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(This is a story I had written and together with 3four2b a friend with like writing styles. With his help with editing and with my own efforts we enjoyed writing it together.)

Written by:~ ABSORB and 3FOUR2B~

The married couple who were in their mid thirty’s had done their research, reading online reviews from patrons on the web forums of all the best clubs in the city. So when they went out that night, Doug and Jen already knew exactly where they were going and what kind of woman they wanted. They saw this woman for the first time moments after entering the club. She was so beautiful! It was like the hand of destiny had chosen her just for them. Husband and wife both ached to touch her. They wanted to kiss her soft lips, and hold what they both thought were the most lovely set of breasts they had seen in a long time, maybe ever. Her curves were perfect, not too much and not too little.

The three found a leather sofa just big enough for three, in a quiet corner of the club. Doug was wearing long black pants. Both of the women were wearing short skirts, and they each felt their nylons sliding against the leather as they pressed their knees together to keep from showing themselves as they sat down. Jen sat between her husband and the woman, not to keep them apart but to be the one linking the three of them. With her eyes, the woman made it clear that she was up for being an equally willing and giving sexual partner to both of them. The couple soon learned that her name was Betty. She was around their age they found out. All of them were around thirty something which was great. Once the introductions were over, Jen asked Betty the first question of the evening.

“Are you Bi curious or truly Bisexual?” Jen inquired bluntly. Of course, Betty already knew the difference and answered smiling, “Believe me I’m Bisexual, not just curious.” Jen’s heartbeat quickened as she remembered some of her times with open minded roommates back when she was in college, years ago before she had met Doug. She missed those days a lot and desperately hoped that Betty would prove to be equally adventurous as her university friends had been. Betty had been participating in this lifestyle for a long time, and her senses had become keen to which ladies and couples were right for her. Tonight, she had a strong feeling that this was the couple she’d let take her back to their place. Betty still felt one doubt in the back of her mind though, but Doug put that to rest the very next moment.

His questions were on a very specific level. Doug wanted to know if Betty had ever been with another couple, how often, and if she had been tested recently for stds. He and Jen were worried that asking such dry questions might ruin their chances with women at the club, but had decided striking out would be better than risking their sexual health .”In today’s society, sexually, you can never be too careful,” he explained, adding that he and Jen had just gotten tested even though they had been completely monogamous for the past two years.

Doug was too nervous getting the wording exactly right to notice, but Betty saw it clearly. As Doug spoke, Betty became visibly more at ease. By the time Doug had finished, the look on Betty’s face was pure lust. Jen was paying particular attention to Betty, whom she found absolutely lovely with her black hair braided all the way down to her lower back. Betty confirmed that she too placed a high value on staying disease free, getting tested regularly and always demanding the same of all her partners. Betty’s sexual hunger was showing.She began to touch Jen’s knee rubbing lightly in small circles as the conversation progressed to tastes and preferences. Even though the touch was slight, it was already making Jen wet.

All three were on the same wave length. Tonight was for Doug and Jen as a couple, and for Betty’s need to be touched by both a man and a woman. It was as simple as that. It took no more than half an hour for them to talk over everything that needed discussing. The last point they covered was how the three of them would get to Doug and Jen’s house. “Could we go in your car?” Betty asked the couple together. “I came here with friends and I don’t want to steal their ride.” Doug and Jen agreed, and as soon as the three had paid their tab they exited to the parking lot.

Along the way, Betty reached behind Doug and gave his butt a little squeeze, letting him know that he would not be left out of the fun soon to come. Doug skipped a step in his stride out of surprise. Both women laughed, Doug joining in the laughter and giving Betty a taste of her own medicine by grabbing her butt right back. Jen felt that certain tingle as she watched Betty and her husband flirting with each other. In different circumstances she would have been insanely jealous. But at the moment all that was going though her head was imagining how hot she would feel watching Doug and Betty having sex together!

They arrived at the married couple’s car, fikirtepe escort and Doug held the back door on the passenger side open for Betty. Jen knew her husband opening the door for Betty instead of her wasn’t any insult, and she happily got in on the other side of the back. Doug sat behind the wheel. Jen was already very aware that Betty was not wearing any panties to go with her nylons, but it wasn’t until Doug looked in his mirror backing out of the parking space that he got his first glimpse. As he merged into traffic, Doug wondered if Betty had noticed that Jen wasn’t wearing any underwear either. Betty’s tight curving short skirt rode up in the car the entire ride. Jen pressed her left leg against Betty’s right, the two women enjoying the heat of each other’s touch.

Betty was wearing the sexiest corset top with thin straps and no bra. Her boobs were a perfect fit in the snug corset. She was wearing a red pair of heels, matching red garters for her nylons just peaking out under her short skirt. Jen was totally infatuated! When Doug got closer to the house he slowed down and let the ladies know they were almost home. Their neighbors on one side were gone on vacation, and the former occupants of the other house had just moved into a condo across town. There was no one to see them bringing a woman home with them, which made Betty feel more comfortable. The threesome walked into the house together.

Doug got to work right away starting a fire in the hearth. “It’s a a little chilly in here. Wouldn’t want you ladies to catch cold.” Doug said in a loud voice so the ladies could hear him as they poured two glasses of wine in the kitchen. Doug couldn’t help himself from thinking how two stunning ladies in tight short skirts and with not a pair of panties between them needed a man like him much more than the fire to warm them up! Jen and Betty brought their glasses and sat down on the couch. They began chatting away and pouring two glasses of wine. Since Doug did not really drink, except a beer every now and then, he opted out of cocktails and just let the ladies chat it up and relax. Doug knew that this was going to be a long night, and he didn’t want his performance or his senses to be inhibited in any way.

Doug had already gotten himself hard just watching the two women interacting. Drinks finished, the two ladies began to make out. It felt to Doug like his cock was having a instant hard on! Betty was sitting right next to him with her back turned. Jen was at the other end, facing both of them. Doug watched in awe as the women touched each other’s shoulders and run their hands through each other’s hair. It started soft and sweet but, it became hot and lusty before he knew it. Both women began to moan. That’s when Doug couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He touched his wife’s hands as they caressed Betty’s shoulders. Then he ever so slowly took the tiny zipper of Betty’s corset top between his thumb and pointer finger, pulling it down along the center of her back. He had known Betty wasn’t wearing a bra, but the site of Betty’s bare skin was driving him wild!

At the same time Betty was there to slip Jen’s arms out of her corset top, which had already begun to fall from her shoulders on its own while the ladies had been swirling their tongues in each other’s mouths. But the corset itself stayed in place. Doug gave Jen a large, slow kiss on the side of her neck before standing and walking behind his wife. It was impossible for Jen to miss her husband’s hard on as he made his way to her. Doug turned to face Betty as he got to work unzipping his wife’s corset. Doug looked in Jen’s eyes the whole time. Jen couldn’t take her eyes of the bulge in Doug’s pants. Holding her hair to one side, at an almost torturous speed Doug trailed his fingers over Jen’s bra and down her spine all the way to the small of her back. He could see Jen’s lungs expanding and contracting as he took her black lace bra off.

Topless, Jen knelt on the floor by the couch and helped Betty to shimmy out of her shoes and tight skirt. Betty’s skin looked almost angelic in the warm glow of the fireplace. Her white breasts with pale nipples sprang forward. The soft light gave Betty’s eyes a special sparkle. There was a huge lovely white soft furry rug in front of the fireplace. Doug took her by her hand and Jen touching her legs and butt, the couple guided Betty from the couch to the rug. Now it was Betty who was kneeling on the floor. She was in the perfect position to finally free Doug’s cock from his pants. Jen’s hand went to her pussy without her even thinking as she watched Betty unbuckle Doug’s belt and unfasten his pants. “I see all three of us went in the buff tonight,” Betty said, biting her lower lip and bringing her face to Doug’s stomach, “I’m so glad…”

Jen began rubbing herself as Betty opened wide and took Doug’s impressive cock in her mouth. Betty’s heels pointed away, painting a perfect picture. And she was so skilled with her mouth, she gebze escort barely used her hands on him at all! As incredible as the sight was, it was the sounds that were bringing Jen to the brink of insanity.

Betty’s head was bobbing up and down Doug’s cock like Jen had only seen in erotic movies. There were slurping sounds whenever her mouth would pull away from the cock tip, and there were sexy little gagging sounds every time she took all of him down her throat. It wasn’t long before Jen was using two fingers on herself. Her nipples were like rocks! “Doug, honey,” Jen said with all the concentration she could muster, “Why is Betty still wearing clothes?”

Doug would have loved for the moment he was sharing with Betty to go on forever. However, Jen was right. This new woman they had found together was something spectacular in the world of oral sex. Yet, Betty had no business kneeling there with her nylons and garters like this. Doug knelt down and put his hands on Betty. She knew exactly what Doug was getting at. She pushed off the floor with her hands and grew like a flower from the ground. He could smell Betty’s scent, and had the perfect view of her wet pussy. “Baby, you have to see this!” Doug said to his wife excitedly.

Doug kissed Betty’s stomach, so tempted to put his face in her pussy but instead giving his wife the pleasure of seeing Betty’s grooming choice. He undid her garters one piece at a time, rolled the nylons down her legs and touched her bottom as encouragement for her to show her completely nude body to Jen. She was so turned on she could hardly believe it. Then she glimpsed Betty’s completely waxed pussy in the glowing light. Two fingers became three. A slow pace started to accelerate to near frantic. Betty began removing Doug’s tie and unbuttoning his shirt. “Remember how I asked you if you were fully Bi? “Jen asked Betty as she worked her fingers in her pussy.

“Oh…” Betty said, unable to think clearly. “Yes Jen, I remember.”

“I hope you meant it,” Jen said with a verbal wink. Betty left Doug with his shirt only half unbuttoned. “I think you can finish from there, can’t you big guy?”

Both of the women giggled at Betty’s humor. Betty joined Jen on the rug, neeling by her head. She kissed Jen’s neck which felt good to her. Doug’s hands were unsteady, watching this and trying to undress himself at the same time. What happened next took Doug and Jen by complete surprise. Betty lifted her bottom over Jen’s face and leaned forward. The women were suddenly locked in a 69 position. Betty gently removed Jen’s fingers and replaced them with her tongue. Doug stoked himself, going from hard to that sensation of so stiff it almost hurt.

Then without even looking up, Betty drew Doug to them with a come hither motion from her finger. Jen’s face was drenched with Betty’s wetness. The taste was everything she had hoped for and so much more. She was in complete sensory overload! She found herself wondering if she might pass out from too much pleasure when her husband arrived to give her more. “Make love to your wife Doug,” Betty said at that very moment, “make love to her from behind.” Had it been physically possible, Jen would have hugged Betty for her wonderful suggestion! Betty pulled herself away from Jen and laid herself down. Her pussy aching with delight but not yet in orgasm, Jen got on all fours. Her legs were spread wide between Betty’s thighs and her arms were at Betty’s sides. Jen couldn’t see her husband behind her, but felt his presence as he swiftly removed her garter and nylons. Doug penetrated her from behind just as Betty had asked him to. For both of the couple it was like they were having sex for the very first time!

Jen immediately threw her face into Betty’s pussy to muffle her screams of passion. Now she was cumming!!! It has started the moment his cock had made contact. Then, he started thrusting. Betty could feel Jen’s screams vibrating in her bones. She put a hand on Jen’s cheek and lifted it off her pussy to see what true pleasure looks like on a woman’s face. Betty hadn’t expected to see tears, but knew instantly that they were tears from hypersexual stimulation. Jen crawled up to hide her moans in Betty’s breasts. Doug’s cologne floated above Betty, mixing with his wife’s

perfume before entering Betty’s nose. Jen curved her back down so her bottom was still high in the air but now so were her breasts. The scent of lust more than anything was bringing Betty to the brink. That and the sight and touch of Jen’s creamy breasts free above her. Betty thought of her own breasts then. She pulled Doug’s wife back down, encouraging Jen to suck on her breasts.

Betty pinched Jen’s nipples with a little naughty tweak each time his wife suckled her! The two women looked into each other’s eyes and they knew they were both as one, Doug pleasuring both of them even though he could only be in one pussy at a time. Jen had been a multi-orgasm type of woman for years, but she had içerenköy escort never had one so intensely slam into the other as when Betty slid gracefully to flick her breasts with her tongue as Doug’s thrusts got heavier and heavier inside her. Betty knew that her husband only cums maybe twice in one night. She felt incredibly selfish for denying Betty, but she wanted this one for herself. She wanted it bad. She needed her husband to spurt a thick load of cream in her pulsing pussy!

Jen couldn’t wait a moment longer. “Cum for me Doug. Oh God, Doug! Cum for Me!!” Betty gasped as Jen took the back of her head in both hands and tried to shove her entire right breast into her mouth. “Fuck!” Doug yelled like a wild savage, one long stream of cum pulsing from him into his wife! Betty stretched her toes as far out as they would go, burning with lust in the knowledge that she was the reason this couple was having the best sex of their lives! Doug slowly pulled off Jen. His breathing was labored his chest heaving from cumming so hard inside his wife. Betty slid out from under Jen. Both women sitting with their legs curled under them, they kissed each other deeply and enjoyed each other’s tongues. As soon as Doug’s breathing had calmed a little, he went over to the ladies and tapped Jen. “May I cut in?” he asked with a wry smile.

Jen grabbed her husband’s head in her hands and pulled his lips to hers. Jen slid her tongue into Doug’s mouth. Their lips glistened with each other’s moisture from their mouths as Jen broke the short but passion filled kiss. “Now you may,” Jen said with a wink. Doug gave his wife’s hand a squeeze then scooted closer to Betty. Doug leaned forward and began pleasuring Betty, continuing to lean as they kissed until Betty was against the soft rug.Doug slid his hand on Betty’s thighs thinking how it was kind of strange that Betty had sucked his cock before they had even shared a kiss. Yet, that is how things in a threesome can be sometimes he thought to himself. Doug soon found himself with the irresistible urge to taste Betty’s pussy, just as he had imagined when she was giving him head in the beginning of their evening.

Just as Betty was getting concerned that she and Doug might be ignoring Jen in what they were doing, Jen moved around Betty to play with her sensitive nipples. She pinched them, drawing them into small hard nubs. “You’ll love how she tastes honey,” knowing from the scent she had sensed when her face was buried in Betty’s pussy. Doug began licking every inch of Betty’s sweet pussy. Working around his face, he thrusted a finger into her wetness and pumped it in and out deep and fast. All the while he was sucking on her clit. Jen had moved from playing with Betty’s breasts to sucking on them. She studied her husband intently, matching her style of sucking to what he was doing to Betty’s clit.

Betty was in sexual bliss! Betty thought how she would trade all the orgasms in the world if only this could last forever, two lovers truly being pleasuring her orally on both ends of her body. She made no effort to hide it. She moaned deeply and arched her back into Jen as the couple did their synchronized sucking. Then Doug saw his wife whisper something into Betty’s ear. Was it what he thought it was? Just the possibility turned Doug on so completely, he instantly began to harden again even as he could still feel cum dripping out the tip of his cock. He strained not to thrust into Betty then and there. The smile on Betty’s face told of her arousal at Jen’s idea. Betty left no room for doubt, “I am so ready for that! Climb up then Jen.”

Jen’s pussy was still filled with Doug’s cum. She swung a leg over Betty’s face and let her pussy open wide for Betty’s pleasure and her own. She was mounted over Jen’s face just as she normally would be over her husband’s cock, facing forward. Betty began to lick Jen’s pussy lips, tasting her sweet pussy and the beginning of Doug’s salty cum inside it mixed together. Jen began to trickle out. Betty managed to capture most of it in her mouth, but she couldn’t prevent some of it from missing and rolling down the sides of her face. Doug was pleased that his cum provided this extra kinky pleasure for his wife and Betty to share at this moment.

Knowing all of this particular fantasy of his wife’s, Doug no longer hesitated in sliding up Betty’s legs and his entering his cock into Betty’s pussy with one motion. He pumped his cock slowly at first, enjoying the sight and sounds of

Jen being licked. He was distracted by his wife arching her back and whimpering as Betty was working her tongue in her honey pot. Doug reached out and he pumped and stroked his wife gently along her spine. Reaching around, he pulled her back a bit towards him with her breasts cupped in his hands. Doug waited for the signs of orgasm only a husband can recognize in a woman, nibbling and biting down lightly on the back of Jen’s neck at the moment of her orgasm. A wave of something like guilt washed over Jen as she orgasmed, intensifying the orgasm all the more. She hadn’t whispered to Betty the second or third parts of her fantasy. The second Doug had just taken care of, her husband nibbling softly on her neck from behind as she climaxed all over another woman’s face.

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