Old Man’s Old Man Ch. 02


=== Friendly warning: This series includes incest ===

I hadn’t slept well ever since the breakup happened. Even though we rarely had sex anymore, my girlfriend and I usually shared the bed. Just the presence of someone made the sleep so much better and peaceful. So ever since we broke up and I started sleeping alone, I kept waking up in the middle of the night, often even a couple of times in a row.

All that changed with grandpa. After I showered, he went into the bathroom and I left thinking about what just happened between us outside. Should I tell my dad? And more importantly… what was that thing he said about my dad and his problems? Did that mean that my dad also…

My mind started spiraling down a very strange path, but all that ended once I saw the bathroom door open and my grandfather standing there wearing just a towel, showcasing a lot of his body which seemingly just refused to age. Water was still dripping from him and he looked very content with finally having a chance to rest after the long day. His face was grinning – as it always was.

“You sure know how to make an old man break a sweat, Jeff,” he said, as he patted my back, “Come on, then. We got a long day ahead of us tomorrow, we might as well get a good night’s worth of sleep.”

I followed him to the bedroom – the bedroom we were about to share. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened – and what was about to happen once we got under the covers? Was I ready for anything more? And if I wasn’t, what exactly should I be getting ready for?

I just kinda stood there, surrounded by old photos and ancient furniture, as my grandpa changed in front of a dresser. I caught a glimpse of his firm-looking butt, but that was all of it – he just put on a new pair of briefs and that was it. He slept semi-nude like me, apparently, which made sense in this heat.

He turned around, only to see me looking back at him. He raised an eyebrow.

“Why are you looking at me like you just murdered someone, boy?”

“Um… sorry,” I said, breaking the stare, “I was just thinking… You didn’t really get anything out of… that, did you? I’m not… I have never done anything with a man, but I can try…”

He stepped forward to me and ruffled my hair, as he always did, which eased off the tension a lot. I looked up to see his smiling face.

“Why don’t we just go to bed?” he suggested, “Honestly, kid, I’m really tired. Not to play the ‘old man’ card again, but I don’t need to release as often as your little immature ass. And also, we got the whole week ahead of us, don’t we?”

He winked and bared his teeth for just a second. My grandpa was a wild, kinky animal and I can’t believe it took me so long to discover that. It was impossible not to grin back.

“Sure,” I nodded, “Let’s go to sleep – I’m kinda spent too.”

“That’s my boy. Let me get the lights.”

It felt so different falling asleep outside of the town, where it seemed like there were constantly cars driving around, or neighborhood dogs barking, or maybe a group of drunk teenagers on the street. Also… it felt very different falling asleep in a pair of strong, hairy arms and a muscular body pressed onto me from behind, making me the little spoon. It was new to smell the musky smell of a hardworking stud instead of the smell of some overpriced feminine toilet water. The warm embrace, the warm breath on my neck, the body hair brushing over my naked skin…

…it knocked me out within a second, right into the best slumber I’ve had in a while, sporting the hardest boner I’ve had ever since I started masturbating.


The first rays of sunshine coming from the curtains were what woke me up. I opened my eyes groggily and yawned. I felt… at peace. Way more than I usually did when I woke up lately.

The first thing I noticed was the alarm clock on the nightstand. It said it was half-past six… so the sun was just coming up. The second thing I noticed was that I was in bed alone. Grandpa woke up before me and somehow managed to get past me without waking me up. So early? Really?

Very slowly, I managed to get out of bed and stretch a little bit. Then, wearing just my boxer briefs, I left the room to take care of my morning hygiene. Flashes of what happened with grandpa last night were going through my head, but I guess the shock wore off, and now those memories were just… hot.

I found my grandfather downstairs, and the sizzling sounds coming from the kitchen told me that he was making breakfast. I joined him in the room only to find him pretty energetic for this time of the day. He was also, of course, half-naked.

“Look who decided to finally wake up,” he said when I entered the room, without even looking up from the pan, “I was wondering if I should just splash a bucket of ice water in your face.”

“Seriously? It’s not even seven yet…” I answered.

“Well, you better get used to it. I get up early,” he said, before he finally turned around, smiling, “Come on, eat your breakfast. There’s a lot of work to be done.”

After the eggs, my grandpa told me that he’d like to finish up the work in the attic before lunch. nilüfer escort Afterward, he wanted to hit the town nearby to pick up some stuff. Surprisingly, I was kind of eager to work, but I wasn’t going to show that to grandpa, so I responded with an off-hand half-hearted complaint about having to work so hard on my spring break.

“I hear ya, you little spoiled runt. Even though I wish I didn’t,” he answered jokingly, while focused on his eggs, “I better find something to stuff into that mouth of yours to keep you from complaining all the time.”

I laughed at that, before I remembered yesterday and that what he said might not mean what I originally thought it meant. I opened my mouth to say something, but that was the second my grandpa dropped the cutlery onto his plate and stood up from his chair.

“Now come on. No more talking. Let’s get something done.”

We went back to the attic and started right back to where we stopped the day before. There was just enough work to be done that it was possible to finish it all until lunch, but we would have to try our hardest. And that was what grandpa was trying to achieve. We worked our asses off – but the work was still weirdly calming, like the day before. We kept talking the whole time – when I wasn’t, he was. None of us mentioned what happened last night, but it didn’t feel like a taboo, or anything awkward. The only question I had on my mind was if there was going to be more… and when.

After a couple of hours of work, we stood up from our knees to see a beautiful result of all our efforts in front of us. The floor looked much better, although it was still dirty from all the work we did on it. The price for all that was both our bodies being sweaty and aching, but it sure looked worth it.

“Whew!” grandpa said, as he wiped off the sweat from his forehead, “Now that was something. You surprised me, sport. Didn’t think you had it in you.”

I smiled as I felt his fingers in my hair again. It was at that moment when I realized we hadn’t spoken about my break-up the whole time. And I was… fine with that. It didn’t feel like there was more to be said.

Who would have thought that this spring break would prove to be so helpful already?

“Let’s get down and eat the leftover stew from yesterday,” my grandpa said, “If we hurry up, we might make it to the town at about one.”

“What’s the rush?” I argued, “I’d like to have a shower. And, you know, rest up and stretch my muscles. I ain’t that young anymore, ya know?”

With that last sentence, I kind of mimicked grandpa’s voice and his accent. He narrowed his eyes and folded his hands on his chest.

“That mouth of yours doesn’t stop talking until someone shoves something in it, or does it? Shut up, go and get dressed, in that order. Don’t wear that crap you brought with you. Check the big closet in the hallway, your dad probably left some clothes in there. They should fit you now since you’re an all-grown-up brat now.”

His tone was playful, of course, but when I was leaving the attic to find the closet he was talking about, I couldn’t help but think about the tone he used for those first words… And that smirk on his face, which was just a bit different than what I ever knew before.

I managed to find the closet he was talking about. It had tons of stuff. I especially liked the t-shirt with the sleeves torn off and the jean shorts… which were very, very short. I would never even think about wearing this around my town, but in the countryside, I thought to myself – what the fuck? I was on vacation, and nobody knew me there. Maybe it was time to experiment.

Grandpa was already waiting outside when I changed, he was wearing a tank top, exposing his bushy armpits, and cargo shorts. I was surprised to see he didn’t pull up his truck.

“Are we… walking?” I asked, pointedly nodding up to the soaring sun in the sky.

“Yeah, sorry about that, champ,” he shrugged, “The truck is in the shop. But don’t worry, it’s not a long walk.”

He was lying, of course. It was a solid twenty-minute walk before I even saw the town – which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in that heat?! My clothes were drenched in sweat already, and I just put them on!

Luckily, we mostly walked through the woods, which kept us in the shade for the most part. Grandpa also brought a big bottle of water, which was a smart move.

“Keep up, Jeffrey. We’re almost there. Maybe we can rest up for a bit when we’re there. I kinda underestimated the weather, that’s on me.”

Against all odds, we made it. The town was as simple as they come. Just a couple of shops, plus a gas station. There was a surprising amount of people though – it made me a little self-conscious about the fashion choices that I made. Luckily, none of the locals seemed to pay it mind.

A lot of them knew my grandpa, as it seemed. Not surprising, as it was probably a pretty small community living there. Some of them came up to say hi, asked him about life, and of course about me. I’m not great with people, so I just kept it polite and short, and most of them caught up on that pretty quickly and görükle escort focused most of their attention on gramps. He did spend a minute with each of them but didn’t want to drag us down too much, because he probably saw how I looked after the work and the walking.

To my surprise, he didn’t seem tired at all! He was in his sixties and it seemed like he was in his prime. This place was really doing wonders for him.

We only bought some cans of food and a couple of tools my grandfather needed for the house. When we left the shop, a huge truck was standing outside. The man inside seemed bored and tired from the heat, but his eyes lit up when he turned our direction and saw my grandpa.

“Cliff!” he nodded in my grandpa’s direction, “What’s up, you son of a bitch!”

“Not much, you little cunt, what about you?” was my grandpa’s – fairly loud – reaction. I looked around a bit, feeling a little embarrassed, but none of the passersby paid it any mind – it seemed that talking like that was common around here.

“Come ‘ere, I ain’t gonna bite yer ass,” the man gestured at us to come closer to his truck. My grandpa nudged me and whispered to me.

“Harvey. Old friend. Good guy. Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it short.”

Grandpa probably thought I was tired from meeting all the new people, but Harvey seemed interesting. He was probably in his early fifties, a little younger than my grandpa, but not by that much. He seemed ruggedly handsome, like one of those no-nonsense countryside men you see in movies. He was wearing a cowboy hat and had a big-ass toothbrush-like brown mustache under his nose. The arm he had resting on his truck’s window hinted to me that he was as hairy and muscular as my grandpa – only his hair was still brown, not gray or white just yet.

He looked me up and down when we came closer to his truck and smiled.

“You should probably run, kid,” he said to me, “I don’t know what this man promised you but take this as a warning: He’s as big of a perv as he looks.”

“Very funny, dick,” my grandpa laughed while he patted my back, “This is my grandson, Jeff. Jeff, this is Harvey. The local dim-witted redneck.”

Harvey reacted to that with a chuckle and reached out to shake my hand. I did. His grip felt strong. I also felt his thumb run down the back of my palm – I wondered if it was a weird accident?

“So what’s new with you, Cliff? Heard your car’s still broken down,” he said as he turned back to grandpa.

“Don’t even remind me. Paul is taking ages fixing it. I expect to see a shiny, new fucking car when he’s done with it.”

“Don’t count on it. I love that guy and everything but man, he sure takes his sweet-ass time with a car.”

Harvey looked at grandpa, and then at me.

“Hey, why don’t I give you a ride?” he suggested, “I was supposed to pick up some stuff at a friend’s, but he just called me to cancel, so I got no place to be.”

I looked at my grandpa with a begging look – I couldn’t do the entire walk all over again. He nodded in agreement – he knew walking all the way from the town was a bad idea. There was no harm in letting his friend give us a ride. And Harvey also seemed like an interesting guy – I thought that I’d love to get to know him further.

“Sure,” grandpa shrugged, “As long as you don’t mind us sweating through your seat covers.”

“They’ve been through worse,” Harvey chuckled, “All right then. Come on, hop in!”

Grandpa gestured to me to go sit in the middle while he took the window seat. I was surprised that the truck offered a lot of space inside… for two passengers. Not any real designated middle seat. I looked at Harvey – he was sitting in the driver’s seat, and he was wearing a tee, which was copying his body shape very well, as well as a pair of very light camo shorts. Or… were they just boxers?

Yeah, he was sitting here wearing just his underwear!

“To beat the heat,” Harvey said when he saw me staring at his thick, hairy legs, “Also, I wasn’t expecting company. But you guys don’t mind, right?”

He winked at me and patted the “seat” next to him. I blushed and wanted to say sorry for staring, but didn’t want to make it even more awkward. I just got into the stuffy car without a word and sat right next to Harvey. Unexpectedly, he put his arm right around my shoulders, exposing his bushy pit to me. The earthy smell of a man hit me right in the nose, and there was no way of escaping it. It didn’t exactly smell bad, though…

“No AC. But it still beats walking around in the sun, doesn’t it? Hey, Cliff, get your ass in!”

“I’m going, I’m going!” grandpa said before he appeared at the door. He got in and pressed against me. There wasn’t nearly enough room, so I was sandwiched between both of the sweaty, hairy men. I took a long breath and tried to calm the inexplicable boner that was building up in my jean shorts.

Harvey started the car and we took off, leaving the town through a dusty old road.

“So what’s new with you, Harvey? Haven’t seen you around a lot, lately,” my grandpa said.

“Oh, life’s been kind of crazy,” Harvey responded, “Took bursa escort some deliveries to make some extra cash. Also, Bessie was sick. You remember my dog, right?”

“I do!” grandpa turned to him, “That doesn’t sound good, is she doing better?”

“Oh yeah, much better!” Harvey reassured him, “Took her to a surgeon. She was woozy for a bit but now she’s back to her silly old self. Never been better.”

“Glad to hear that,” my grandpa nodded. Harvey turned to him with a smile.

“Yeah. Life was busy, but it ain’t so busy now. I might start visiting you in that old hut again.”

Both men smiled at each other and there was a moment of silence. Then Harvey turned to me.

“And what about you, kid? Spring break, huh? Aren’t you supposed to be chasing chicks at some… where do kids go nowadays? Cancún or something?”

“Actually, I thought it would be better if I came here to get some fresh air, to get away from it all,” I shrugged, finding it surprisingly easy to talk to Harvey, “One of those… chicks just stopped being my chick, so…”

“Ahhh,” Harvey nodded in understanding before he patted my back, “Sorry about that, partner. Her loss. They come and go, am I right?”

“Yeah,” I chuckled, “I’m… better now. Grandpa’s been a real help.”

“Look at you, being a shrink,” Harvey laughed, as he turned back to grandpa. My grandfather just kept a smug look on his face.

“He’s my boy. I know him. Just needs to keep himself occupied. Give him a tool to grab into his hand and he’s feeling better.”

“Heh, I bet,” Harvey looked at me and winked again. There was some strange-feeling tension, but it wasn’t making me uncomfortable. I found myself smiling back at him.

“What do the two of you have planned for the afternoon?” Harvey asked, “It’s hot as shit. I was thinking of taking a dip in the pond.”

“Yeah,” I turned to grandpa, “Don’t you own that pond, gramps? We could probably go there, right?”

My grandpa raised his brows and looked at me.

“Ain’t gonna pass even one opportunity to slack off, will ya?” he reprimanded me, “Well… I suppose you did a good chunk of work today. Fuck it, why not.”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, before realizing something, “Um… Can we just make a stop at our place first? I didn’t bring my swimwear. And… I’m wearing white boxer briefs under this.”

Both the men laughed at that. Harvey reached out and patted my thigh.

“Don’t worry about anything, boy,” he assured me, “We don’t concern ourselves with small things like that around here.”

He didn’t pull his hand away for the rest of the ride. That made it a lot harder to keep my erection from growing even more. I didn’t know what was this sudden effect men started to have on me… but I was eager to find out exactly how deep it goes.


“Here we are!” Harvey called out, as we stopped by the water. The view was gorgeous – the water looked crystal clear and the beach was sandy and completely deserted. The whole area was surrounded by the woods, so I stopped feeling self-confident about swimming around naked. It looked like our little piece of paradise! I was desperately trying to remember why I didn’t visit grandpa more often…

“There are some blankets in the back, and a cooler full of beers,” Harvey pointed to the truck bed behind us, “Why don’t you pull it out while I find a nice, shady place to park?”

We did as he told – I brought the blankets and grandpa pulled out the large cooler full of beers. The fact that he was able to do this with one hand reminded me that his muscles weren’t just for show. We found a nice place in the shade and spread out the blankets. I started taking off my clothes slowly, catching glimpses of grandpa, who had turned his back on me doing the same. I haven’t seen his cock yet… and the way he was undressing without any shame was hinting that I’d get to see it real soon.

Finally, he pulled his briefs all the way down to his ankles and turned around. He didn’t disappoint, a large piece of man-meat was hanging between my grandfather’s legs, ending with a patch of white pubes. It must have been at least nine inches! I mean, of course, I noticed the outline on his underwear before, but I didn’t think he would be packing so much. His horse cock was resting on his low-hanging ball sack, which was promising to carry a sizable load.

“Didn’t my son teach you it’s rude to stare?”

I looked up at my grandpa, who was standing there proudly, with a grin.

“Um… sorry, gramps.”

“No need to be sorry. But you gotta be careful with those eyes. Men react to that, you know? I think you might have given Harvey an idea or two with them already…”

I was about to respond, but then I heard a huge splash behind me. I turned around. It seemed Harvey had already parked his car somewhere in the back and just made a cannonball into the water. When he re-emerged, I saw that he already took off all his clothes. As his body emerged from the water, I saw his long, brown hair that was hidden under his hat before… his strong pecs… his very, VERY fit chest, all covered in that brown hair… and a fat cock, so fat it must have been a handful even to just jerk off, hanging between his legs. It sort of had a “lemon”-like shape with the fattest part in the middle, ending with just a slightly thinner tip. Both the men were hung like beasts! Even despite what my grandfather just told me, I couldn’t help but stare.

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