An Eternity in Bonds 03 – Shackled

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Author’s note: Strong language, certain feats may not be “realistic”. Enjoy!

Nessa woke up in a cold sweat.

The room was dark. A bucket was in front of her, as are a few old pieces of bread. A dark bag lay indistinctly across the room, as well as a few chains seemingly hanging from the ceiling.

There was a cold breeze wafting over her bare feet, and suddenly the slave remembered that she was naked. Sitting up, she banged her head against a metal bar, sending her back down with a smack. The girl stifled a curse.

She was in a cage!

Everything came flooding back. The assassin, her kidnapping… it had all happened so fast. One moment she was returning from a scouting run to the inner district, the other being dominated by someone from, appropriately, Dominia.

And now she was in a cage. After some effort, she was able to shift her weight off her left leg. The cage was not very large, and eventually forced her to assume a kneeling, almost dog-like position, frustrating and humiliating her further. How had she gotten herself into this? What was wrong with her? Was she that horny? Did she truly mean what she said? Nessa cradled her head, remembering what she said in the inn: “DADDY FUCK ME” … could that be all that she was in the end?

She did not have time to think further, for at that moment, the door opened, and the true gravity of her predicament was revealed.

With the opening, light streamed into the room, and with a gasp, Nessa now saw what was to become of her.

They were in a dungeon. She could spot several conventional torture instruments, as well as some … strange new devices she was yet unfamiliar with.

Clanging boots. She turned her gaze back to the door. It was the assassin from the other day, or as he introduced himself as… the Lord General Malachar?

“Good Evening Slave. I heard the noise.” He looked approvingly at the position the girl had assumed. “Acclimating quickly to your new life, eh?” He chuckled. “It’s been some time since we’ve had a slave girl as talented as you. You will enjoy your… ah… permanent stay here.” The man smiled.

Staring at the man in front of her now, Nessa was reminded in truth of why she was here. The moment the General started speaking, she was again enraptured by his deep, masculinity, accentuating her already humiliating feelings of submissiveness.

Once Pendik Anal Escort again, she had no idea why she was feeling this way, but all she knew was that she wanted that cock again. She could see the glorious thing, making a dent in his trousers. She could see why the Aeternians called it “The Soul’s Expression.”

“What do you want from me?” She rasped.

His expression hardened. “Nevertheless, I see you still have much to learn. From now on, you will refer to me as ‘sir,’ ‘daddy,’ or ‘master,’ and yourself as ‘slave,’ ‘this one,’ ‘this slave,’ or something equivalent, understood?”

She meekly nodded. What else could she do in this state? Her body was sore from resting naked on cold iron all day.

Smiling again, the general took out a short paddle. Seeing the slave eye it apprehensively, he put it aside. “That will be for later, fearful one.” He swapped it for a leash and collar instead, and stepped forward, brandishing it at her.

“You will wear this at all times, and it will be your only permanent article of clothing, along with whatever else I decide to put on your body, understood?”

Again, she nodded, more in fear and awe than approval.

“Good, good.” Malachar bent down, and took out a small black-iron key. Holding it up to the light, he inserted it into the cage lock. The slave girl heard the little mechanisms turning, and with a pop, the door swung open.

“Get out, slave,” the man ordered.

Eyeing him resentfully, Nessa exited the cage on all fours. She did not want to repeat the same mistake she had made the first time. She won’t stand up without permission anymore.

The general grunted. “Still resentful huh? Of what I wonder, I will never know. You were moaning like you were born for this life yesterday hah!” Nessa’s face turned red hot in shame, and the general grabbed her cheeks.

“Don’t you worry, pretty one, I will personally make you crave this cock once more. You will soon see in truth how much of a slut you really are.”

With that, the heavyset man attached the collar, tightly, and separated the leash.

Looking at him questioningly, Nessa watched him walk across the room, and begin clearing a space for a large machine in the back. It was then that she realized… was he taller than he was at the inn? Judging by the equipment around him, he looked to be at least 6’6”. Pendik Yaşlı Escort He hefted a nearby Iron Maiden with one hand, casually tossing it across the room with a crash.

Stronger too. Much stronger.

She realized with finality that she will not be able to escape this man.

Panicked, she then realized: If he was actually this physically large in truth, how large was his –

“crawl over here, slave.”

Gulping with avid fear now, she used her hands and knees to slowly move over to his marked location.


Nessa rapidly sped up her pace. This time she used her feet as well, scampering over in a hurry.

The man was visibly pleased by this. “Ah, I love it when they aren’t dumb. Makes training so much easier. Get on this machine.”

Malachar motioned to a large, intimidating machine with a crude seat and what Nessa spied as a rod in the center.

Reluctantly, she gingerly positioned herself over the oiled rod. It wasn’t too big, she thought. Perhaps she can take it without too much difficulty.

Noticing her hesitation, her captor spoke again, “Lower yourself or I shall force you down. Make your choice.”

With a panicked whimper, Slave Nessa complied. Her quads, trembling with exhaustion, lowered her small body slowly over the rod. Her vaginal muscles tensed then expanded around the form, taking it in in full. At last, she rested herself over the entire rod, remarkably without any pain whatsoever. Her master nodded approvingly.

“At least something came of a few months of prostitution. It seems we are ready to move to the next step immediately.”

Nessa tensed. What next step? The general moved over to the machine’s side. He eyed a large gauge.

Deliberating for a moment, he then turned it a great deal and pulled the adjacent lever.

Suddenly, to her horror, she felt the rod expanding. And vibrating.

At first, she tried to resist screaming. But it became too much. It must have been at least 20 inches long and 10 inches in circumference. She didn’t know she was physically capable of such a feat.


The general was delighted. “Hahaha! It seems our friends down in the midland woods have done some… particular changes to your body my girl! Even our mighty warrior-women can’t take that much dick! Pendik Zenci Escort Now show me what you can do, bitch!”

Moaning, the slave girl complied. Placing her feet on the machine’s designated pads, and her hands clasping the overhanging bars, she began to move her body along the machine’s length, groaning and grimacing the whole time.

The general stood back to admire his work. His slave girl, on a large vibrating dildo. Anyone could see the potential here. He decided that she might need some encouragement.


Letting out a small grunt, she tried harder. Her muscles were on fire, but she kept going, for stopping would likely warrant a worse punishment.


By this time she was howling incoherently. She didn’t care anymore. In fact, she didn’t care about anything anymore. If her master had sought to break her, he had succeeded. The collar, pressed perfectly against her neck and collarbones, felt like it had been there since her birth. She hauled her light body up and down the rod like she has been doing this all her life, which was partially true. Nessa now realized the truth behind all the prostitution she had suppressed all her life: She enjoyed it.

When she had first found out about the gang’s plans with her body, other girls had resisted, but she had not. It seems, she realized, she had always known what she was born for, and with a shock, realized that what the general said was right. She HAD been made for this, in the Midland Woods, to be “the conduit by which others may experience great pleasure.”

Innately, she smiled. It was good to belong.

She screamed again, mostly with pain, but also with a good amount of joy. She would forge her body into an instrument of pleasure, the ultimate healer and impression of the soul, the Aeternian term for the vagina.


Pleased that his slave was on the path, the general left to monitor his troops. He would check back on her in a few hours, he thought to himself. The gang was right. She was truly touched by the moonlight wanderers.

He left the door unlocked this time as he left, trusting confidently in his newest acquisition.

Back in the room, Slave girl Nessa continued to enjoy herself, hoisting herself up and down the girth with impossible devotion, seemingly granted new strength by this innate revelation.


Author’s note: Wow that was long. More in the next chapter, let me know what you thought of that so I can improve!

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