The Photo Shoot Ch. 02

Thanks for all the comments and feedback on the first one, this one is long, maybe too long, more feedback would be great!

I got home from work and went straight to the fridge, it was getting to that warmer weather of summer again that I loved and I needed a beer to cool me down. There was another reason I was looking forward to summer, and as soon as I got my beer I headed over to my computer and checked my emails. There was another one from Tegan, and I got excited yet again.

This had been a daily occurrence for me for a couple of months now, I’d get home from work and check my emails and there would be one waiting for me, each day with a new sexy message and a photo attached. Of course the photo would be one from our shoot last summer, and it was a different one every day. I’d been longing to see her body all winter, and even though I got a little taste every day via one sexy photo, I wanted to hold it again, feel her smooth, pale skin under my hands, and kiss down her neck onto her perfect tits. I would get myself worked up over this daily, but it was getting closer to the time her parents would bring her down for their annual holiday, and I’d get to lay my hands on her once more.

Tegan’s message read: “Thinking of your cock” and with it was a picture of her in just the g-string and one finger up to her lips, looking mighty fine. The day before she had said something about being “wet” for me and the picture was of her topless in the lake. She loved playing these little games and it turned me on. To this message I replied: “I bought you an outfit to model for me today…” and left it hanging. Already looking forward to tomorrow’s email I settled in for a lazy night, and planned what I wanted to do to Tegan when she arrived in a few weeks.

The following day after work I got home and let myself in, because I’m set back a bit from the road, and it’s really only a tourist town, I never lock my house, crime here is very minimal. I walked to the fridge to get my beer and sat down at the computer again, today had been particularly boring, as anyone who works in these boring jobs knows, the day drags on. So I was very much looking forward to today’s picture to take my mind off things, I sat down in the chair and checked my emails, sure enough, there was one from Tegan. But as I opened it up I saw that there was no photo attached, only the message which I read aloud to myself: “Be seeing you REAL soon” then from behind me a sexy voice said

“REALLY soon, Michael”

I jumped in my seat and turned around, there was my sexy red headed angel, looking anything but angelic. She was dressed more like the devil, with a very short black skirt and a white tank top, underneath that was a lacy red bra, very visible to me through her white top. She squealed and jumped into my arms kissing me, wrapping her legs around me tight and kissing me hard. I pulled away and said

“I’m so happy to see you”

“I noticed Michael” She said with a grin, and moved her young body up and down, rubbing on my cock. I groaned and looked at her,

“You’ve been very naughty, young lady, first you lied to me, now you break into my house, what’s next?” ?”How about this?” She said, and dropped down, pushed me back so I was sitting on the computer chair, looked at me with those seductive green eyes and slowly removed her black skirt, revealing a matching red set of lacy panties. She then straddled me and continued to kiss me passionately, only stopping to pull off my top, she looked down at my body and groaned, as she did this I took the opportunity to grab her tank top and pull it off over her head.

She continued to assault my mouth with hers, and I was enjoying every moment of it, this was the best day I’d had since last summer, and it had only just begun. She reached behind her back and undid her bra, setting her beautiful breasts free, and I finally got to kiss down her neck and lovingly caress her breasts, teasing her nipples. She moaned into my mouth and ground her crotch against my cock, which was growing ever harder inside my shorts. I pulled away from her loving kiss for a second to really look her in the face,

“I’ve missed you” I said sincerely

“I’ve missed you so much” She replied and kissed me more passionately.

After a minute or so more of this I picked her up around her waist and carried her to my room, I gently laid her on my bed and slowly removed her panties, she was lying naked in front of me and I thought to myself, how the hell did this happen? Not half an hour ago I was contemplating another boring night alone, and now I was about to fuck Tegan again! I knelt down on the bed between her legs and gently touched her pussy lips with my tongue, she moaned loudly, more with anticipation than anything else I thought, but I continued anyway. Slowly parting her pussy lips and finding her clit with my tongue, flicking it with fast movements, she bucked against my mouth and I slipped a finger inside her, she arched her back and got wetter as my fingers and tongue did their work, rhythmically she bucked her hips against ankara escort my mouth and her chest rose and fell faster and faster. I watched her beautiful breasts rise and fall with her quickening breath as I flicked my tongue faster, with a huge build up, her orgasm erupted out of her, she let out a yell of pleasure, and my fingers dripped with her juices as she came in waves continuing to buck against me.

Tegan placed her ass back on the bed and I grinned at her, she grinned back panting.

“I have not had an orgasm like that since, well, since last time!” I grinned again, but then she got a different kind of look in her eye, a hunger I remembered well. She grabbed me and turned me over, straddling me and kissing my chest, her red hair tickling my face, it smelt fresh and clean, and I breathed in deep. She kissed down my chest and undid my shorts as she went, sliding further down the bed and pulled my shorts and briefs off as she went, taking my cock in her mouth, Tegan gently began sucking the tip. She slowly took more and more in her mouth, sucking as her mouth slid up my shaft, the feeling was just amazing, and I groaned in pleasure. She took this as a good sign and continued sucking harder, taking my whole length in her mouth, I shuddered as my cock hit the back of her throat, and watching her beautiful red head bob up and down was giving me more pleasure than I could handle. I hadn’t had sex for a long time and all I’d had for release was those photos Tegan sent me and my hand, so it didn’t take long for me to feel that f build up right from the base of my gut, through to my balls and I knew I was ready.

“I’m gonna come” I said through gritted teeth. Tegan looked at me with my cock in her mouth and somehow managed to smile, then kept on sucking. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I bucked my hips as I could feel my orgasm build up through my shaft and burst out my head, Tegan held onto my cock and took my load as I kept coming. Eventually I settled back on the bed and Tegan sat up and licked her lips.

I was stuffed, so she came and lay back next to me cuddling up to me. I could feel her breasts rising and falling against my chest and I was deeply satisfied. We lay there and actually caught up properly, we just talked. It was then Tegan told me that she had got her license over the winter, but had not told me so that she could come down early to surprise me. She told her folks that she was meeting up with friends here, so it sort of wasn’t a lie. We lay there for an hour or so just catching up before she suggested we go outside and have a beer on my deck. I walked out to the fridge to grab the beers, and she followed, but went outside, still completely naked. I followed her outside with the beers and she took a sip before wading into the lake and diving in, I waded in after her and was so taken with the sight of her naked and dripping with water that I grabbed her and kissed her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I pushed her up against the wooden pylons of my jetty. We continued kissing and she slid her waist down so my cock lined up at her entrance, I gave a thrust and slid inside her, the water lubricating my cock and I slid in easy, she moaned as I pumped away, our waists were still immersed but our torsos were dripping with lake water, her breasts were pressed up against my chest and her arms were wrapped around my head as we made out. She stopped kissing me and put her head back against the pylon, her breasts poked out at me and I took the opportunity to kiss them and lick her nipples, soon the sound of the splashing water of our thrusting bodies was drowned out by our moans as we both came closer to another orgasm, she gave one big moan and with her whole body in spasm, her muscles clenched around my cock and brought be over the edge too. I filled her up with my second load and we pumped for a few seconds longer as her orgasm died off, she kissed me and slid off my cock.

“How about that beer then” She said and hopped out of the lake to laze on my deck chair drying off in the sun, I joined her and thought to myself, this is going to be a very fun couple of weeks.

She stayed over that night, and when I woke up the next morning, I rolled over to see this goddess lying next to me, covered only in the white sheet, her red hair splayed out over the pillow. If I wasn’t already in love with her I fell in love then, she just looked incredible. I got out of bed and started to make breakfast, she came out of the room a few minutes later wearing only one of my shirts she’d fished out of my wardrobe.

“Now that’s a cliched look” I said to her

“Shut up” She snapped playfully back at me

“Hey I’m not complaining!” I served her up some bacon and eggs and as she reached over the bench to grab some salt, and the shirt rode up revealing a bare ass underneath.

“Damn!” She winked and flashed me the cheeky grin. Of course when she was at the sink later washing up, I pulled the shirt up and spread her legs apart, she moaned heavily and I slid my cock inside her from behind, and we fucked ankara escort bayan right then and there in the kitchen, both of us coming together in a rush.

I didn’t have work today, but since the events of last summer I’d realised I had a talent for model photography. So to cut a long story short I had advertised myself as a freelance photographer and had been doing odd jobs for magazines and modeling agencies ever since. It was easy to get a portfolio together and so I got hired quite a bit. Out of respect to Tegan I hadn’t used her shots, despite the fact it was easily my best work. This day I had a shoot for a glamour magazine in the city nearby here, it wasn’t a long drive so I asked Tegan if she wanted to stay and relax by the lake while I worked. But since she was still very interested in modeling as a career, she asked if she could come along. I thought this was a great idea so I agreed and we drove off together to the studio.

The shoot I was doing was for a glamour magazine that based themselves in the city about 20 minutes out of the tourist town I call home, and the model I was shooting today was a tall, shapely brunette named Chrissy. When we arrived she was getting her make up done for the shoot, but Tegan did not hesitate to make herself known to the model and crew already there, she really wanted to be a part of this business, so I was proud of her for her confidence. She and Chrissy hit it off immediately, Chrissy was only a couple of years older than her so they got along great, both complimenting each other on their good looks, hair, boobs etc. We got started and took various shots with Tegan looking on eagerly, we tried a few outfits on Chrissy and got the shots the magazine was after. Chrissy invited Tegan into the shoot area to get a couple of shots for her after the work was done. She was wearing a loose fitting but short white dress and looked stunning, so the photos of the two of them came out great. While I packed up Chrissy and Tegan conversed closely, I was amazed at how quickly they had made friends.

“Michael…?” Tegan and Chrissy had come up to me once I’d finished packing up

“Yes?” I said apprehensively seeing the look on their faces.

“I was telling Chrissy about my photo shoot last summer, and she wants to come and check out your house” Tegan said hopefully

“Yeah Tegan was telling me about how good the lighting is there, and I’d love to do some personal shots to keep for my portfolio” Chrissy added.

“Sure, why not” I said. I was looking forward to some more hot love making with Tegan, but having two beautiful women in my house could be nice too, and we did have a few weeks together. So Chrissy grabbed a few outfits sneakily from the studio, put them in her bag and followed me in her car back to my cabin, I’d seen some of the outfits she’d grabbed and was thinking this might be more interesting than I had originally imagined.

We arrived back at the cabin and after a quick snack we wasted no time getting started in my own studio room with Chrissy. She had on a nice pair of jeans, high heels and a dressy blue top, it looked pretty classy, and Chrissy was impressed.

“This will go nicely in my portfolio” she said “But I get plenty of photos in front of a wall!”

She walked out to the deck by the lake and stripped off her jeans right in front of us, revealing a very sexy blue g-string. She was very used to stripping off in front of strangers being a model, but it was still sexy seeing it. I noticed Tegan’s appreciating eyes looking Chrissy up and down too.

“Get some nice shots of me with the lake?” Chrissy asked

“Sure, but the outfit doesn’t work, you need to match”

“Oh fine” She said and peeled off the top as well, revealing, as I expected, a matching blue bra. Her tits were busting out of this bra and she looked very sexy. Once again I noticed Tegan noticing her, and after a few shots of her scantily clad in front of the lake, she asked Tegan to come and join her. Tegan squealed with delight and ran over to her. They cuddled each other as I snapped the photos.

“Come here you” Chrissy grabbed the bottom of Tegan’s dress and pulled it over her head. She blushed but didn’t cover up her white bra and panties. I continued snapping, as they cuddled and smiled for the camera. After I had got some great fun shots, we came inside and got a drink.

“What’s next?” Chrissy asked. I was getting a sense of deja vu here and then I remembered something.

“Chrissy, you’ll have to give me your opinion on something”

“Sure” She replied as I went into my bedroom and grabbed the outfit I had bought for Tegan earlier in the week. It was still wrapped up and so I drew it out longer just to tease her

“Ooh is this my outfit you promised to shoot me in, Michael?” Tegan asked excitedly

“Sure is, I thought Chrissy could give us another expert opinion on how good it looks on you?” I slowly unwrapped her present and showed it to her.

“Oh my god it’s sexy!” Tegan exclaimed as she laid eyes on it. It was a black, escort ankara pure silk negligee, it would hang in thing black straps over her shoulders, allowing plenty of cleavage, and it stopped just below her butt, I couldn’t wait to see it on her.

Tegan grabbed it and ran to the room to put it on, then came back out a minute or so later and modeled it for us. I was gobsmacked, the outfit was everything I was expecting and more, it sat perfectly on her, her hair hanging down her neck offset the black nicely, and her breasts poked out giving Chrissy and I a great view of some cleavage.

“Let’s get some photos then” I said and she ran into the bedroom. Though it was still messy from this morning, the bed was made and she jumped onto it, the black of her nightie contrasting beautifully with the white sheets so the photos came out just great.

“Wanna join me, Chrissy?” Tegan threw a look at Chrissy. I’d seen that look before, and the possibilities that it came with were exciting. Chrissy smiled and ran out of the room, I was puzzled until she ran back in a minute later and she was wearing one of the outfits she had snuck out of the studio, it was actually similar to the one Tegan had on, except it was not silk, but showed off her own cleavage nicely, and had red lace down the sides. She jumped on the bed with Tegan and they laughed as I snapped more hot shots of two scantily clad beauties cuddling on my bed. Wow. It only got better from then.

Tegan was the first to take that next step, she peeled the garment over her head, now she only wore a sexy black bra and matching g-string. She giggled and Chrissy smiled and did the same, she was still wearing that hot blue matching pair from before and they looked great together. I was rapidly getting hard at the sight in front of me, most guys could only dream about this sort of thing. Tegan whispered something to Chrissy, who blushed, but nodded, before I could even wonder what she had said, Tegan reached behind Chrissy’s back and undid her bra for her, her C cup tits sprung free and I took some more photos, Chrissy reciprocated the gesture and suddenly I had two topless hotties in front of me, pushing their boobs up together and posing for photos. As they were kneeling on the bed together, Chrissy turned back to face Tegan, and kissed her square on the lips. Tegan looked shocked, but then melted into the kiss, and started kissing back, her hands roamed up Chrissy’s body and onto her breasts, stroking them. I was so shocked I forgot I was taking photos, but before I could get the camera up to my eyes, Chrissy told me no photos for this bit and pushed Tegan back on the bed, kissing her all over, slowly down her body to her waist, and removed her g-string.

“What are you waiting for” Tegan asked me while Chrissy licked and sucked at her pussy. I walked over to the bed and climbed up to Tegan, and kissed her. “Thanks for the kiss Michael, but I think it’s Chrissy that needs the attention”

“Are you sure?” I asked, I knew how I felt about Tegan and was pretty sure she felt the same, but here she was giving me permission to pay some attention to Chrissy.

“I’m sure baby.” Tegan smiled and then continued to moan as Chrissy was now finger fucking her, I hopped off the bed and went around behind Chrissy who was presenting her ass high in the air in front of me, I smiled and pulled the g-string to the side and started eating her out from behind, she was already dripping wet and I started sucking up her juices, and sticking my tongue inside her, she moaned and that vibrating sensation from her mouth caused more pleasure for Tegan, who also moaned. I went faster on Chrissy’s shaved pussy and she passed that on to Tegan, soon they were both moaning in orgasm, a chorus that would make any man hard.

Once they had recovered, they turned on me with hungry eyes, as I stood up they removed my top, and pulled down my shorts to reveal my raging hard on, which Tegan took promptly in her mouth, and Chrissy began kissing me. Chrissy then dropped down and started licking my balls as Tegan sucked my cock, this was getting too much, I was going to have to blow my load soon, but then they stopped.

“I think Chrissy needs some cock, Michael” I don’t know where this Tegan had come from, I wasn’t complaining, but it seemed differnet from the innocent girl I knew last summer, the modeling had done her confidence wonders. They pushed me down on the bed and Chrissy smiled and straddled me, she moved her hips so my cock was at the entrance to her pussy, then impaled herself, she was wet already from the treatment I had given her before, so she slid right on.

Tegan then came and sat on my face, and her and Chrissy began kissing some more as Chrissy started bouncing up and down on my cock and I used my tongue to elicit moans from Tegan. This feeling, I must admit, was amazing, being in the presence of two girls kissing was incredible, having them naked a bonus, but actually seeing them kiss whilst one bounced on my cock and the other had her pussy on my face, it was incredible. Needless to say I started to get close to coming so I grabbed Chrissy’s waist as she slid up and down my shaft and started pumping harder, she sensed my urgency and started pumping harder with me. Then suddenly she stopped and hopped off my cock, I was shocked but relieved when she told me:

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