Carnal Secrets Ch. 01

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Wendy had always been hot. Small and petite with an angelic face, she possessed all the qualities that make guys drool. Her skin was flawless and her body had all the right curves. Even her voice had that rare – innocent but sexual quality that could put a lump in your jeans just by listening to her talk. I often found myself daydreaming about her, imagining how good she would be in bed.

Over the years we grew very close, best friends, often going out to the local nightclubs together. We would dance, have a few drinks and talk about our everyday problems. She loved too slow dance and after a few beers would start rubbing her hips seductively against me all along knowing it was driving me crazy. Then she would giggle almost wickedly and demurely rest her head on my shoulder and that was as far as it went. But as always happens circumstances changed, we both eventually married and moved away, losing track of each other in the everyday insanity of normal life.

I couldn’t complain though marriage was great and I loved my beautiful blond wife. Betty was prim and proper. She dressed in immaculate style, professional yet feminine and she always wore high heels accentuating her perfect long legs. She kept the house the same way, spotless and well decorated. She was even a great cook and often created gourmet meals fit for a king.

Every week she attended church and would come home telling me how great the sermon was. She forever tried getting me to attend but it wasn’t my thing. I would just wink at her and say someday honey, and Betty would smile and let it go. Then one evening she asked if I wanted to attend a midweek meeting with her at the church and I offered my usual response. Giving what almost seemed a big sigh of relief, Betty quipped ok! And quickly raced out the door. About fifteen minutes later her sister called. There had been an accident and Betty’s mother was in the hospital. I immediately jumped in my car and drove to the old church outside of town.

Something didn’t seem quite right and I decided to approach the building cautiously. The parking lot was dark and only three cars were there, Betty’s and two more. The church itself was dimly lit, and with a full moon overhead it held an eerie almost sinister appeal in the still of the quiet night. I knew it was probably my imagination that more than likely it was just a small financial meeting or something that only required certain members to be there. Nonetheless I approached stealthily just in case.

The huge double doors were cracked open about three inches and edging my way to the opening I peered curiously inside. BAROOOOM!!! My mind instantly exploded into a million confused fragments! I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. A gut wrenching sickness came over me as I silently observed the scene unfold.

Betty was on her back, resting on a hand-hewn bench that was just wide enough to lay on and waist high. On either end stood a dark skinned muscular kayseri escort man, each wearing a white robe. My wife’s delicate neck arched backward over one edge of the wooden alter, her long blond hair cascading in erotic fashion toward the planked floor. On the other end her high-heeled legs dangled over the edges revealing her clean-shaven mound. Betty’s firm breasts heaved with excitement as the eager admirers threw off their robes revealing their hard penises. A warped sense of satisfaction came over me. Neither one was as well endowed as I. That feeling passed quickly as a low unrecognizable chant emanated from the darkness on the far side of the erotic setting and the men moved to within touching distance of Betty.

My entire body was shaking. My mind was wrapped in a chaotic state of anger, horror, sorrow, and excitement all at the same time. I wanted to throw the door open and scream STOP! and rescue my wife from the satanic madness, but I couldn’t move. A strange sick lust had enveloped me, a wicked desire to see what would happen next.

The thought of just standing there made me queasy, I could feel the vomit rising in my throat and I took a deep breath and swallowed it back down. Yet I remained silent. Slowly a dark figure emerged from the shadows. The chanter was wearing a black hooded robe and I knew this was the leader, the reverend. As he increased the tempo of his chant the naked vixen on the alter slowly raised her legs, consciously parting her succulent thighs, inviting the excited disciple at that end to take her. With a growl of satisfaction he slid his cock into her forbidden mound. Betty jerked in surprise grabbing the penis in front of her pulled it greedily into her hot mouth.

It was as if a jagged knife had been plunged into my heart. To late to stop it, I stood silently watching as Betty delighted in the throes of sinful lust. My once faithful wife had been willingly violated and she was enjoying every second of it. Betty’s body twitched as the stiff rod grew more fervent in her hot tight vacuum. On the other end her angelic face bobbed back and forth at the mercy of the thrusting shaft slamming in and out of her throat. I knew it wouldn’t be long and the violators would sow their seed. As the orgiastic trio rhythmically moved in perfect unison the chant reached a screaming crescendo then suddenly stopped. The groaning men fucking my blond muse instantly withdrew and spinning around dropped to their knees and grabbing their organs roared – shooting their sticky semen outside of the carved pentagram that encircled the sacrificial alter.

Betty was panting in decadent hunger, nooooo! Don’t stop! pleeeease don’t stop! Fuck meeeee! when the reverend walked up to her. He was small compared to his cohorts, but had a deep resonating voice. Flipping back his hood he looked down at Betty and asked her, are you ready for the final initiation into the brotherhood kayseri escort bayan my queen? Struggling to catch her breath Betty husked, yesssssssss, initiate me reverend. With a malevolent sneer he threw off his robe.

Jesus! God! I whispered under my breath. His shaft was like gnarled steel and stood straight up against his chest. It had three huge knots over the length and I could see the hose sized purple veins pulsing on its taut underbelly.

Oh my God! The lecherous goddess whimpered and began to tremble. The preacher laughed, yes my dear, from now on it is. Walking to the end of the bench he turned and faced her. Betty raised her head and reached out. I must touch it, pleeeeease, can I touch it. The man nodded and Betty grabbed it in both her delicate hands. Her eyes glazed over as she ran her nimble fingers over the knotty surface of the black giant. Again and again she stroked the beast examining the huge lumps of muscle protruding like mountains from the stretched velvet skin. Low whimpers of immoral ardor exited her throat and I knew my wife had taken on a flesh God. Her hands were diminutive compared to the juggernaut. Entrancing her like a sinister snake she began to chant, uttering unrecognizable verses, worshipping the gnarled cock in her hands. Suddenly she jerked her head up and in an urgent voice muttered, I pray thee my God, take me, Fuck me as your wife, your slave!

Her sky blue eyes locked with her invader’s and she tugged the massive instrument too the very brink of her pleasure canal. The sinister preacher didn’t hesitate. Firmly grasping Betty’s hips he strained his muscles and pushed forward forcing half the beast into her small pussy. The first huge knot passed through her outer membrane and Betty fought to maintain control. Lavish fervor shrouded her once angelic face and she managed to articulate one firm word, mooooore. With a bellowing roar her aggressor concurred.

It was as if a bolt of lightening had ripped into her fragile torso. Her heart shaped mouth flew open in shock as she violently flung herself back onto the bench. A high-pitched scream escaped her lungs and she twitched uncontrollably as the evil demon pushed farther and farther into her quivering womanhood. The second knot slipped through her outer walls, and her face twisted in erotic pain. Finally the third lump breached her entrance allowing the last few inches of muscle to be forced into her. With ragged gasps of breath Betty fought to stay conscious as the full length and breadth of the magnificent demon pulsed deep within her trembling body. Baseball sized testicals hung below Betty’s firm ass and I could only imagine how much semen they contained. For long moments he held himself still savoring my wife’s tight hot tunnel. Then slowly he withdrew the glistening shaft, pulling Betty’s body with it until with a loud suctioned release she fell back onto the hard wood. escort kayseri Instantly the satanic beast plunged into her again and Betty’s face twisted into an unrecognizable mask of extreme pain.

Out of sheer reflex the tortured sprite arched her back upward, quaking uncontrollably, her firm globes jutting straight out like quivering mounds of Jell-O. Again and again the flesh God fucked into Betty’s body at a leisurely pace. Finally, her muscles spent Betty fell limply back to the surface while the relentless imp pummeled her over and over. With each thrust I could see Betty’s taught abdomen rise as the colossal organ stretched the unexplored territory.

Slowly as the cult leader thrust in and out of her tortured cunt Betty began to feel the burning lust he knew would return. Her agonized whimpers of pain turned to low moans of gratification. The tormented expression on her face was gradually replaced by the unmistakable fever of decadent passion. Wickedness engulfed the once pure woman and was turning her into a voracious nymph. She began to arch her hips to meet the worthy invader, and started uttering verses of evil worship to her newfound deity, I love you God, I love my new God, Fuck me God, Fuck your wife! Fuck your whore, Fuck me like your child, your daughter.

Betty was growing more and more fervent. Each thrust brought her closer to the most explosive orgasm she had ever had. She undulated like a demotic whore. Writhing in unnatural fashion as the mighty cock plunged through her at a quickening pace. Suddenly she spasmed, her entire body convulsed and she slipped into total demonic behavior. Frothing at the mouth her arms and legs flailed the air at a frantic pace and a guttural scream of satanic release exploded from her feminine lungs. At the same instant the preacher roared and a violent eruption of molten cum flooded Betty’s vagina. Before he could waste his entire load Betty had spun around so her mouth was beneath the vaulting behemoth and she greedily accepted a cupful of spewing lava into her throat. Like a garden hose he spewed long wet flows of white liquid until it spilled over her chin and onto her throat. Betty gulped like an insatiable funnel not wanting a drop to be wasted. Whimpering like a female dog she licked the tip of her master’s fuck stick wriggling her tongue into the huge hole and lapped up every drop of juice before collapsing.

My knees were shaking so violently I thought they would here them clicking. I tried to steady myself but had to turn from the erotic vision to finally start settling down. Well that was it. My marriage was over and I knew it. I didn’t want to be married after what I saw. Unsteadily I made my way back to the car and drove home. I decided to get out right then and packing a suitcase left Betty a note about her mother and that I was divorcing her and never returned.

Betty and I were divorced. I got a flat in New York. The only bad thing was, not being one too get caught up in the night life, it wasn’t long before I got really bored and found myself wishing something exciting would happen. Day after day the same old routine, get up, go to work, come home and go to bed. I even tried the I-net thing without any luck. Then one evening the knock on the door and when I opened it the surprise of my life…

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