Tales of the SFL 06: New Blood

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Jake continued to stare in stunned disbelief at Kenzie, dripping wet and still tied in the corner.

The referee was still fumbling at her wrists from the apron, even after the little slut’s entrance music had finally died down.

And speaking of…

He had just stared to look up at the entrance ramp up where the blonde was just disappearing behind the curtains when he froze at the sound of a cold voice: “Get…it…off.”

Oh fuck.

This wasn’t rage…this wasn’t ranting…he could deal with those.

This…this was dangerous.

The incompetent ref finally managed to pull her impromptu restraints loose…freeing the Goddess at long last.

She took a second to rub her wrists as she stood up in the corner, eyes facing straight ahead and not even bothering to look at anyone around her.

“Babe, what happe…” was as far as he got before Kenzie whirled on him and marched straight toward him.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fu…Jake’s back hit the far turnbuckles as he tried to back away, leaving him trapped as Kenzie marched straight into him and glared at him with cold eyes, her nose almost touching his.

He tried to shift his head away but her eyes were still boring fierce holes into him.

“Not…one…word.” Her voice was still way too… something.

Where were the complaints? Where was the vow to get vengeance for daring to disrespect a Goddess?

Damn that ref, Jake thought to himself angrily. It’s all her fault. She’s the reason he wasn’t fucking that hot little blonde right now. Her fault he was currently backed into the corner with Kenzie staring at him way too hard.

Kenzie saw his eyes shift over to the ref, quickly deducing what Jake was thinking.

With a derisive snort she turned away from Apollo and started toward the far side of the ring and the ramp.

The ref looked nervous as Kenzie passed, but the Goddess didn’t even look at her.

“C’mon.” She finally called back to Jake, in the same nonchalant tone she would use if beckoning her house pet to come follow her into the kitchen for dinner.

Jake incredulously motioned toward the ref. “But she…”

“I said.” Kenzie cut him off rather forcibly, pausing and looking back over her shoulder. “Not one word.”

Still cupping his aching crotch, Jake hurried after her, leaving the ref to sigh in relief.


In the back, a still stunned and elated Bux Bunny was heading for the dressing room and showers to get cleaned up and get a shower. And some clothes.

“Definitely some clothes,” she told herself, still partially in disbelief over the events that had just occurred in the arena.

In her rush of adrenaline and excitement she had brushed straight past the robes that were left for naked fighters in the entryway, but now she was starting to feel the aches and pains the Goddess had inflicted on her during the match.


Melanie quickly turned at the voice, her eyes wary as she saw a slim brunette in jeans and a tank top along a tall muscular blonde guy coming after her.

“Melanie, right?” the brunette greeted her, wearing a friendly, at least for now, smile. “I’m Emma, and my ‘bodyguard’ here is Justin.”

“Hi…” the rookie finally responded warily, not sure what the Sexkitten and the Phenom would want with her.

“Do you know what you just did out there in your third match Melanie? You just put yourself on a lot of people’s radar. You’re about to get…” Emma stepped forward, moving in close to Melanie and making no effort to hide the way her eyes slowly roamed down the nude Bux’s body and came back up to stare in her eyes. “…a lot of attention. A bit of friendly advice?”

Staring into the eyes of the slender sexfighter, Melanie nodded for her to continue.

“Get someone to help watch your back. Kenzie’s never been in a slump like this, and no one knows how she’s going to react, not to say anything of what the others whose attention you now have will do if they see you as vulnerable.” Melanie’s mind shot almost involuntarily towards her absent sparring partner.

Emma took one last step forward getting in close to Mel and dropping her voice to almost a whisper. “I’m tied up in this tournament now, but I want to make sure you stay nice and healthy…”

Quirking her lips up in a seductive smirk, Emma stepped around the nude battler and raised her voice back to normal. “Later Bux!”

Stepping away, she strode down the corridor with a sultry sway of her hips, pausing only to tease her muscled lover, “Coming babe? If you insist on accompanying me until the match with loverboy out there the least you can do is keep up.”

With a light chuckle and a roll of his eyes, Justin quickly called, “Coming dear!” in a singsong tone before stepping around the nonplussed Melanie.

“Don’t mind her, she likes keeping people off balance. But, she is serious about wanting a match with you when she’s free though. See you around Melanie.”

“See you.” Melanie called back, stunned, diyarbakır escort before shaking her head to clear it and resuming her walk toward the showers.

One thing’s for sure: tonight has been one hell of a night.


Daniel Derrick’s muscles flexed with strain as he finished lifting the weight bar above his head for the umpteenth time, his face contorted in a sweaty yet subdued grimace as he completed the full rep.

He was currently in the SFL training facility, exercising her upper body strength with his routine bench presses.

Though, now sensing the familiar feminine perfume gracing his nostrils, he was certainly not alone.

Smirking to himself despite holding up close to two hundred pounds of metal, he carefully placed the bar on the uprights behind him before gingerly sitting up.

“You caught me,” he smiled, using his now sweaty Under Armour T-Shirt to dab at his damp forehead as Melanie finally came into his full purview.

“You can thank your trainer for that, genius,” Melanie smirked at him, dressed in a pink blouse and formfitting jeans. “He told me you’ve been getting here early every week before everyone else, but 12 noon? Really dude?”

He shrugged his shoulders casually. “Early bird gets the worm. By the way, great match last week.”

That brought a slight blush to the petite blonde’s still tender cheekbones as she replied unabashedly, “I got lucky, but if I’m being honest, I haven’t exactly been feeling like a winner the past week. Kenzie laid it on me pretty thick.”

“I know that feeling,” he agreed jokingly, before sighing, “Look Melanie, I’m sorry for not-”

“Daniel, I wouldn’t go through all this effort to find you if I was mad or anything,” she quickly assured him, adding with a slight smirk, “It’s not like we’re dating or anything, right? I figured you just needed your space, and I was doing my own thing anyways.”

“Sure, I needed some time to myself but it wasn’t right to leave you in the dark for so long,” he said nonetheless, looking up at her with hopeful eyes. “We good?”

“We’ve always been good, Dan,” she smiled at him, adding playfully, “Until I kick your ass in the rematch.”

“Someone’s feeling mighty cocky all of a sudden,” he teased her, as the blonde sat down on an adjacent weight bench.

“For a reason,” she grinned knowingly, remembering the locker room interaction with the Sexkitten. “But enough about me. How have you been holding up?”

Looking at her sympathetic expression, Daniel thought back to his last match and finally, after what felt like an eternity of mental grappling, found the words he’d been looking for. “You know, I don’t blame Cherry Kiss for taking advantage in the match. I took my eyes off the ball and let myself down. It sucks how it all went down, but if there’s one thing Sam’s told me that’s always stuck, is that the SFL isn’t about fair play. You live and you learn, I guess.”

“You thinking about getting even with Shock and Awe?”

“I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately,” he admitted to her candidly, scratching the back of his head. “Far as those two go, not at the moment. I need to face some new opponents, get my mojo back to full capacity.”

“So…that mean your schedule’s open?” Melanie commented in her usual sweet tone.

Daniel cocked a coy grin. “You have anything in mind?”

“Melanie, is that you?!”

Almost immediately, the entire mood of their banter dropped down to near subzero conditions as the Goddess herself made her presence known.

Dressed in workout clothes that naturally accentuated her busty figure, she had just finished tying her blonde locks into a ponytail.

Standing up, Melanie forced a smile on her face as the veteran sexfighter walked up to them.

“Kenzie, it’s been a while,” the petite blonde greeted her, no warmth present in her voice.

Seemingly ignoring the rookie’s not so subtle iciness, the buxom blonde suddenly threw her arms around Melanie’s neck, pulling her into a practical bearhug that briefly lifted her off her feet.

Wincing slightly as Kenzie’s tits briefly mushed against her still sore midsection, Melanie had to tap on the larger woman’s shoulder to finally prompt her to let go.

“So, how’s my bestie been doing?” she beamed at the petite woman.

Furrowing her brow in confusion, Melanie turned back to the somewhat amused Dan Danger before examining Kenzie’s absolutely radiant expression.

“Besties? Guess that kick must’ve affected her more than I thought,” she thought to herself, before finally speaking, “Look, Kenzie, you don’t have to pretend to save face, okay? We had a match last week. It was a thing, and now it’s over. We’re cool.”

“Well, of course we’re cool,” the Goddess smiled at her brightly, as if losing to a rookie was simply that easy to get over for someone of her veteran status.

“I just wanted to, you know, see escort diyarbakır how you’ve been holding up,” she finally followed up in a much more concerned tone.

Exchanging a glance with Daniel, Melanie finally answered the apparently humbled woman, “I’m fine, Kenzie, really. Hey, if I couldn’t take a little tough love before dishing it back out I wouldn’t be here, right?”

“You said it, sister,” Kenzie beamed at her, before her attentions then turned to the still seated Dan Danger. “You seem familiar…?”

Sighing inwardly as his longstanding fear finally came to fruition, Dan reluctantly came clean. “Yeah, I’m the guy who-”

“Oh, that’s right,” Kenzie interrupted him, a sly grin tugging at her full lips. “You’re the guy who made out with Cherry Kiss’ ass.”

“Guess she hasn’t changed that much,” Melanie sighed to herself, mentally rolling her eyes as Daniel rose to his feet.

“Yep, and you’re the girl who got beat by someone half her size last week,” Daniel shot back at her in turn, his arms crossed confidently. “Funny how word gets around backstage, huh?”

An irritable twitch finally broke through her cheerful facade.

“I’m Daniel, by the way,” he smiled, offering his hand to her in the absence of her reply. “Melanie’s friend.”

“And partner,” the petite blonde quickly added, quite conveniently omitting the ‘training’ half of his title.

Recognizing this, Daniel immediately shot her a What are you doing? look, only for Melanie to flash him a subtle Just go with it.

“Oh, so you guys are a tag team,” Kenzie surmised, adding with a slight smirk, “Gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed in you Mel. I mean, after your big win I’m sure there were plenty of studs backstage who would’ve loved to be your little bodyguard. But instead, you settle for an overhyped rookie who couldn’t even beat a stripper.”

Melanie’s eyes narrowed in silent anger as the Goddess continued on, “I guess it’s true what they say after all: better to accept the mediocrity you know than the greatness you don’t.”

“Pretty sure you just made that up,” Dan pointed out bemusedly, completely unaffected by Kenzie’s taunting.

“And what if I did, lover boy?” Kenzie taunted him, her confident blue eyes now boring holes into his unflinching expression.

Only an inch or two taller than her, if that, Daniel nonetheless kept his ground as her lips curled into another cocky declaration, “Tell me something, Daniel. How exactly did it feel tasting Cherry’s cute little ass all those weeks ago?”

He shrugged and answered her without pause, “It felt about as good as Melanie’s tongue inside your pussy last week.”

Even Mel couldn’t contain her excitement at that comeback line.

Scoffing at him dismissively, she told him coolly, “Word of advice, rookie. It isn’t a good idea to be pissing off vets like me.”

“Funny you should say that. Apparently as of late, I’ve been pissing off a lot of people,” Daniel noted, delivering his next few words with a cutting sincerity at the visibly agitated Goddess, “Especially folks of the blonde and big breasted variety.”

“Cute. Well Daniel, as fun as this little chit chat’s been, me and Melanie have really been meaning to have some girl talk. You know…” Stepping forward so that her lips were nearly touching his. “Business that doesn’t concern you.”

Just as unshaken before as he’s ever been, staring down the Goddess at point-blank range, Daniel responded with utter conviction, “For now.”

Letting the tension linger between them, he collected his towel and shot Melanie a worried look.

She quickly mouthed I’ll be fine at him, prompting Dan Danger, albeit very reluctantly, to leave and head towards the exit.

As soon as Daniel was out of earshot, Kenzie turned towards the smaller woman. “He’s no Apollo, at least not physically, but that boy’s got one hell of a mouth on him.”

Grinning down on her, she teased the Floridian, “He fucked you yet?”

“He’s my friend, Kenzie,” Melanie told her firmly. “Exactly how many friends do you have here anyways?”

Kenzie almost snorted in laughter. “Friends? Oh sweetie, you really are just precious.”

“What exactly do you want, then?” Melanie finally interjected, her impatience blatantly clear.

Taking a deep breath, as if coming clean with something that’s been weighing on her heavily, Kenzie finally extended her head to the skeptical blonde, seemingly as a gesture of truce.

“I lost to the better woman last week,” she told her truthfully. “Look, I know you probably hate my guts now. And I totally deserve it for how me and Jake treated you. But…” Almost forcing the words out of her mouth, she admitted, “In the end, you proved me wrong. You beat me, and I’d like to think that I’m a big enough girl to admit it.”

Still skeptical of Kenzie’s true intent, Melanie started to bring one hand out only to cross her arms warily.

“How do I know you’re not going to beat diyarbakır escort bayan me up again once I shake your hand?” Melanie pointed out, an eerie sense of deja vu kicking in.

Retracting her hand, the Goddess acknowledged, “Clever girl. Guess I have been rubbing off on you after all.”

“Sure. Well, I’ve got some things to do so I’m just gonna go now…” But before Mel could do just that, Kenzie quickly placed her hand on the rookie’s shoulder. “In all seriousness, I did have something to tell you, though.”

Remaining on guard, she slowly turned around as Kenzie told her rather excitedly, “I just finished talking to the Commissioner, and she was, let’s say ‘convinced’, to book you in a match tonight.”

Preening proudly, she gave herself a self-congratulatory smile as Melanie found herself of two minds about this sudden announcement.

On one hand, a follow up match from her upset victory last week, especially against a competent opponent, would prove to any remaining doubters that it wasn’t just a fluke. That she was indeed for real.

But, on the other, she already got lucky once. And knowing the woman before her, Kenzie obviously had something to gain from this, naturally at her expense.

Upon a more seconds of indecision, Melanie finally told her, “Kenzie, I appreciate the offer. Really, I do, but I think it’s best to let my trainer pick my opponents. Again, nothing against you but-”

“Melanie, it’s fine.” Brushing aside the petite woman’s worries, she assured her rather patronizingly, “Look, it’s not me if that’s what you were worried about.”

“Oh, well that’s a relief,” Melanie deadpanned under her breath.

Ignoring her sarcasm, Kenzie continued to tell her, “The Commish was really impressed with your performance last week, so she wanted to find someone who could really bring out the best in you. You know, compliment your style and all that.”

“Sure, makes sense.”

Almost pausing for dramatic effect, the Goddess finally told her, “Your next opponent is…”


“Winner of the second and final fall with a bearhug submission, and still undefeated…THE MIGHTY MANTAUR!!”

The slender sexfighter gave one last whimper of defeat as her womanly frame continued to be ragdolled around in her captor’s monstrous forearms, her limbs flailing in the air bonelessly.

Her bare feet dangled limply several feet above the ground as her head rolled to the side, no sign of life present in either eye.

Once, she was known as Sara Steele, the Unbreakable Woman, but as she remained limp in his grasp, the irony of her ring name had truly set in for the audience.

She was broken now, both inside and out.

At the referee’s fear-stricken command, the behemoth of a man finally dropped the redheaded woman down to the canvas, her once proud and supermodel-esque body now little more than a boneless heap of bruised flesh and traumatized memories at his feet.

The referee attempted to raise his hand in victory, but the Mantaur seized upon her with an piercing stare, hastily prompting her to exit the ring.

Taking the honor upon himself, the mountain of a man pumped both fists into the air triumphantly and let out a resounding roar signaling his victory.

As the cameraman at ringside captured his pose in the ring, the JumboTron only further cemented his monstrous visage.

Towering at 6’5, the Mantaur commanded a respectful yet slightly fearful response from the audience.

A thick and gnarly beard covered his entire jawline, leaving a nearly bald head and two beady black eyes that stared down intently into the visibly intimidated audience.

Muscles rippled on top of muscles, with his entire chest bare save for a few tribal tattoos adorning his mountainous shoulders and forearms.

Waist down, his gargantuan and well-toned legs were covered by a pair of cargo pants and army boots.

Head to toe, he was truly the ultimate physical specimen.

Craning his head towards the ring announcer, he held out his bulging right arm and made a beckoning motion.

Almost jumping on the spot, the tuxedo-wearing official quickly reached in between the ropes and offered him his microphone.

Stalking over and snatching it, the monster amongst men first directed his ire down towards his fallen opponent, and now, his twelfth consecutive victim.

Picking Sara Steele up by the hair, he spoke simply, “Too easy.”

And with that, he dropped her back down, allowing some of the medical staff to cautiously approach and roll her underneath the ropes to be taken backstage.

Turning to the entrance ramp, he growled into the microphone, “Enough appetizers! I want competition, real competition. And I want it…NOW!”

The ring itself nearly shook from the commanding bass in his voice, aimed towards anyone who would dare come out of the curtains.

A few seconds passed, bringing only a disappointing silence for the hulking brute.

His chest muscles flexing with malicious intent, he repeated his challenge again with growing impatience, “I won’t ask again. Whoever in the back thinks they have what it takes, you have about ten seconds to get your ass out here. And I don’t give a damn who it is, ’cause in the end, you’ll be just like everyone else I’ve beaten: JUST…ANOTHER…VICTIM!!”

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