The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 41

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 41

Heather’s Tales — Part 2

“Yes, honey, I know. I know. But this meeting is going to go on at least until nine, the way things are going right now. I’m sorry, honey. I’ll make it up to you, this weekend.”

The tall, beautiful brunette standing in Heather’s bedroom was Quinn Vincent. She was talking to her husband, Michael, on the cell phone in her hand. Heather admired her from the doorway. Quinn wore a long-sleeved white blouse, and little more. She turned and twisted as she listened to her husband.

“I know, darling. You made the reservations a week ago. But this just came up, and I’ve really got to be here.” Quinn turned to see Heather in the doorway, looking at her with a smile on her face and in her bright blue eyes. She returned the smile. “I’ve got to go. Everyone’s coming back in. I’ll be home as soon as I can. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

Quinn shut off her phone and offered Heather a shrug. “You really ought not to be lying to your husband,” Heather said as she stepped into the room. Quinn’s warm brown eyes ran down her body, taking in her near-nudity. After having dropped her robe, Heather only wore her skin-toned stockings, held up by a black garter. She’d left the rest of her clothing in the living room, where she and Quinn had started out that evening.

“I know,” Quinn apologized. “I just don’t know what else to tell him. Michael’s such a good man.” Quinn’s eyes lingered on Heather’s breasts, heavy with age and yet firm from the augmentation she’d had, many years ago.

“But you don’t love him anymore,” Heather finished for her friend. She moved to her bed and sat down. “I don’t understand why you don’t divorce him. You’re not happy living with him anymore. You two barely talk, or do anything. You’ve grown apart. I think this proves that.” Heather waved her hands, indicating her near-nudity as well as Quinn’s.

“I’m just not ready to accept it, I guess,” Quinn replied.

“What has it been, now? Six years? Seven, since we started this?”

Quinn smiled. “Andy was a freshman. He was in my class.”

“And ten minutes after you and I met, remember, at the parent-teacher conference, we were in a back hallway in the school, kissing.” Heather reached out and took Quinn’s hands in hers. “And we’ve been kissing ever since.”

Quinn grinned. “Kissing was only the start, wasn’t it? I still can’t believe I did it! Wow! I’d never done it before, not with a girl, and now here we are, doing everything!”

Quinn Vincent was one of the few people in Regal Bay who knew about Heather McCoy’s porn past, and accepted it. In fact, when asked, Heather happily played for Quinn several of her movies, including the lesbian films. It wasn’t long before Quinn and Heather had enjoyed more than just the occasional fling with each other. They had become steady lovers, two middle-aged women who were very close in fact.

Heather had fallen lustfully for her son’s English teacher the moment she laid eyes on the tall, dark beauty. Quinn was four years older than Heather.


Heather watched as Quinn unbuttoned the blouse. Quinn leaned in and they kissed briefly before the older woman turned to the nightstand and turned on the bedside radio. Soft jazz began to play as she turned back to Heather. She removed her glasses, and then released the clip holding her highlighted brown hair up. She shook out her hair, which fell well past her shoulders. Beneath the blouse Quinn still wore her black underwear, a set which Heather had bought for her that previous Christmas as a gift.

“You are by far the prettiest teacher in Regal Bay!” Heather complimented. She pulled Quinn’s mouth to hers and again they kissed briefly, repeatedly. Both women stroked each other’s hair, and their bodies came into contact. Heather brushed the blouse from Quinn’s shoulders, and then caressed her flesh. Quinn had tanned much deeper than Heather, who looked pale by comparison.

Heather rolled into the bed, bringing Quinn along with her. They began to giggle, as school girls would. “Young and beautiful are we!” Heather laughed between kisses. Heather lay on her back at first, but as Quinn descended, she rolled the older woman over, until she straddled her waist with her hands in the bedding to either side of Quinn’s shoulders.

“I think it’s my turn to be on top!” Heather snickered before again delivering a kiss to her lover. She then sat up and pulled her hair back, holding it as she lay fully atop Quinn. They kissed deeper this time, with Quinn’s hands going to Heather’s shoulders and then down her flanks.

Heather again sat up, her round buttocks on Quinn’s hips. She grinned down into Quinn’s face while reaching back, between Quinn’s slightly parted thighs. “Somebody has damp panties!” she said as she stroked her fingers along Quinn’s slot. In response, Quinn parted her legs more while rocking her hips. Quinn also reached up and took each of Heather’s breasts in hand suadiye escort and began to massage the firm globes.

Heather again lay atop Quinn, their mouths locking together as their breasts mashed together. Quinn’s hands went to Heather’s ass and squeezed. “Uuummm!” Heather growled, and then she sat up once again. She took Quinn’s larger breasts in hand and began to return the massage.

“I just love your tits!” Heather purred. She pulled the cups down and cupped the naked flesh, drawing a mew of excitement from Quinn. “They are so soft and natural.” She began to wiggle her hips, moving lower down Quinn’s long body, dragging her hands along as she went. Once past her hips, Heather moved her knees between Quinn’s and stroked down her thighs.

“And I love your long, long legs,” Heather continued. Her hands slid down each, until she cupped Quinn’s right heel. She lifted the foot until Quinn’s leg was straight up, and she began to kiss up and down the sensitive inside and backside flesh.

“You’re tickling me!” Quinn giggled and playfully tried to push Heather away. But Heather was enjoying herself, and continued to kiss, and then she started licking, up and down her right leg. Heather kissed the sole of her foot, making Quinn laugh again, before running her tongue down the back of Quinn’s leg one final time. The lower she went, the farther Quinn’s legs fell, until Heather was on her elbows between, her face hovering just inches above Quinn’s crotch.

Quinn’s hands went to Heather’s head of blonde hair and curled in, as Heather delivered kisses at the junction of leg and hip. She licked along the crease line, just to either side of Quinn’s panties, eliciting tremors of excitement across the older woman’s lower belly.

“Oooohhh, that’s so nice!” Quinn sighed. “You always make me feel so good.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Heather grinned. “And now for something a little more intense.”

Heather hooked each of Quinn’s knees in her hands and pushed, until they folded up and back. Quinn grabbed hold of her own knees, holding her in position as Heather dropped face-first into her crotch. Her mouth grabbed hold of her mound and she began to gently chew upon Quinn’s pubic flesh through the material.

“Oooooo,” Quinn moaned again.

“Maybe I should eat through these panties,” Heather said, and licked long and slow up the material again. Instead, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and worked them up Quinn’s legs, tossing them to the floor with a flare. This time, when she went into Quinn’s crotch, her tongue slipped between the older woman’s folds.

“Uuummm,” she moaned as the flavors of Quinn’s cunt flowed onto her tongue.

“Oooohhh!” Quinn responded as her pussy quivered under Heather’s wonderful mouthing. She enjoyed being eaten out by her only female lover, and Heather had all the experience in the world to delight her. Heather’s tongue slid across her puckered anus, and then started a slow trail upward, ending at her clit, and delivering a swirling kiss that always made her entire body vibrate.

“Aaahhh, sooooo good!” Quinn stroked Heather’s arms and shoulders as she moaned her pleasure. “I wish Michael had done this for me,” she whispered, for not the first time. She had missed out on so much in her years of marriage. Heather had opened her eyes to so many ways of enjoying sex, and she loved her for it.

“Michael doesn’t know…just how good…you taste!” Heather told her between long licks along her slot. She paused to pull at Quinn’s labia with her lips. They seemed to unfold within her mouth, and Heather enjoyed the warm flesh on her tongue.

Heather pushed against the backs of Quinn’s knees and began to rock her, using her mouth to fuck her vagina with. She thrust her tongue into Quinn’s hole and drove in and out as her hips rocked. “God! That feels so good!” Quinn gasped. Heather tongue-fucked her lover until Quinn’s juices were flowing thick, drinking down every drop she could.

As her lover continued to lap away at her cream, Quinn finally pulled her bra off and tossed it away. Her hands settled atop her breasts and she massaged them, enjoying the feel of her own flesh as Heather enjoyed the flesh between her thighs. The unceasing hums and moans of delight coming up from between her legs was evidence of that.

Heather could suck on a pussy all night long, if given the opportunity, and there had been times when she had tried. Quinn’s cream flowed and she sucked her thick labia into her mouth, gently tugging at the curtains individually or as a pair. Each time she sucked hard, Quinn’s hips rolled upward. She let them slip out, and Quinn’s hips rolled down, presenting a hard clit bud ready for attention, which Heather happily gave it.

“Oooohhh, Heather, I love that,” Quinn moaned time and again. Over and over she moaned as her lover’s tongue invaded her sex, or flicked across her clit, or stabbed high into her hole. Time stood still and yet seemed to go yakacık escort on forever as Heather drew gentle orgasms, one right after the other, out of her.

With yet another climax ebbing, Quinn asked, “Can I taste you?”

Heather rose and grinned, “I thought you’d never ask!” She crawled up Quinn’s long, tanned body, pausing to kiss each nipple once, and then a lingering kiss upon Quinn’s mouth. She straddled the older woman as she moved on, again pausing as to allow Quinn to give each of her nipples a kiss. She continued and once her knees settled to either side of Quinn’s head, she said, “Enjoy!”

Everything she knew about eating a woman’s pussy, Quinn had been taught by Heather. She took a moment to again marvel at the pure sexual beauty between Heather’s thighs, the large pink labia, the bulging clit, the soft blonde fur surrounding everything. Even the dark eye of Heather’s anus looked lovely to Quinn in that moment. She reached up and caressed Heather’s buttocks, and in response, Heather lowered her hips that final two inches. Quinn opened her mouth and ran her tongue from back to front along Heather’s slit, tasting her one more time.

“Oooooo, that’s my girl!” Heather sighed as her lover began to apply the skills she had spent so many hours teaching. Heather knew that Quinn had never been with another woman before her. She also knew that she was no longer Quinn’s only lover, and that was fine with her. Although they continued to see each other two or three times a week, they had never claimed to be exclusive to each other. Heather was strongly bi-sexual, and wasn’t about to give up a rock-hard cock, however old or young it might be. Quinn, on the other hand, had not been with another man other than her husband since getting married. She also had no desire to be, either. Quinn was becoming a “late-life-lesbian”. Heather was happy to escort her on her journey.

Straddling Quinn’s head, her pussy now planted firmly to her mouth, Heather enjoyed the sensations of having her slot serviced by a very talented tongue. With the flavor of Quinn on her own lips and tongue, it wasn’t long before her lover began to pull her orgasm from her.

“Oooohhh, that’s it! Right there! Suck me harder!” Heather began to shiver and let her knees slip further apart, pushing her pussy harder into Quinn’s face. She rocked her hips, smearing her cream across Quinn’s face, from chin to nose, as she began to cum.

“Oooohhh, yeessss!” Heather roared a moment later. Her climax washed through her, drenching Quinn’s face with warm girl-goo. Still she ground her cunt to Quinn’s mouth, forcing her older lover to drink her nectar down, not that Quinn would ever refuse.

As her orgasm ebbed, Heather lifted from Quinn’s face, but only to move back a few inches. She wanted to see the look on Quinn’s face and seeing the glistening cream all over her face, Heather grinned down at her. She brushed Quinn’s dark hair back and said, “My, you have come a long way, lover!”

“I’ve had the best teacher,” Quinn replied with a wide, cummy grin. “It doesn’t hurt that you’ve got a tasty pussy.” Quinn gave Heather’s slot another long lick, and then let her eyes close as she began to work over Heather’s vagina with her tongue again.

“Ooohh, you nasty bitch!” Heather laughed. She pulled a knee up and leaned back to reach for Quinn’s pussy. She began to finger Quinn, working two along her slot before curling them and stuffing them into up her cunt chute.

Quinn rocked her hips upward, enjoying the penetrating fingers. “Uuummmm!” Quinn moaned into Heather’s pussy. Her own hands slipped up Heather’s body to grab hold of her breasts. She dug her fingers into the firm flesh before turning her attention to the hard nipples. Quinn pinched them between her nails, making Heather chirp and her pussy leak.

“Ouch!” Heather cried again. She pulled her fingers out of Quinn and pinched her clit, making Quinn yelp into her pussy, and sending a shiver of excitement up through her belly. “Oh, somebody liked that!” Heather laughed, and then pinched again, even as Quinn shook her head. It didn’t stop Heather. Quinn’s hips bucked under the clitoral assault.

“Oooohhh, yeessss!” Heather moaned a moment later as her second orgasm rolled through her, and she fed another thick wave of cream to her older lover.

Quinn lapped up the cream until Heather began to vibrate. “Oooohhh, I’m so sensitive all of a sudden!” she moaned as she rolled away from Quinn to lay beside her. She pulled their mouths together and for the next several minutes they kissed each other deeply, with hands touching and caressing, their legs intertwined and their pubic mounds pressed together.

Finally, Quinn pushed Heather back and said, “I think I want to sit on this beautiful face.” She caressed Heather’s cheeks and chin. She kissed her lips again, and then Heather’s cheeks. “Are you as hungry as I hope you are?”

Heather smiled, “I’m so hungry, I could eat you şerifali escort all night!”

“We’ll see about that, lover!” Quinn gave her one last kiss and then moved to position herself as Heather had been before. Her legs were much longer than Heather’s, so she had to spread her knees much further to lower her pussy to her lover’s mouth. Heather didn’t wait and lifted her head up to meet Quinn half-way. Her tongue lanced out and drilled right up into Quinn’s hole before the older woman had even settled.

“Oooohhh, yes! That’s what I like! I long tongue up my snatch!” Quinn sighed. As Heather had done before, Quinn began to slowly roll her hips, grinding her pussy against Heather’s mouth and tongue, and smearing her flowing juices from chin to cheeks.

Heather was laid out on her back, stretched out on her bed with hands roaming up and down Quinn’s naked flesh. Quinn was straddling her head, absently massaging her own breasts as she worked he pussy against Heather’s mouth. That was the sight Andy took in as he watched from outside his mother’s window.

Andy knew a lot about his mother; her porn-actress past and her current sex-life included. He knew that she fucked around with young men his age, as well as older men her own. He also knew that she and Mrs. Vincent, Quinn, who he had had as his English teacher during high school three years running, had been lovers for a while. This wasn’t the first time Andy had secretly watched his mother and Mrs. Vincent make love. He’d been sneaking around watching his mother for almost four years now, before he had moved out of the house into the apartment above the garage. His mom had wanted to rent it out after they had it remodeled, but Andy convinced her that he should have it as his own, even going so far as to offer to rent it himself. She had agreed, with the only restriction being that he was not allowed to have rowdy parties.

For two years Andy had lived in the garage apartment, and for two years he’d been spying regularly on his mother through her bedroom’s side window. He’d positioned a long ladder along the gutter down-spout, hidden from the front and the street by a tall spruce that stood at the house’s corner. Andy knew his mother’s routine and about half of the time he was free to slip quietly up the ladder and watch through the sheer curtains as his mother made love to whomever she brought home. Twice a week, it was Quinn Vincent.

Mrs. Vincent, Andy admitted, was a hot woman, considering her age. Yes, she was wrinkled and flabby in the belly, and her tits, even though they were massive and exceptional in his view, hung heavy on her chest, and would soon begin to fall even further. Andy was surprised that she had a trimmed bush. He had always thought older women, women older than his mom, had big bushes. Some, he knew from experience, still did. Like many times before, the idea of slipping into the house and barge in on them crossed his mind. In his fantasy, they would insist he join them, and Andy would make love to Mrs. Vincent while his mother looked on. And then he would make love to his mother, with Quinn watching.

Andy had never been with his mother, and yet knew that some of his friends had been with theirs. A couple even insisted that they’d been with his mother, but Andy didn’t believe them. Unfortunately, he was beginning to have second thoughts about their claims. Especially after the recent gangbang of Tim’s mom Annie that he’d participated in. As he watched his mother joyfully eating out an older woman just a dozen feet away, Andy had a rock-hard cock in his shorts, in need of attending to. He wasn’t daring enough to pull his dick out on the ladder, so with a final mind-filling look at his mother and Mrs. Vincent, Andy slipped down the ladder and all but ran into the garage and his apartment above. He barely made it to his bed before he had his dick in hand, furiously jacking himself until he shot into a handy washcloth.

As her son was beating his dick to images of her and her lover, Heather gave Quinn’s thick labia curtains a final deep suck as Quinn started to move away. She’d devoured two consecutive orgasms out of Quinn in the time she had sat on her face, and even though her jaw ached and her tongue was tired, Heather was still just as hungry for her lover. For Quinn, however, she was beginning to tire out.

It had been a long day for her, even though school was out. Quinn worked as a chaperon for the Summer Social Program at the high school, basically baby-sitting elementary and middle school aged children who had nobody to watch them during summer break, and whose parents worked during the days. She enjoyed spending her days with the children, as she had never had any of her own. Through the years, she’d made friends with dozens of them, who even now were becoming parents themselves.

Quinn lay across Heather’s prone body and planted her mouth to her young lover’s. They kissed deeply, their breasts mashed together. It ran on for a good few minutes until Quinn finally pushed upward.

“I’m sorry, Heather,” Quinn apologized after another brief kiss. “I really must be going.”

Heather nodded. “I know.” They held each other’s gaze a moment, and then Heather asked, “Was Andy watching?”

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