Carin’s Story Ch. 1

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The last thing I remember was feeling my Daddy’s enormous cock throb deep inside my cunt as his seed exploded deep inside my womb setting off my own mind blowing orgasm as he kissed me passionately.

My own Daddy, was he now my new Master? Had I heard him correctly, was I in training again?

Looking around I saw candles placed all around the dimly lit the room. Carin stood by the bed looking down at me, a collar around her neck. Smiling she said. “Bliss, our Daddy has asked me to prepare you for your first day as his sub.

She leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips… Her lips were so soft and wet.

I looked into her eyes and whispered. “How long has he been your Master?”

“Twelve years.” She smiled.

“What did you mean “our” Daddy?” I asked.

“Daddy adopted me twelve years ago.” She replied.

“He adopted you?” I asked again.

“Yes and trained me to serve him, I love him very much Bliss, and he loves me as he loves you.” She said with a smile. “Bliss he is the most wonderful Master and lover. He will take you to places you have never known.”

“But you were with Peter.” I responded.

“Yes, sent there by our Daddy to watch your progress, you see Peter and our Daddy have been associates for years, when you answered Peter’s ad, he recognized you and called our Daddy.”

“So, is that why Peter released me?”

“No, you belonged to him, it was his decision to release you, our Daddy did not interfere, other then to send me to observe and to serve you.”

“So tell me about you and my, our, Dad. I mean where have you been? Where did you stay?”

“Well I went with our Daddy when he would go on those out of town trips, otherwise I stayed in boarding schools, attended the finest private schools and Graduated from Princeton with honors.”

Carin’s Story begins…

Daddy would take me to his private clubs and leave me to receive lessons during the day and then we would spend each evening practicing what I had learned. I would serve him, prepare his bath, lay out his clothes, call for room service, you know domestic chores; I waited on him hand and foot.

In the beginning I was just his personal maid. I didn’t mind, Pendik Fetiş Escort I truly loved him, he had saved me from an awful abusive situation and I was truly grateful.

Then the training began, Daddy explained that all this training was to teach me how to please him, and that I would do anything that the Mistress told me, that I would learn obedience, discipline, pain, pleasure and most important how to please him…

The first thing I learned was the terms Master, Mistress, Sir, and Miss. My next lesson was that I was not to speak unless given permission or asked a direct question; I also learned that to disobey meant punishment. I was introduced to paddles, whips and restraints.

I was told that in the private presents of my Master and Mistress that I was not to wear clothing, so I was stripped when I entered the Mistress’s chamber. After weeks of training by the Mistress, I was told that Daddy/Master had ordered me to receive my first lesson in fellatio.

Of course I was naked, and kneeling before my Mistress, she attached her leash to my collar and led me to a small room. Inside the room was a mannequin, My Mistress explained and demonstrated how Daddy liked his cock sucked. She explained that the mannequin’s cock was an exact replica of Daddy’s

Deflated it was about 5″s long and 1″ thick. Mistress had me kneel down, undress the mannequin and lick and suck this rubber cock. She instructed me as to how to lick the shaft and balls, how to suck and tease the crown, how to take it into my mouth and suck, how to apply pressure and to move it in and out of my mouth, finally with the cock completely inflated to its full ten inches she taught me how to deep throat this cock without gagging. Once the lesson was learned and I could take this cock down my throat, she had me practice the rest of the day. I was getting tried and my jaw began to ache when she told me to blow the mannequin one more time and that this time she had a surprise for me…I love surprises so I went at it with a vengeance licking and sucking like a pro. As I began my deep throat technique I tasted something sweet/salty in my mouth. My eyes opened wide and I looked at the Mistress and Pendik Gecelik Escort she whispered. “It’s your surprise.” She had loaded up the mannequin with sperm from Daddy’s sperm bank, sperm he donates for training purposes.

As I sucked, my Mistress allowed some of the warmed sperm to leak into my mouth, I loved it. I began sucking faster and harder, I wanted more! I took it deep into my throat and she gave the me a burst deep into my throat, I withdrew quickly wanting to taste it, she shot another burst in my mouth and then two or three more, I swallowed as fast as I could… She explained that Daddy would give me instructions as to whether swallow or not, and that he would control where he shot his CUM. She told me to take the cock out of my mouth and move back a little, she then covered my face with his cum, she told me to lick my lips as she aimed the cock at my neck and my titties, she covered me with his CUM.

She had me massage his CUM into my developing breasts, my nipples were already elongated, and I felt a funny tingle between my legs. She took her finger and collected the sperm off my face and placed it at my lips, telling me to lick and suck her finger, I did so without hesitation.

When Daddy came to pick me up, Mistress asked if he would like a demonstration, he declined, saying that we would practice at home.

I remember smiling as we entered the foyer, I stripped off my clothes immediately and knelt in front of Daddy as he took off his jacket. He stepped aside and went into the sitting room, and called for me. I practically ran to him, he was sitting on a plush leather sofa, I knelt before him, He smiled at me and nodded, looking at his crotch and I immediately opened his zipper. He stood and told me to remove his pants and shorts, as he removed his tie and shirt. My Daddy now stood naked in front of me for the first time; his cock and balls dangling in front of my face just like the mannequin.

Suck my cock little one, the words shocked me at first, Daddy had never used that kind of language before, but he had never stood naked in front of me either.

I took Daddy’s cock into my mouth for the first time, it was not yet hard, but Pendik Genç Escort it was hot, the mannequin was nothing like this! I twirled my tongue around wetting the head, and then kissing and licking my way to his huge balls. I licked and wet his balls, taking each one slowly into my mouth as he smiled down at me, his hands on his hips. I saw his cock grow, lengthening and getting thicker, I worked my way back up the hardening shaft, licking his gorgeous cock like it was an ice cream cone. I saw his thigh quiver slightly as my lips closed around the crown of his cock and I swirled my tongue around it. I slowly slid down the length of his ever-hardening cock. His cock seemed thicker then that of the mannequin as it entered my throat for the first time. I pulled back with a hard sucking action, my cheeks collapsing onto his shaft as my tongue twirled around the head of his now throbbing cock. I slid back down on his cock this time taking his now fully erect cock all the way down my throat. I felt his hands on the back of my head holding me there with my nose pressed into his pubic hair, my lips wrapped tightly around the base of his cock.

Holding my head he began to thrust his cock in and out of my throat. He groaned, holding my head tighter, as he now sawed his huge cock in and out of my mouth and throat. He was fucking his baby girl’s mouth, his pre-cum coating my tongue and throat, it tasted so sweet, I sucked harder! His thrusts became faster, he was fucking me, and I wanted more! I wanted his CUM! I needed it!

Finally Daddy said he was going to CUM and thrust his huge throbbing cock deep into my throat and held it there, his hot CUM blasting my throat! As his cock throbbed and exploded he slowly withdrew, filling my throat and mouth with his love seed. He withdrew until his throbbing head parted my lips and I was sucking, my mouth full of his lovely cum cream, tears of joy filling my eyes and falling onto my cheeks. I swallowed my treasure, and licked and sucked his cock clean, not missing a drop of his CUM.

“Perfect.” He whispered.

Daddy swept me into arms and carried me to his bed.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

Comments are welcome, your feedback is important to me and I love hearing from y’all. I’d love any suggestions as to how this story continues, I have some ideas written down but it’s more fun knowing a reader has contributed… and please vote, and please read my other stories and vote on them as well… until next time… Bliss.

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