The Making of an Angel Pt. 04

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The story continues with the explanation of how I become a shemale slut.

In the last episode I related how I lost my anal virginity to a stranger.

All persons are over the age of 18.


I got home to find thankfully my wife was still out. I stripped off my lingerie before jumping in the shower. My boi pussy was very tender and I gently slipped a finger inside. I shivered with delight.

Once clean I fired up my pc and logged online. Clicking on the chat rooms I joined the regional chat room and started talking to the other girls and a few admirers. I was logged on as a visitor. I needed to sort this out! What could my girl name be? Inspiration hit me. My favourite t-girl porn star was Lisa Lawrence. Her creamy cafe au lait skin and big cock always turned me on and I wanted men to think I was an angel. Angel Lawrence was born!

I logged off and set up my new email and membership. I needed a photo. I scrolled through and chose Jessica Rabbit. How cute! And how sexy…

I logged back on as Angel and re-entered the chat room. I quickly started chatting with Evie from Cardiff. Evie is a sissy. I told Evie about my adventures in the cruising spot and how it had hurt. Evie asked if I had douched. I didn’t understand what she meant.

She was very good and explained all about what a t-girl has to do to make anal sex a pleasure for her and her lover. She explained that she needed to be squeaky clean so when her lover pulled his cock from her anus she could suck it. I was horrified! The thought had never entered my head. She also explained that she had a long term lover who would fuck her bareback and cum in her without a condom.

“Don’t you worry?” I typed.

“Of course” she replied, “but it’s an incredible feeling and worth the risk.”

I looked at Evie’s photos. She looked so feminine and small. She was totally smooth and in some of the photos she was splattered in cum. it was all over her face and clitty. In one shot her boi-pussy was dripping in semen. She looked incredibly sexy. I loved her look. She was totally passable as a woman. Smooth all over with immaculate make up.

“Do you shave?” typed Evie.

“No” I replied.

“Not good” Evie replied. “A good sissy should be smooth all over.”

Was that what I was? A sissy?

Evie told me she had to go to get ready for her lover.

I was musing about my true purpose in life when a request for a private conversation popped up. Her name was Marguerite and she was based in Manchester.

“Hi Angel. Are you good to chat?” she typed.

“Sure babes” I replied.

“What are you into?” she asked.

“Getting fucked and sucking cocks. Lol” I replied.

“Hhhmmmm! Maybe you should come up and see me sometime” she replied and gave me her address.

Marguerite lived almost full time en-femme and looked totally plausible as a woman. She had won numerous trans beauty pageants and was stunning.

“Maybe I will” I replied.

At the time I worked for a major blue chip company and travelled with my job. The next month I was due to be a few days in the North Midlands. It was about an hour from Marguerite’s flat.

My mind was made up! I made arrangements to see Marguerite after work. I explained I was new to cross dressing and was looking for some pointers and tips. I packed a 2nd bag with my as yet unworn basque, some new stockings, a long wavy wig and my heels with the ankle straps. Just in case I included my butt plug, some lube and condoms.

I pulled up outside her flat. I was very nervous with butterflies in my tummy tecavüz porno and a twitching sensation in my boi-pussy. My clitty had been stiff on the entire 1 hour drive from my hotel.

I texted Marguerite “I’m here. X”

“Flat number 5. Come on up.” she responded.

I looked furtively around, grabbed my bag of goodies from the car and made my way to her flat.

She opened the door. My god! She was cute. Long dark hair, immaculate make up and a cute smile.

“Come in darling!” She said in a Spanish accent. “Let me look at you!”

I closed the door behind me and gave her a twirl.

“Nice baby. I have good material to work with.” She complimented me and I blushed.

Marguerite had run me a bath with scented oils and made me strip. She ran her fingers down my body over my nipples and onto my clitty. I squeaked.

“Turn around.” She commanded and ran her fingers down my back to my boi-pussy.

I trembled with lust as her fingers trailed over my puckered little hole. I had been practicing with my plug and although still tight it no longer looked pristine.

“Nice.” She commented as she pushed a finger into me.

I gasped as the digit slid in and Marguerite took the opportunity to french kiss me.

“Rub this cream into your body Angel wait ten minutes then get into the bath.” She said handing me a tube of Veet.

I did as Marguerite said and stood there for 10 minutes feeling odd as the depilatory cream went to work on my body.

“There’s a fresh razor for you to finish off honey.” Marguerite called. “Come through when you’re done.”

I slipped into the bath and scrubbed my skin with the loofah she had left me.

As I did so all my body hair fell away. I used the gently scented shave gel and lady’s razor to make sure I got all the hair from my body including my boi-pussy, clitty and balls.

Once washed and totally smooth i got out of the bath, patted myself down and slipped into the fluffy white robe she’d left out.

Marguerite was waiting for me at her bureau in her boudoir. All her make-up and lotions were laid out.

“Sit down baby.” She purred and patted to the stool in front of her bureau.

“I’m going to explain what I’m doing and how so you can do it yourself baby.” Marguerite explained. “No mirror. I want it to be a surprise.”

She started by slightly plucking my eyebrows.

“Don’t worry. It’s not too noticeable.” She said.

Marguerite started off with concealer. She gently dabbed it onto what seemed random spots on my face then blended it into my face. Next she picked up an odd shaped sponge put some liquid foundation onto the back of her hand and gently coated my face. A fine coating of powder finished off the base coat. Next Marguerite put blusher on my cheek bones.

After the blusher Marguerite put eyeliner and mascara on me before eyeshadow.

Finally she put on lip liner and filled in my lips with some slutty ruby lipstick.

Marguerite made me close my eyes. I could hear her brushing out my wig. I felt her fitting a stocking cap on my head and then felt my wig being fitted.

“Open your eyes sugar.” She whispered in my ear as she placed a mirror in front of me.

I opened my eyes and stared at myself. I looked incredible. Instead of looking like a slight man of 30 I looked like a stunning woman in her early 20s. The blusher highlighted my high cheek bones and made my face slimmer. The eyeshadow and mascara made my eyes look bigger and more feminine. My skin tone was flawless and üvey anne porno youthful. My lips parted and the slut red lipstick contrasted nicely with the white of my teeth. I gently shook my head. My wig cascaded over my shoulders and looked subtle and natural.

“Do you like it?” asked Marguerite.

“I look stunning!” I replied “I love it!”

“We need to get you dressed!” Marguerite exclaimed excitedly.

Trembling I pulled my basque out of my bag. Marguerite raised an immaculate eyebrow.

“Good taste honey.” She said “Let’s get you into this.”

I shrugged my way into the basque and turned to Marguerite.

“Breathe in sugar, then out.” She commanded.

As I did this so she tightened the laces getting my waist progressively smaller and smaller whilst my breasts got progressively plumper and plumper.

I started to get dizzy and sat down.

“Rest honey.” She advised.

Whilst I was sat down she unpacked my barely black stockings and ran her hand over them.

“10 denier. Good choice baby.” She cooed. “Point your toes.”

I did as I was told and she slid the sheer nylon garments up my smooth legs.

Oh. My. God. The feeling was indescribable. The sheer nylon on my smooth legs felt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

Marguerite smoothed out my stockings and attached my suspenders to the welts. My clitty was starting to grow and she playfully slapped it.

“Bad girl!” She scolded.

I yelped.

“Did that hurt baby?” She asked as she kissed my clitty and slowly took it in her mouth. “There. Kissed it better,” She said.

I slipped my 5″ heels on next and buckled the straps on around my ankles. They looked classy but filthy at the same time.

“Stand up.” She demanded.

As I did she made me step into my panties and I shimmied them up my stockings into place.

“You look good enough to eat!” Marguerite exclaimed.

I blushed.

“Onto the bed.” She demanded.

I moved onto the bed and tried to look demure.

Marguerite produced a camera.

“Lie on your front with your legs pointing up. Cross your ankles.” She said.

I complied. Click! Click! Click! Went the camera.

“Rest your chin on your hands and look into the camera.” She said.

Click! Click! Click! The camera fired off again.

This went on for an hour or so. As time went on the poses got more risque and I was in a state of continual arousal. As Marguerite kneeling to take a shot her skirt stretched tight across her crotch. She was obviously erect and i could see her lovely cock outlined in her panties.

I reached across and trailed my finger tips across her front.

“Naughty girl.” She whispered.

I was shaking with lust. Marguerite put down the camera and stood up. She unzipped her skirt and shimmied out to stand there in her hold-up stockings, heels and panties. I could feel the heat coming from her crotch and parted my slutty red lips. She moved closer. I licked my lips and gently kissed the shiny fabric of her knickers leaving a faint outline of lipstick.

Marguerite slowly pulled her panties down and her cock sprung free. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I could feel her hot thick cock being guided into my mouth. I was in heaven. I used my hand to hold her cock as I gently rolled back her foreskin. She moaned as I licked and sucked the end of her cock. Her beautiful cock started to swell and I started to suck with abandon.

Marguerite dropped onto the bed with me and turned üvey erkek kardeş porno around. I could feel her mouth working down my sexy smooth body. She took her time gently kissing me before reaching my clitty. I was fully expecting her to start sucking me when she pulled out of my mouth. I was confused.

“Turn around darling” she cooed.

I quickly complied with a feeling of anticipation of Marguerite’s lovely cock inside me. She slid my knickers down over my stockings. As she did she positioned herself behind me and before I knew what she was doing I felt her tongue flick over my anus. God that felt good! Her tongue darted over my boi-pussy lips and I could feel my anus starting to swell and relax. Marguerite pulled my cheeks apart and started darting her tongue in and out of my anus. It felt delightful. I’d never been rimmed before and I was enjoying my tongue fucking.

“Onto your back baby.” Marguerite said.

I readily complied. I could feel Marguerite’s hard hot cock probing between my cheeks. My anus was moist from my rimming and I felt her cock head pushing at my entrance.

I was insane with lust but at the last moment I blurted out “Condom!”

Marguerite reached under the pillow and pulled out a packet of condoms. I quickly unwrapped one and sheathed her rock hard cock with it.

“Open your legs baby.” She asked in a husky voice.

I spread my legs and raised my bottom up to give easy access to my pussy. Grabbing a leg in each hand she smoothly slid her cock all the way into me. All the practise with my butt plug obviously paid off as I felt no pain just pleasure. I looked down. It looked so kinky. My smooth bare cock and balls with Marguerite’s cock sliding in and out of me.

She raised my legs higher to get further into me. I wrapped my silky smooth stockings around her as she fucked me hard.

I reached into my basque and started stretched and pulling my nipples. It hurt in a good way. I was completely lost in the moment and consumed with lust.

Marguerite kissed me and I could feel our lipstick on each other. She nuzzled my neck and nipped me making me squeal. Marguerite picked the pace up and started hammering her cock into me harder and harder. I could feel my orgasm starting to build and i could feel her cock swelling more. I knew neither of us would be long. Without realising I started to cum. This triggered Marguerite’s orgasm and she crushed her lips to mine as she filled the condom with hot, sticky cum.

I felt like such a wanton slut.

Marguerite collapsed onto me fully spent. I snuggled into her feeling completely feminine.

We dozed for a while before I was woken by gentle kisses on my face. These kisses became more feverish and demanding ending on my mouth. I readily opened my mouth and allowed Marguerite to french kiss me. Our tongues intertwined as we ran our hands up and down each others bodies. I could feel her becoming hard again and I spread my legs to allow access to my pussy.

Without thinking I reached down and guided her hard cock to my wet hole. One small push and she was inside me. Bare! Evie was right. A cock without a condom felt so much better.

I initially worried but relaxed enjoying the feeling emanating from my pussy.

Marguerite spooned into me kissing me from behind as she fucked my bare tranny arse.

“Shall I make you pregnant baby?” She murmured in the ear. The thought drove me mad with lust and I started pushing back harder and harder onto her cock. She started meeting my push back by fucking me harder. Again I could feel her cock swell deep inside me before erupting her load deep inside me.

Marguerite kept her cock inside me until as she softened and shrank she slipped out. As she did I could feel a trickle of cum dribble out of me.

I sighed with contentment and knew then that there was no going back…

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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