Your sammich maker; my fuck-pig!

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Wank Gough, aka ‘The Goughster’ here, with some guidelines to help all you WASPs (White Ango-Saxon protestants) out there fulfil your cuckold status.

Now, as I’m all about the love, here’s a little warning: tetchy WASPs who don’t think they’re natural and willing cuckolds might want to stop reading here, as you’re likely to not be able to cope with ideas wider than your mind is capable of.

In other words this submission contains themes of cuckoldry, so for those readers who burst a blood vessel at such themes, I’d recommend you stop reading now.

For the rest of you, I believe I might be hearing a few of you shout;

“But Wank I don’t wanna be a cuckold!”

Well, little fella; All white married men are potential cuckolds.

“Why’s that, Wank?”

You haven’t been paying attention, have you, little fella? When we’re finished here, run along and read:

Goughster explains: ‘Loving Wives’

Goughster explains: ‘Your Wedding’

Goughster explains: ‘WASPs and Signs’

Goughster explains: ‘Misogyny’

… and then you’ll be ed’i’cated!

But, for now, I’ll help you out with a little preface:

Well, all white married men are potential cuckolds for a few reasons:

1.Because they’re married; you can’t be a cuck unless you’re married. Why’d they get married unless they wanted to take a step nearer to cuckoldry?

2.Because many WASPs are self-satisfied, smug and complacent and so neglect their wives who then become desperate for a real fucking rather than the insipid and uninspired weekly sympathy fuck they allow their hub Mcgubb.

“But my marriage isn’t like that, Wank!”

Hahaha, little fella! So you don’t think your sweet loving sammich maker wife is craving for a good, hard fucking from a man who will treat her inner fuck-pig like it deserves?

Hell, maybe you’re right; and maybe fuck-pigs will fly!

Anyway, we can’t trust your perspective on your loving wife, little fella; you went and married the fuck-pig, which goes to show you don’t understand women at all, so just read these guidelines and maybe they’ll help you help your darling sammich maker become the best white trash fuck-pig she can be!

Hell, print ’em out and read ’em to the fuck-pig, but don’t blame me if its cock-socket feels like a drooling horse chewing oats when you finish reading and check it for signs of arousal.

First off, you gotta dig the philosophy, so open your mind real wide, little fella and suck it up:

I: My (and so your) philosophy:

Muslims adopt the term ‘Haya’ which for your purposes we can translate as bashfulness, decency, diffidence, honour, humility, inhibition, modesty, self-respect, shame, shyness, timidity. It’s an Arabic word that means ‘natural or inherent, shyness and a sense of modesty’

Haya encourages Muslims to avoid anything considered to be distasteful or abominable. The haya that every human being is born with is seen as something to be treasured.

To this end Islam has a dress code for both women and men.

Its purpose is to protect our society as a whole and promote modest dressing and behaviour. It allows us to conduct our lives with modesty, dignity and respect.

Your loving wife, as my white trash fuck-pig is not permitted ‘haya’, or more accurately, its ‘haya’ will be its sacrifice for my amusement.

It will never, ever consider its bashfulness, decency, diffidence, honour, humility, inhibition, modesty, self-respect, shame, shyness or timidity as relevant over my commands.

Well, I’ve kept that nice and simple… short too; try and keep up, little fella!

Next let’s have a look at how your darling sammich maker is gonna dress to earn my big cock!

II: Your wife’s dress code as my white trash fuck-pig:

a)General concepts:

Islam holds women in very high esteem and the Islamic rules of covering are intended to protect and guard her dignity and honour.

Your loving wife is not to consider itself a woman when serving me; it is my white trash fuck-pig, and so the dress code we apply to women to protect their dignity, will be reversed for it as my white trash fuck-pig.

The word used most often in regard to covering is hijab. Below are the most well-known sayings concerning the subject of hijab;

‘Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the Maltepe Olgun Escort believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies. That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed.’


‘Say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and protect their private parts (from sins); and they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what appear thereof…’

So, as the opposite of a respectable woman; a white trash fuck-pig, we need to invert these sayings to apply them to you:

‘Tell your white trash fuck-pig to unveil its body. That will be better, that it should be known (as a white trash fuck-pig) to be used and abused for my amusement… thereof.’


‘Say to the white trash fuck-pig that it should gaze admiringly and display its private parts and should display its beauty and ornaments to objectify itself sexually.’

Okay, again; nice, simple and short; probably like you see your darling sammich maker. Let’s see how these general concepts apply to you dressing your wife to be my white trash fuck-pig:

b) Particulars of its dress code:

1. For women: The hijab (covering) must conceal the entire body except the face and the hands.

So, for your loving wife as my white trash fuck-pig: It’s covering must give access to the entire body, including face and hands.

So, when you’re helping it get ready for its time with me, it’s face had better be uncovered; I want the world to know your wife is my white trash fuck-pig.

But, besides that, there should be no part of your darling sammich maker’s body I can’t immediately access, so you’re gonna have to think this through, little fella:

There’s obvious things like no panties or bras of course.

But what if I want to shove my finger up your loving wife’s ass when you drop her off? Yeah, that skirt better be short enough to give me full access, little fella.

And don’t forget the less obvious areas; what if I want to fuck her arm-pit? No sleeves, eh?

You getting it yet, little fella?

I mean, I don’t wanna stifle your creativity, but ya gotta think these things through. Like shoes; it just ain’t gonna be wearing any.

Anyway, just think it over and try your best. I’ll only bitch-slap you for each thing ya get wrong; to help ya learn, ya understand!

2. For women: It should not be translucent or tight. Tight clothes, even if they conceal the colour of the skin, still describe the size and shape of the body or part of it, and create vivid images.

So, for your loving wife as my white trash fuck-pig: It should only wear translucent or tight clothing. It should reveal as much skin as possible, regardless of weather, and display its size and shape of its body to objectify it as a sex object.

Alrighty then; taking this rule alongside your first one; your darling sammich maker’s basically gonna be in a bikini top and a tight mini-skirt as far as I can see.

But feel free to vary in accordance with the rules; variety is the spice of life, little fella, and I’ll just bitch-slap you if you get it wrong!

3. For women: It should not attract the attention of the opposite gender; thus, it should not be extravagant or excessively opulent. Nor should jewellery and makeup be on display.

So, for your loving wife as my white trash fuck-pig: It should ensure it attracts the attention of the opposite gender as a sexualised object. It should present as extravagant and excessively opulent. It should display excessive jewellery, piercings and make-up.

You’re gonna have to help your darling sammich maker to talk loud and dumb. Those skimpy outfits should be luminous pink or other gawdy colours.

Take it to get pierced; everywhere; pussy, nipples, belly button. Use rhinestones they look sparkly and help with your darling sammich maker’s fuck-pig bimbo presentation. You can get butt-plugs that light up; think blue-sky, little fella; I wanna see your wife presented to amuse me by her degrading presentation.

I’ll add here too, for the sake of completeness; get your wife tattooed regularly; begin with my initials ‘WG’ and move on to ‘fuck-pig’ ‘SLUT’ etc. I’m not too fussy as long as they’re demeaning and make me laugh!

4. For women: It should not be a garment worn because Maltepe Sarışın Escort of vanity or to gain popularity or fame.

So, for your loving wife as my white trash fuck-pig: It should dress to be sexually objectified.

The point here is for you to help your darling sammich maker understand she’s not being the sexless frump you married, but is performing purely as an object for my amusement and sexual gratification.

One way of looking at it is for you both to think of your darling sammich maker as having different levels:

It has a body: Adorned, displayed and presented for my amusement and pleasure. Well done, little fella.

It has a mind: That’s for you to bother with, little fella. You’re the hubbs Mcgubbs. Why the fuck would I want to hear its opinions and thoughts? Teach it to keep those precious thoughts all for you, hubbs mcgubbs.

It has feelings: Again, not interested. You tend to those too, hubbs mcgubbs; I’m sure your darling sammich maker will find some of the submissive shit I make it do quite trying, so you’ll be doing a great job being there as a shoulder for it to cry on.

5. For women: It should not be perfumed. This prohibition applies to both the body and the clothes.

So, for your loving wife as my white trash fuck-pig: It should oil its displayed flesh and wear excessive perfume to attract sexual attention.

Yeah, so as well as the skimpy outfit, ya might wanna oil the fuck-pig up before ya dress it. Feel free to use glitter oil; the more like a ridiculous sex object it looks, the happier I’ll be with you and your darling sammich maker; Happy me = less bitch-slaps for you!

Alrighty then; so that’s your wife’s dress code explained for ya; as long as you help your darling sammich maker turn up with most of her flesh bared, oiled, perfumed and have her only act as an objectified, bimbo fuck-pig, you can consider yourself bitch-slap free!

… Well, maybe just one or two to help ya know ya place!

III: Rules for your wife (my white trash fuck-pig)

Your role here, white boi cucky, is to help your darling sammich maker understand that the dynamics of pig trainer: fuck pig are not the same as sammich maker: hubbs mcgubbs.

It’s 1st rule as my fuck-pig is: It is responsible for what I do.

Ya need to help your wife understand that what she does causes reactions in me, which are her responsibility. This ain’t like your allegedly ‘equal’ marriage of respecting each other, it’s about your wife approaching her pig-trainer with awe and respect, and me approaching you and your wife with contempt.

I’ll give ya a couple of examples to help ya out, little fella:

Okay, let’s say you manage to get your darling sammich maker to me on time and dressed in a luminous pink bikini top and a ridiculously short pink tutu skirt. Other than that, your wife’s naked; no shoes, every inch of her exposed flesh glistening in oil and glitter, dripping perfume, her face made-up like a whore and her body decorated with rhinestone piercings, gawdy bracelets, armlets and anklets, and she greets me by lifting up the hem of her tutu to display her shaved cock-socket.

Well, now: I’m a happy pig-trainer. Ya should be proud little fella. As it’s done well and managed to follow the dress code, I respond favourably; instead of punishing the fuck-pig I might shove a finger up its oiled ass and spit in its mouth… ‘cos I’m generous like that.

So, you can fuck off and me and the fuck-pig go for a drink. We’re sitting at the bar and I’ve ordered your wife to splay its thighs and I’m fingering its desperate cock-socket when a prettier woman walks by in a short-skirt and I wolf-whistle at her.

Now, if you did that your darling sammich maker might be hurt, upset, think your behaviour was inappropriate. So, what’s different here, little fella? No? Okay, I’ll help ya out:

Remember the different levels of the sammich maker? I don’t care about its feelings or its thoughts, so they really shouldn’t come into it. You’ve got to help your wife learn to offer her body unconditionally without the emotional and mental crap you suffer as her hubbs mcgubbs. It’s really in her best interest, little fella:

Imagine if she closed her splayed thighs without permission just because the prettier woman came across. Yeah, I know; probably make the Maltepe Şişman Escort sentence fit the crime and make her bring herself off with a bottle while the prettier woman laughs at her.

Ya getting it: the fuck-pig is responsible for what I do.

If instead, when the prettier woman came over, your darling sammich maker kept her oily thighs spread wide and greeted the woman with a perky “Hi! I’m a fuck-pig please hate me!” then I’d be all happy and not punish your wife at all. Rule number 1: the fuck-pig is responsible for what I do.

Its 2nd rule as my fuck-pig is: It saying no to me is a hate crime.

Nice and simple, but I’ll explain it for ya; we don’t want ya getting bitch-slapped into next week now, do we, little fella?

Remember my relationship as pig-trainer: fuck-pig doesn’t extend to your wife’s feelings and thoughts. All your darling sammich maker has to do is to prioritise my orders over her own dignity, self-esteem, preferences etc. Remember the philosophy part of your training, little fella; your wife when she’s my fuck-pig has no rights to bashfulness, decency, diffidence, honour, humility, inhibition, modesty, self-respect, shame, shyness, timidity.

Help your darling wife to understand she must simply obey without question.

As an example: Some of my female friends will likely hate your wife for presenting as a white-trash fuck-pig and so naturally will want to vent their contempt. That’s fine; it’ll amuse me too, but say my friends want to bite off your wife’s nipple. Regardless of whether my friends do or not, you need to ensure your wife would respond by enthusiastically offering her nipple to my friends. It’s not just never saying no; it’s actively trying to help things along. Help your wife understand a fuck-pig should be useful as well as compliant.

Its 3rd rule as my fuck-pig is: It speaking for itself is exclusionary and selfish.

Now that’s not to say fuck-pig can’t talk, ya gotta grasp the subtleties here, little fella!

What ya got to help your darling sammich maker understand is it can speak, but only to further the purposes of objectifying, humiliating or degrading itself.

So, nobody wants to hear her opinions… well, except you hubbs mcgubbs… or her needs or preferences, but we might enjoy those same things if they are expressed to objectify, humiliate and degrade the fuck-pig.

A couple of examples to help you along:

Say the white trash fuck-pig has a bladder full to near bursting. If it was out with you it might say “Excuse me, I’m just popping to the ladies.”

Where as, if it was out with me it might say “Oink oink! Piggy needs a pissy. Shall I fill a glass and then drink it?”

Or, say we’re out having a drink. If it was out with you and there was a quiet moment, it might start expressing an opinion or an observation.

Where as, if it was out with me it might bend down, lay its bare breast on the table and punch it as hard as it can to amuse me.

It’s 4th rule as my fuck-pig is: going around being female AT men by menstruating and breast-feeding babies deserve punishment.

Your darling sammich maker has all the time with you to be female AT you, after all you married it and wanted to indulge its feelings and thoughts. Just make sure all that crap is out of the fuck-pigs mind when it serves me. Nuff said!

It’s 5th rule as my fuck-pig is: It should always be grateful to me for everything.

Attitude is everything; anyone’ll tell ya that, little fella!

Make sure your wife practices being bright, smiley, perky and super-enthusiastic for when it’s around me. You can help her out by pinching her nipples and helping her to take the pain with a smile and a ‘thank you’ instead of squealing or grimacing.

Other examples will come to mind, I’m sure!

Well, you’ve done well, little fella; you’ve learnt the philosophy, the dress code and the rules that’ll help your darling sammich maker be the best white trash fuck-pig she can be!

We’ll leave it there for now, no doubt if your wife’s heard you read this out she’ll be dripping like a rapist on a dance-floor, so you might want to fuck her so she can imagine how much pleasure she’ll get when she’s fucked like a fuck-pig by a real man!

And don’t worry if you read this and found it isn’t for you; that you thought ‘my wife isn’t like that; she doesn’t fantasize about being treated like a fuck-pig and fucked so she can feel the hate… no, my loving wife isn’t like that at all, no siree Bob… no, don’t worry about it, little fella, just put this all down as nonsense and enjoy the blandness of your insipid weekly sympathy fuck, my friend.

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