Desperate to Cum Ch. 03

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James had always fantasized about being controlled by a woman, being told when to cum and when not to cum, but he always hesitated to mention his fantasies to his dates. With Alex, he wasn’t sure whether or not he wanted to continue this game of teasing and denial he found himself in. He only knew that he was unbelievably turned on, and would follow his luck with Alex as long as she tolerated him. Who knew—maybe he would get to fuck her after all.

James followed Alex into the hotel lobby and into the waiting taxi. He snuck a look at her face, which was expressionless as usual. James sighed and climbed into the taxi after Alex, sneaking a glance at her legs, waist and ass, which sculpted perfectly by her skin tight dress. Not cumming for five already put James on edge, but the two orgasm denials of the past few hours meant that any straying thought turned James on.

He tried to shield his slight erection from Alex’s eyes, but his shifting only attracted her attention. She glanced down at his bulge and smirked. Almost imperceptibly, she opened her legs so that James could see where her thigh-highs led to her pussy, black lace meeting creamy skin.

“Touch yourself. I want to see you rub your cock”, commanded Alex.

“Alex…I can’t, not here”, whispered James, glancing at their driver.

“I said rub your cock; you certainly had no Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort problem with jerking off earlier. I want to see you rub your cock”, repeated Alex.

Resignedly, James rubbed at his penis through his pants. He sighed at the contact. He grabbed his growing bulge, feeling the hardness beneath the fabric of the slacks. His eyes roamed over Alex’s body, over her breasts, her curved hips and spread legs. He groaned and remembered what she was wearing underneath, thinking of the her pale skin and pink nipples contrasting against her lacy black bra.

“Can I please touch you Alex? I need to feel you”, said James.

Alex shifted her dress so that her breasts spilled over the neckline. She grabbed both breasts and massaged them, running her fingers around her nipples. Alex threw her neck back and sighed, circling her nipples and rubbing her pussy slightly against the cushioned seats.

James suppressed a moan and rubbed his bulge faster.

“Alex, I’m really close. Baby, please. I need to cum. It’s been so long”, begged James.

“You can cum, but everyone will know that you came in your pants and made a mess. You want that? So embarrassing”, Alex cooed.

James couldn’t think straight. On one hand, his dick was sore from hours of rubbing and jerking off. The pressure in his balls was so intense Ümraniye Çıtır Escort that his dick was almost painfully numb. Orgasming would release the tension and at least he would be able to think again. On the other hand, he couldn’t cum in a taxi and then show up to a work dinner…could he?

Not caring any more, James desperately rubbed his cock faster. Pre-cum soaked through his boxers and dotted his khakis. James unzipped his pants so that his engorged head popped through.

Without warning Alex bent down to envelop her mouth over his oozing cock.

“Uhhhhhh”, moaned James, his mouth gaping aslack at the sudden softness and warmth of Alex’s mouth.

“Oh God, that’s fucking amazing. Your mouth feels amazing over my dick. Yeah, keep sucking. God please don’t stop.”

Alex ran her tongue along the underside of James’ penis, licking softly at the ridges of the head. Almost reverently, she pressed soft kisses along the sides, and then slid the entire length into her mouth.

Carefully, scared that she would stop, James held the back of Alex’ neck and gently thrust into her throat. God, her mouth was so wet, so soft and so warm—perfectly lubing his cock so that it hit the back of her throat. James hips moved more erratically. He reached for one Alex’s exposed breasts, fondling the hardening nipple Ümraniye Elit Escort and squeezing the perfect globes. Alex’s mouth moved faster, her tongue circling around James’ head. She moved her hands to James’ balls, gently teasing and squeezing them.

“Uh, uh, uh”, grunted James, as he humped against Alex’s mouth. This was it. He could feel it—the cum rushing from his balls to the base of his cock to the tip. He was going to cum.

“Oh…Ohhhhhh”, he moaned. He imagined shooting his load into Alex warm waiting mouth and thrust harder. James gripped the arm rest in the taxi, lifting his ass into the air with the impending orgasm. He felt the first wave of convulsions rush through his groin, running through to his finger and toes, electrifying his senses.

Suddenly, Alex sat up.

“No, no, noo. GOD”, James groaned. The amazing sensations on his cock stopped. His penis bobbed desperately, begging for contact to finish its pulsating orgasm. Instead of a rush of cum, semen dribbled out of James’ dick and onto the taxi floor. Uselessly, James humped the air and then desperately rubbed his cock, hoping to coax out the orgasm he’d long waited for. Instead, his cock just hurt, sore beyond belief, orgasm and pleasure denied. His dick, red, throbbing, and wet with cum and spit, hung dejectedly out of his pants.

“Hurry up and tuck your dick back in, we’re late for dinner”, commanded Alex, buttoning her shirt and rearranging herself.

James looked out the window—they had arrived at the restaurant. Just another minute later—and he would have had sweet relief. Though he had cum, he’d felt none of the pleasure, only pain and soreness.

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