Mommy I Feel Like A Girl Ch. 06

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Sorry guys chapter 7 has yet to “happen”, but there will be more stories as soon as I can get time to sit and write them. Thanks to my Loyal fans who have read and enjoyed my stories and even provided me with great feedback 🙂


“Why don’t you shower, get dressed and meet me downstairs Mandy. I would like to take you to the city, show you some things.”

Looking to mommy, as I was still shaking from the orgasm’s intensity, I ask, “What should I wear?” “Come, I will help you pick some things out.”

We enter my room and she lays out some of things that we had bought. Pretty pink, frilly panties, a nice pair of tight jeans, a light pink top, and some high heels. She looks at me and I can see she is wondering something.

“What mommy?” I ask intuitively.

Her finger on her chin, thinking, staring down at me, she says, “Mandy you could use some makeup and a little styling,” as she brushes her hand through my hair. She sighs, and says, “So much work we have to do but, that will have to wait. We have more important things for you to do today Mandy.” She says with a smile I am becoming all too familiar with.

I quickly shower and dress in the things mommy has lain out for me. We get in the car and travel into the city. We pull up in front of a sex shop and mommy parks the car. As we enter, my eyes are filled with images of men and women having sex in magazines and movies. So many interesting things line the walls; toys, dolls, lube, bondage stuff and all sorts of different types of sex apparel. Walking further into the store I see a sign above a staircase that reads “Male Room.”

She looks down at me smiling and says, “Let’s go upstairs honey.”

My heart begins to pound. I’m so curious, yet Pendik escort bayan so excited just from the sign. We approach the top of the stairs and it is very dark. Music plays in the background and there are two rows of very narrow looking booths lining the walls. Between them are men lingering about. Standing, staring. It’s still hard to even see them clearly as my eyes adjust to the darkness. I can hear the sounds of sex coming from inside the booths. As my eyes adjust I see numerous men looking at me. Some are gently touching themselves. My eyes follow their hands as I notice the outlines of their cocks straining to get out of their pants. I look up at mommy, now smiling from ear to ear. She takes my hand and leads me to an empty booth.

Pointing inside, she says, “Go in honey. Wait there.” as she hands me several one dollar bills. “Just insert the bills and watch the movies honey.”

“Yes mommy”, I say walking inside.

I close the door behind me, the room inside is pitch black. I struggle to find the slot to put my dollars inside. As the money goes in, a movie comes on the screen. I see there are buttons with arrows and quickly realize that by pressing the buttons, I can change the movie. The light from the movies is now causing a glow inside the booth. I sit on the small seat inside and begin to search through the movies, pausing as I see something that catches my eye. From the corner of my eye, I notice a small round hole cut out in the wall. I peek through, but the booth next to mine is totally dark. I can hear people now, they’re talking outside and I can tell mommy is one of the many voices.

The voices are barely audible over the movies playing. I can hear things like…”Let me see.” ” How Escort Pendik about you?” “Please, is this good enough?” It dawns on me that it is mommy speaking to the men outside the booth. Finally I hear mommy say, “Oh my! You, you are the one.” And I hear the door open in the booth next to mine.

I hear some fidgeting and the door closes. Then I hear the sound of a belt buckle and a zipper getting undone. Curiously, I peek once again through the hole, as my face reaches the wall to peek a man’s cock pushess through the hole brushing against my face. I lean back admiring his huge, thick shaft. Instantly my nipples harden and a soft moan escapes my lips. I’m in awe of it, just hanging there poking out of the hole. I lower my jeans and panties and kneel by the hole, slipping a finger inside my pussy.

I gently reach for his cock, my hands trembling since I have never touched a real cock before. As my small fingers glide over the head, petting it, I am uncontrollably drawn to it, my face getting closer to it as my lips kiss the tip. It is so warm! I place kisses along the full, hard length of it, moaning even more now. My tongue reaches out, after wanting this for so long, I taste the man’s cock. I run my tongue along the little hole, as I receive my first taste of precum. I have an orgasm instantly at the thought of his cock cumming in my mouth.

The taste only seems to excite me more as I open as wide as I can to engulf his massive cock deeper into my waiting mouth. Feeling it slip over my tongue, the head quickly hits the back of my throat. The taste filling my mouth now, as more precum flows from his cock. Slowly I struggle to take more and more of it, as he starts to slide it back and forth through the hole Pendik Rus Escort and into my mouth, my moans now loud enough for those outside the booth to hear. I feel him getting harder and harder. As my mouth begins closing on it ever so gently, I start sucking, trying to milk the seed his cock, eager to taste his cum. I can feel his cock throbbing as the vein becomes filled with semen. I can feel the head swell in my mouth, my fingers now pumping quickly in and out of my pussy.

We are now both moaning. A few seconds later I feel a shot of cum hit my throat, followed by another and soon my mouth is filed with his cum. I try as hard as I can to swallow it all, but there is just so much, it leaks from the corner of my mouth as I feel a strong orgasm myself. The feeling of his sperm filling my mouth has caused me to cum! The taste is overwhelming, I’m not even sure if I like it or not, but somehow it is undeniably exciting. His rhythm slows as his cum stops spurting out. I feel him pull out of my mouth as I swallow the remaining bits of cum.

I feel a strange sense sadness wash over me at the loss of his cock in my mouth. I watch as he pulls it back through the hole, my body yearning for more. I remove my fingers and stand I pull up my panties and my jeans. My head is reeling as I open the door. Mommy is staring right at me with a very comforting smile. She reaches for my hand and I reach out to hold hers. We walk back downstairs and she spins me around to look at her. She takes her finger and scoops the cum from the corner of my lips back into my mouth, as it closes on her finger. I moan as I savor the last bit of his cum. We walk back outside, hand in hand.

I look up and say, “Thank you mommy, that was amazing.”

“You’re welcome baby girl. I love seeing you this happy. Guess one day soon I will have to take you to club ‘G’. We can get some drinks and meet some men and see what happens from there. Would you like that?”

I grin and say, “Yes please mommy, please take me to ‘G’.”

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