Oh, Granny Ch. 03 – Granny’s New Lover

Alina Li

It came as a pleasant surprise that evening when Raj told his mother that he wanted to spend the night over at his grandparents place.

“It’s good to see him bonding with you!” She told granny. “After all, these young boys have no time to spend with family… Always on their gadgets and computers,” She shot her son a disapproving look. Nevertheless she felt glad at the idea of Raj spending more time with his grandparents. Raj smiled sheepishly.

“Yes, he’s a lovely boy,” Grandma said, smiling. She stroked his chest gently. Her nipples hardened immediately. Little did his mother or her old husband know that she had enjoyed the wildest sex with her grandson behind the locked doors of the little bedroom. She couldn’t bear the fun to end so soon. And Raj didn’t want to either… So why not spend the night together in bed!

“But he doesn’t have clothes for the night,” Mrs Trivedi said.

“No bother!… I’m sure we have spare. His granddad’s old shirts will do,” Granny said. And with that Mrs Trivedi left leaving Raj and his grandparents in the house. Granddad sat in his wheelchair and rolled away to get some water from the kitchen.

“Grandma,” Raj began, as soon as Granddad was out of earshot. “I don’t know what to say… this afternoon was the best afternoon of my life!”

“Anything for my favourite grandson.” She said smiling. “After all, you did give me the pleasure I’d been missing out on for so long! I have to say, you have quite some stamina for an amateur!”

“It’s nothing,” Raj was flattered. “Till now I’ve only been masturbating, thinking of woman like you,”

Well, my young hunk,” Granny said seductively. “There’ll be no more need to masturbate, now you’ve got your girlfriend in me,” Her wrinkled face broke into a visage of pleasure by görükle escort the mere thought of her endeavors with him in bed.

She went close up to him and whispered “As soon as granddad is asleep, you and I will have the whole night to ourselves!” She gave him a long smooch on the lips and hobbled off to the kitchen. Raj watched her large ass swinging left and right and could only long for the night…

That night, Granddad took an unnecessarily long time to get into bed. He was watching his favorite programme on TV, ‘Crime Patrol’ which ended at 10pm.

Granny kept shooting impatient glances at him, under the pretext of waking up early the next day. However what she really wanted was for her husband to sleep quickly and soundly whilst she fucked her young grandson in the little bedroom. She got him warm milk to help speed things up. Such a horny old woman was she!

Meanwhile, Raj was in his grandparent’s room, and rummaging through Granny’s wardrobe. He found what he was looking for. Taking a pair of 36C bras and black, lace panties he began to rub them over his erect cock.

He felt the silk cups of her huge bra wind themselves around his dick… he began to jerk off.

Grandma called. “Raj dear! It’s time for bed!” Raj hastily stuffed the undergarments back into the wardrobe and hurried out.

Grandad rolled in on his wheelchair. “Oh, Raj! What are you doing here?” The old man asked.

“Oh, I was just uh… arranging the bed for you,” Raj said quickly. (It was a good thing it was already arranged before).

“Ah. That’s my grandson!” Granddad said patting him on his back.

Later on Granny came to check whether granddad was asleep. He was. The old woman smiled with glee…

She dragged Raj karacabey escort by his arms and pulled him into the little bedroom. He latched the door from inside. She began to undrape her saree, it’s layers falling onto the floor. Raj watched as he unbuttoned himself and pulled off his jeans, his cock bulging out.

His grandmother stood naked in front of him, only her purple bra and panties on. She had a busty hourglass figure, with heavy, saggy breasts (a good 36C) and a good number of pounds in her rear.

He grabbed her, placing an arm around her back. She threw her arms around him. Raj rubbed his grandmother’s back until his hand curved over her hugely shapely buttocks. He squeezed them. “Oh you naughty boy, ” Granny giggled.

He pulled her panties off and with little effort his dick penetrated through her hymen. She whimpered. “It’s so big!” She moaned. Raj felt that her vagina was a little tight. It would be of course, considering her long abstinence from sexual activity.

He began to drill his meat pole back and forth into his grandma’s tight hole.

The two of them wrestled for a while until granny said “let’s do this on the bed, dear. I can’t stay standing for long.”

And with that she pushed Raj towards the bed until he lay down. She climbed on top of him, straddling her thick, wrinkled thighs on either side. Raj moaned in pleasure as his granny began to move up and down on his cock, her hands pushing down on his chest for support. She began to make a wide variety of noises. Slowly her speed increased and grandma began to move her hips faster.

“Faster, granny,” Raj moaned. “Faster!” Complying to his demands, the old woman was now bobbing up and down on him, with rapidity incongruous to her age. Her large, mudanya escort drooping breasts wavered up and down with force, making flapping sounds. Her shiny hair bounced deliciously in rhythm with her movements. Grandma felt as though she were in heaven. Her lust had been satisfied. The little wooden bed began to creak with the force of grandma’s large buttocks ramming against Raj’s hips. He placed a hand on her flabby thighs. “My child,” Granny said, grinding her pelvis over her grandson. “I want you to be my lover.”

“What do you mean, grandma?” Raj asked.

“I mean… what I want is for us to make love. Not just mindless sex.”

“But we are making love,” Raj said. The bed was still creaking.

“You don’t understand, dear. We are doing this out of lust! Not love! That’s what I want. For you to fill my emptiness with love. Be the new man in my life.”

He understood what she meant.

“You mean, to be who granddad was to you?” He asked.

Grandma’s face hardened. “Yes.” She said curtly. “That man is now crippled and in no position to satisfy my needs. But you are!” She said. With a great rush of affection, she bent forward and smooched Raj. Raj wrapped one arm around her curvy back and placed another in her soft, scented hair.

He kissed her back with force. He admired her features from close up. Despite her wrinkles, he felt a passion for her. He saw her shiny hair which she had oiled for tonight. The grey strands of her mane looked silver.

He began to push his hips up with greater force, drilling grandma wildly. She wailed with pleasure.

“Yes grandmother. I love you as I have never loved any other girl before. I will be your lover! Your only one!” On hearing this, the old woman began to pound his cock with greater force, making the bed creak even louder…

“Grandma,” Raj moaned. “I want to fuck you from behind!” The old woman heaved herself off the boy’s slender body. She went on all fours, jutting her large buttocks upwards. Looking seductively back at Raj, she said, “Come on my strong stallion! I’m all yours!”

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