she should say something but all she could do was look at him, her eyes seeming to search his momentarily as if to ask where he was going with this, but quite honestly, she didn’t really care. All that mattered was this moment with him, alone. She couldn’t help but tremble slightly as one of his hands moved to the back of her head, pressing gently but insistently as his lips dipped in once again to claim her in a soft kiss, his other hand leaving her ankle to pull her close into his arms. Alana’s foot slowly moved from the other chair to the floor and in that moment, Vu pulled her slowly upright, his arms enfolding her in the strong circle of his embrace. Alana could feel her body relax some as she leaned into him, her fingers splaying out over the wide expanse of his bared chest as her lips seemed to mold magically to his.

Vu looked into Alana’s eyes, giving her another smile as he whispered, “I was wondering when I might get a chance to catch you alone.”

Alana smiled gently, hearing his words as he looked at her, hardly believing her ears but at the same time, thrilled to find that he felt the same way about her. Tilting her head slightly with a smile, she said, “All you had to do was ask.”

Vu simply smile and pulled her closer, his lips claiming hers again in a soft kiss. He could have sworn that her lips tasted sweet … like wild berries and he sipped from her slowly, savoring their softness, the way they felt so perfect against his. His tongue dipped out for a taste, just enough to send a shiver up her spine. One hand lazily trailed from her back around her ribcage and he could feel her tense up, a tremble apparent in her flesh as his hand covered one of her breasts, giving it a gentle squeeze.

Alana’s body reacted naturally as her back arched, pressing her breast more into his palm as her tongue slid out to brush against his. She could feel her nipples hardening in his palms as his fingers explored and then cupped her breast as his tongue licked at hers and then drew it into the warmth of his mouth. Her lips parted naturally and she couldn’t help but moan as he gently sucked on her tongue and she could feel her nipples tingle from that one simple thing.

Vu slid his tongue slowly over and then underneath her tongue as his fingers found a hard bud, rolling it between his fingers through her shirt. He could feel Alana shudder in his arms involuntarily and he knew that she couldn’t control her body’s responses. Pulling back a bit, his other hand moved from her back to her face once more, brushing his thumb gently across her sweet and now swollen lips. God, he wanted her more than anyone in a long time. The way she reacted in his arms, the way he had seen her watch him in class … he knew that she wanted this as much as he did and finally, tonight, he would have her.

His hand drifted down to slide up underneath her half shirt where he encountered her sports bra and with a low growl, slowly started to guide her back against the mirrored wall. She looked so damn fine in her tight work out shorts and half shirt. He was going to go crazy if he didn’t get her naked soon. He could tell by the shortness of her breath and the hardened tips of her nipples that she was as hot for him as he was for her.

Their tongues continued dueling in an intricate pattern as they kissed. Alana’s lips parted even more as her fingers pressed into Vu’s back, drawing him closer than before. She couldn’t help but moan as she felt his hands slowly side down from beneath her shirt only to rest them in the small of her back, pulling her closer to him as his tongue continued to lay claim to her mouth. She could feel the hardness of his bulge press out through his loose pants against her hard thigh. And then she gasped softly into his mouth as she felt his fingers curl around the edge of her shirt and slowly begin to lift it upwards, his mouth dragging from her lips to whisper, “Raise your arms.”

Alana obeyed, her whole body trembling slightly as her arms lifted. Her nipples were coiled into tight buds beneath the sports bra as he tossed aside the shirt and then repeated the same process with her bra until her full breasts and achingly tight nipples were exposed. She groaned, her head falling back as she felt Vu grab hold of her breasts with both hands to squeeze them together gently, his dark head lowering to suck one of her hard nubs into his warm mouth. Her eyes closed as she felt his lips lay claim to the aching point, back arching some as if to offer them more to his hungry caress. Alana’s hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they laced behind his head, pulling him closer to her swollen mounds.

Vu reached down with one hand as his mouth sucked eagerly on one of her hard nipples, hungry to taste altıparmak eskort every inch of her. His fingers curled into the waistband of her workout shorts and he tugged. He could feel Alana respond in turn by wiggling as he pulled until they pooled at her feet. His hand drifted upwards to feel that she had gone commando beneath the shorts and grabbed a handful of her bare ass.

Alana could feel him pull away from her heated breast and watched him from half-lowered lashes as his other hand moved to cup her ass firmly. As he slowly dug his fingers into her quivering flesh, she could feel her velveteen tongue slowly slide out to moisten her lips. She could still taste his kiss! A soft moan erupted from her slightly parted lips as her hips moved forward reflexively from the motion of his hands rubbing her ass. She could feel a warmth creep from her belly to between her thighs as her own fingers curled to pull him closer. Vu’s hands rode smoothing down between the crack of her ass, sending a responsive shiver down Alana’s back as her own fingers trailed down over the wide expanse of his shoulders … down his back to splay in an open invitation as her body seemed to mold against his.

Vu used his fingers to slowly spread her ass cheeks, feeling the warmth from her body as she pressed it so intimately against his and knew that he would finally have her. He inclined his head to softly kiss on her neck, hearing her moan as her head tilted to the side, giving his mouth better access. He breathed in her sweet scent, a low groan erupting from his own throat as her nails gently grazed the flesh on his well-muscled back. He could feel his cock twitch in the loose confines of his pants as Alana’s right leg moved against his, sliding upwards to open her to him as his fingers dug into the heart-shaped curve of her delectable ass. He had seen her shake it for weeks, wanting nothing more than to reach out and grab hold of it. And now, finally, he had his chance.

Moving one hand around the curve of her hip, over her thigh that was hooked around his leg, he could feel the warmth of her innermost being permeate the small space between them. He was drawn in, his fingers searching until they made contact with moist, swollen lips and he moaned, reaching for another kiss as his finger slid in between her lips to toy at her wet entrance.

Alana moaned helplessly, her body trembling as his finger pushed up inside her wet cunt. Her nails grazed his skin as her head lowered, her hungry mouth closing in on his muscled shoulder and she nipped in rhythm with her hips as they began to move. She could feel his lips continue their assault on the flesh of her neck as his finger slowly began to slide in and out of her cunt only to hold it deep inside, moving it around slowly and then sliding it back out. She moaned, her hips pushing up so that his finger could shove deeper within her. Her teeth grazed his shoulder as her passion began to take flight and her nails traveled further down his back.

Vu had to lift his head and look at her. She was so full of passion and he had been right about her. There was something within him and that knew that she would fuck like a minx. She was beautiful in every way … he watched her groan and thrust her hips forward. He felt her fingers trailing down his spine to his ass, her nails scratching at it before digging in. Then her gaze locked with his momentarily before his lips caught hers once again in a searing kiss. He drank hungrily from her lips as his one hand squeezed her ass, the other lost between the heat of her inner thighs, his fingers sliding, thrusting into her wet cunt.

Alana groaned against Vu’s lips, her tongue thrusting deep into his mouth before she caught his lower lip, sucking it in with an uncontrollably shiver. He was so delicious! She could stay like this forever, lost in the sensation of his tongue slowly sliding back and forth between their lips. Her soft moans rumbled around her attempts to capture his tongue once again in her mouth.

As Alana whimpered softly, Vu shoved his finger suddenly all the way up inside her tight snatch. His tongue shoved deep into her mouth, fucking her completely with both until she trembled uncontrollably in his arms. It was obvious she was ready to be fucked as he added another finger, shoving them deep to tickle against her g-spot as she sucked hungrily on his tongue. Slowly, he let go of her ass, his hand coming around between them to tug and pull at his belt until it dropped to the floor. Taking Alana’s hand, he pushed it down into his pants so that she could feel what she was doing to him.

Alana’s helpless groan filled the air as she felt his hardened length against her fingers, her cunt clamping down on his two fingers that continued to slowly fuck her into madness. Her fingers brazenly stroked his cock before using both hands to push his pants the rest of the way down, freeing it completely to spring free, stiff and glistening with precum as his fingers continued nilüfer escort to plunge into her moist depths.

Vu couldn’t help but think just how nice and tight her wet pussy felt as it surrounded his two fingers, pushing them deep just to hold them inside her. He felt her moan deep in the recesses of his mouth as her fingers curled around his throbbing hardness. She began to pull on it gently, stroking it as she sucked hungrily on his tongue probing her sweet mouth. Her right leg tightened over his hip, pressing forward with her hips as if to invite him to take what he knew was crying out for relief through the moist heat that threatened to envelop him. Slowly pulling out his fingers, Vu reached up to grab the back of her long hair pulled tight into a ponytail. Gently he began to pull her down in front of him, keeping his hand on the back of her head as she moaned helplessly.

Alana could feel her cunt lurch in sudden want as she was pushed gently to her knees. Her fingers tightened around his cock, stroking it as her jade green eyes suddenly feel to the glistening head. It seemed to swell before her gaze as she felt Vu’s hand slowly bring her head towards it. Her soft moan was followed by lips that parted naturally and a velveteen tongue that darted out for a taste as his strong hand kept hold of her hair. Trembling slightly, her mouth captured him within its mouth heat and formed a tight vise as her hand continued to stroke him, igniting his own passion to match hers.

Drawing him deeper into her mouth, Alana slowly began to suck in time with her stroking hand, relishing the taste of his precum that was beginning to leak out onto her tongue. She could feel Vu pushing his cock slowly, deeper into her mouth as his hips began to thrust forward. She moaned against his hard length, drawing it in as her tongue pressed up against the underside, stroking it in time with each motion of her lips that held him tight inside her hungry mouth.

Vu’s fingers splayed out more against the back of her head, feeling a slight shudder as her head began to bob up and down, moving on his cock as her gaze moved up to his face. His eyes looked down into hers, watching her suck him off as she watched his face, knowing she was enjoying it almost as much as he was. He could hear a soft purr erupting from her mouth, sending a rippling vibration through the head as her tongue continued to press into the large veil that pulsed blood up towards the engorged head.

“Mmmmm, that’s it baby,” he encouraged as she fed on his cock. Her mouth looked so god-damned beautiful sliding up and down his thick shaft, making it throb even more. As she began to suck him deeper into her mouth, Vu knew that he had to put an end to this or he would cum long before he wanted to.

Grabbing hold of her hair, he gently pulled back some, watching in delight as his cock slowly came sliding out of her hungry little mouth. She seemed to fight it some, moaning as he withdrew it and he could feel her fingers reaching out for him, as if wanting more. He helped her stand on shaky legs, watching her tongue dart out over her lips as her fingers continued to glide up the throbbing hardness of his cock.

Alana whimpered softly as he leaned it to kiss her once more, his tongue thrusting hungrily into her mouth before he slowly turned her around and bent her forward some at an angle. She couldn’t help but gasp as he took control of her slender hands and pressed them against the mirrored wall and Alana moaned as she saw their reflection. Vu was standing, in all his naked glory, right behind her as her fingers splayed wide. She watched him, as if it were being played in slow motion, pulling the band from her hair, releasing her crimson tresses to fall like a waterfall of fire down her bared spine. She trembled as he slid his hands smoothly down her arms to her shoulders, rubbing them gently for a moment before sliding them along her sides only to grab the curve of her hips. And before Alana could react, he went down on his knees behind her, his hands still locked onto her hips as he pulled her towards him. She shuddered, a helpless groan erupting as he leaned into her and slid his wet tongue slowly back and forth between her legs.

“Ohhhhh,” she cried out as Vu pressed his tongue up against her wet cunt and repeatedly slid it back and forth. She cried out softly, her fingers curling against the mirrored wall as his hands slid down to her ass, spreading her cheeks some as her head fell forward. Her lips parted a she began to gasp deeply, her legs stiffening as her ass pushed back, opening her cunt for further exploration of his probing tongue.

Alana thought she was going to die right there. It was so erotic to watch him eat her out from behind as she stood before the mirrored wall. She could see his hands clench on her ass and his chin dip beneath her cunt before his tongue pressed deep into her clenching walls. Helpless moans accompanied Alana’s movements as her back arched slightly to push back to Vu’s open mouth. She could see her own nipples harden in the mirror as they ached in desperate desire. She could feel the steady flow of her own hot nectar seeping onto his tongue as she shuddered beneath his continued onslaught on her quivering cunt in preparation for that moment that he took her completely.

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