Zack, Dereck, and Kerry

Chapter[jk1][jk2] 5

Guys and guys-girls and guys-you’ve been warned.

I lay in my bed at home, amazed. In the last month, my life has gone from average to bizarre. My best friend’s whole family has this closet incest thing. I mean, Dereck and I having sex is no big deal. I know I’m bi. After Kerry got through with me, I’d take her before Dereck or his dad. But it was so fucking exciting to watch Jack suck his son’s cock. Unbelievable. Now Kerry admitted to wanting Dereck. My friend Dereck is shy; introverted would be a better word. I don’t think he’d ever try to talk to a girl. That’s probably why we ended up fucking and all. I don’t know what he thinks about his mom.

I laughed. I had to think for a minute to get it all straight. So, Kerry knows Dereck, and I have sex. She knows I have sex with her husband. Jack knows Derek, and I have sex. Dereck, my clueless friend, knows nothing, and Jack has no idea I’m fucking his wife. Geez, I better keep this shit straight. It was then that my plan was clear. I need to make them an incest family. One step at a time. I already have Jack; three more to go.

Jack was at work. Kerry was downstairs making an obvious act of staying away from the upstairs where her son was on top of me, plunging his rigid penis in my ass. It felt good; he’s learned just the right angle. I groaned. “Dereck, I love your cock in my ass. You’re hittin the spot, man.” I felt drops of his sweat fall on my back as he whispered. “Keep it down, man, my mom’s home.”

“Sorry, but it feels great.”

The soft slap of Dereck’s hips hitting my ass covered the click of the door opening. We were facing away, but I knew Kerry was there, watching me get fucked by her son. I pictured her with her hand between her legs, watching.

“Zack, cumming.” Dereck panted. I pushed back, he plunged and held, and I felt the warm rush of his orgasm. Dereck held himself against me, jetting, sighing. He pulled back, his cock making a soft sucking sound coming out. He dropped back and held my hips. “Now, my favorite part of fucking my best friend cleaning up.”

I heard a low gasp from the door as Dereck pressed his mouth against my hole and tongued his cum out of my anus. I nearly came.

Dereck slapped my ass lightly. “All clean, bro. How you wanna cum?”

I rolled over; the door was closed but not latched. I stroked my cock. “Suck me off, Dereck. I wanna cum in your mouth.”

I lay on the bed facing the door. Dereck lay between my legs, fondling my cock, looking at me. “I’m so glad we do this. I’m so shy around girls; this may be the only sex I ever get.” He slid my erection into his mouth.

In our prearranged signal, I groaned and tapped the headboard. I watched the bedroom door swing open.

Naked. Kerry stood there totally naked, an evil gleam in her eye as she slipped two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her face and chest were red from the excitement.

“Dereck, you’ll get escort bayan a girl. You just gotta take a chance.”

He paused. “I think I’d just die trying.” He went back to blowing me. Kerry orgasmed, her hand stuffed in her mouth.

“Why don’t you talk to your mom about it?”

Dereck’s head shot up. Kerry ducked back, closing the door. “What? Are you crazy?”

I gently pushed his head back onto my slick penis, groaned, and knocked. The door opened. She had a dildo now. Fucking woman is over the top.

“Dereck, your mom is the coolest woman I ever met, and hope this doesn’t make you mad, but she is way good-looking too. She’d be cool, and I bet she’d love to help you.”

I nearly laughed, looking at Kerry pantomiming, sucking a cock, and pointing to her son. I was there.

“I’m cumming, Dereck. Gonna cum in your fucking mouth.”

Kerry jammed the toy deep. Her eyes rolled back as I spoke, and a torrent poured out of her vagina. I shot three fat jets of cum, and Dereck swallowed them all.

Dereck rolled off me. The door was latched shut, but I could just catch the faint scent of Kerry’s pussy. Mmmmm, need to fuck that soon. Dereck sat on the edge of the bed. I rolled up and sat next to him.

“You think my mom’s hot?”

I laughed. “Sorry if I pissed you off.”

“No, no. You didn’t, but she’s my mom; I never paid any attention. I did notice that she looks like an older version of my sister, Jane.”

I leaned my body into him. “Good thing. Means your hot sister isn’t the mailman’s kid, huh.”

Dereck laughed nervously. “You’re a riot. So, you think mom’s hot?”

I paused. “Bro, I gotta share a secret. I’ve had sex with a woman your mom’s age.”

Dereck just stared at me. “No fucking way.”

I shrugged. “Way. It wasn’t my idea. I guess you could say she kinda raped me.”

I watched Derek’s penis stir. He turned to face me. “Who?”

I shook my head. “I can’t tell you she’s married, and it could fuck up her whole family.”

Dereck nodded. “Yeah, true. But dude, you gotta tell me what happened.”

So, I told him the story of me and Kerry, changing stuff to cover our tracks while I stroked his cock. When I finished, I dropped to my knees and took his rigid penis in my hand. “So, older women are amazing.”

I slid his cock into my mouth. He sighed. “Wow, never thought about it. I mean, I’ve heard my parents fucking and all, and I got hard, but wow, now it’ll be different.”

I took a chance, paused, sucking him. “Your folks fuck a lot?”

“Oh yeah, all the time. They think I don’t see, but I’ve caught them at it.”

“You keep watching?” As I sat between his legs, stroking him.

Dereck laughed. “Oh no. If I got caught, whoa, bad.”

“You get hard?”

He paused, I stroked. He looked at me. “Just between us, yes, I do. I go back to my room and masturbate, thinking about it. Is that fucked up?”

“Is it fucked up altıparmak escort bayan that I look at your mom, and I’d love to fuck her?”

Dereck laughed. “Man, we’re two fucked-up dudes.”

I stayed on the floor stroking my best friend’s cock. “So, you’ve seen your mom naked?”

Dereck’s cock flinched. “Yeah. Not like all naked, but flashes, you know, while they’re fucking.”

I licked his cock. “Ever use her panties to beat off?”

“Whoa, no, never thought about it.”

I lied. “I was on a Reddit page. Lots of guys jack off with their mom’s panties.”

“Do you?”

I laughed. “Um, no. But if my mom looked like yours, I sure would.”

I let that settle as I went back to sucking his cock. He gently touched my head, and I paused. “You think she has any in the hamper?”

I got up. “Only one way to find out.” And walked out the door. Dereck ran after me. “Dude, we’re naked!”

“Ahhh, your mom’s out in the yard.”

In Kerry’s bathroom, hanging half out of the hamper, was a purple thong. I knew the gusset would be soaked. Kerry had just finished cumming in it if our plan was still working. I picked it up. “Still warm, and it’s fucking wet.”

Dereck cringed. “Pee? Gross.”

I put the gusset up to my mouth. “Not pee, bro, girl cum, lots of it. Your mom masturbated in these.”

Dereck’s hand moved a little, then paused. I stepped closer. Both our cocks were hard. “It’s okay, bro. Our secret, just like our sex.”

Dereck’s hand came up and took his mother’s thong. He just fondled it. “I’ve never touched a woman’s panties. So soft. Oh, and it’s really wet.”

I took it back and pressed it to my face. “Oh man, your mom smells so good. Like that mom that I had sex with. Sniff.”

I handed it back. Dereck moved it toward his mouth. Stopped, looked at me.

“Do it, bro. It’s our secret.”

Dereck pressed his mother’s cum soaked thong to his face and groaned. I moved behind him, reached around, took his cock in my hand, as I whispered into his ear.

“Taste her. Lick them. Women taste good, musky, hot. Picture a pussy, like we see in the porn stuff. Open, wet.”

Dereck was licking the gusset, moaning as I stroked his cock. His eyes were closed. He paused. “But it’s my mom.”

I tongued his ear. “So what. What if she wants you to?”

“You think so?”

“It’s just us. Pretend she does. That turn you on?”

Dereck’s cock grew. “Yeah, fucked up, but yeah.”

We stood there. Dereck licking the cum filled gusset of his mother’s thong as I masturbated him. Didn’t take long.

“Gonna cum, Zack.”

“Cum in your mother’s panties.”

He was there. “No, no, I can’t.”

I paused, stroking, stuck my tongue in his ear. “Doooo, iiiittttt.”

My hand stroked. Dereck groaned and wrapped Kerry’s thong around the head of his cock as he quivered and pumped bolt after bolt of cum into his mother’s nilüfer eskort panty. I had to hold him up when he was done. I took the thong from his hand, sniffed it. “Nice job, bro. I wish I could take this home.”

Now he looked panicked. “Fuck, man. She’s gonna know.”

I stuffed it deep into the hamper. “Nah, they just dump the stuff in the wash. Let’s go swimming.”

Kerry and I in the back seat of her huge SUV, naked in the Home Depot parking lot. My cock plunging into her incredibly wet pussy. She’s been cumming non-stop. After Dereck and I loaded her panties with cum we went out to the pool. Kerry came out, gave me a smirk, said she had something that needed fixing. I’m good with that stuff. Derek and Jack aren’t. I ‘volunteered’ to join her at Home Depot to get the parts. Dereck smirked. I waved it off, like, no way, dude.

When we pulled up, she lifted her skirt and showed the cum filled panties she had on. “Zack, I hate you. This is so wrong but so exciting. My pussy is smeared with my son’s cum.”

Now at four in the afternoon, I’m balls deep in his mom and loving every second of it. We’re a sweaty mess of sex. I’ve been fucking her for fifteen minutes.

“Cumming, Mrs. C.”

“Oh yeah, Zack, fill my pussy.”

I did. I love fucking this woman. I got off of her, and we sat naked and satisfied.

“You think we should go in and buy something? My son might get suspicious.”

I cupped one of her perfect breasts. “Nah, he won’t notice. He’s probably masturbating into your other dirty panties right now.”

Kerry laughed and slapped my shoulder. “You’re a fucking pervert. I can’t believe it was that easy.”

I turned her head to face me. “You’re a very beautiful woman, Mrs. C. Your son see’s that now. I already know.”

She took my hand. “Thank you. That means a lot. I feel like a dirty slut mom for watching my son having sex while I masturbate.”

I smiled. “Go on Reddit. Look for incest reddits. You’re not alone.”


“Yeah, a lot more common than you think. Nobody talks about it, though, for obvious reasons.”

Kerry found her shorts and slipped them on while I got dressed. “So, moms fuck their sons?”

We were in the parking lot now, moving to the front seat. “Yes, Mrs. C, they do. I bet you know a mom that does.”

Kerry and I rode in silence for a few minutes, her fingers tapping the wheel.

“I can’t do what I did with you. Dereck has to let me know he wants it.”

“I agree. But you can start letting him know you’re interested. I think you know how to do that.”

She slapped my thigh. “It’s not my fault. I was fucking horny.”

“You’ll figure it out, Mrs. C. It helps that you know he’s thinking about it but still, he’s scared.”

Kerry pulled into her driveway. “You’ll help, right?”

I reached over and slid my hand up the leg of her shorts. “I’ll fluff him and guide his penis into his mom’s pussy.”

She yanked my hand out. “Fucking perv.” Laughing. “That is not what I meant, and you’re mean for putting that image in my warped sex brain.”

I got out of the truck. “My work is done here. I’m heading home.”

[jk1]Ch 5 done

[jk2]Zack gets Dereck to admit wanting mom

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