The Poker Game

It all started with a game of poker; two girls and a guy sitting around a small table. One of the girls was tall; she had perky lips and even perkier breasts. The other girl was shorter, and stocky, she had a nice body and full lips, just right for pleasuring a man and his desires. The guy could be described as a somewhat tall, skinny, and yet broad shouldered, but not very muscular either. He was very nervous, unlike the girls, who sat sipping their drinks contently. The game had not yet started, but he was still twitching and squirming. This was not an ordinary game of poker after all, but a game of high stakes. It was strip poker. Not only that, but this was the first time he had ever played. The girls had invited him before but something (thankfully) had always come up which interrupted it before it could start.

Each time the girl shuffled was like a chill running down his spine. The cards were dealt; he had a pretty good hand. He ditched some unneeded cards and picked up the new ones. He nearly choked as he saw them. He had a hell of a hand, that’s for sure. He put his cards down and glanced at everyone else’s. His jaw dropped. They had nothing, absolutely nothing. He took the money from the bet and each removed a piece of clothing. The tall one removed her shoes, the short one a pair of gloves she cleverly chose to wear for this occasion. Then the next hand was dealt.

As he looked back at that day he realized how lucky he was that game. The girls had stripped off everything down to their underwear while he was lucky enough to have everything on except the sweatshirt and undershirt (which he just about always wore). He was totally stoked, any minute now he would get lucky (in more ways than one) and win a hand. Bras or underwear would be removed and I would see the naked “truth.”

At this point I would like to point out that he had no idea how long or how far this was going to go. He was just hoping to continue winning so that he could keep his pants on (literally). The next hand was dealt, he drew two nines, a king, ankara escort and the rest was crap. He kept the nines and discarded everything else. He drew an ace (a wild card in this particular deal) and two sevens. He had a pretty damn good hand, if I had to say so. He put his hand down and like the first time, glanced at the girls’ hands. As before, they had nothing, the bra of the tall girl came off and the bottoms came off of the short one. He had no idea where to look, so he look at both, turning his head back and forth until he thought he would get whiplash from the movement and decided to stop and stare at a neutral place: the table.

“What’s the matter, don’t you like them?” The tall one asked. He decided to avoid the question as best as possible, so he said “It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I’m not used to this game.”

“Perverted yet innocent, eh?” The other girl chimed in this time. He was sick of the teasing so he said “Let’s just play the game, okay?” While the person dealing shuffled, he found his attention span and gaze wandering to three places. He had to pinch himself to stop from staring (or worse) drooling like an idiot. He didn’t know what to make of the next had he got. He had a nine, two fives, a king, and a two. Since the two was wild he kept it and the fives. He then got two queens and was happy. He put out on their opening bets, then raised it a couple dollars. They met his and he was a little too smug in the showing of his hand.

“Read ‘em and weep.” He said. They looked and the tall one almost choked on her drink laughing.

“Is that all you got?” She then proceeds to put down a four of a kind (jacks), seven high. I gulped, and then the shorter girl put down her cards, four of a kind (aces), queen high. He laughed his ass off. After all, he got what was coming to him. So, since he was going to play the game fair, he took off his belt. They giggled and looked at each other. He had no idea what the look meant, but he was sure he was going to find out later. Then the ankara escort bayan tall girl took of her bottoms, he blushed, and looked down at his pants. There was a rock hard lump that he was glad that they couldn’t see. She looked at him and, seeing that he was embarrassed, said:

“Don’t tell me you’re horny already, after all, our little friend to your right hasn’t even taken her bra off yet.” Her teasing pissed him off, but he decided to chill and keep his cool.

“Yeah, well, who’s winning, huh?” He retorted. But she wasn’t done playing with his mind yet; she slowly rose, walked right in front of him, and whispered in his ear

“There are no losers in this game, little boy.”

His mind was racing at about the same pace as his heart; she was so close he thought he was going to pass out. Fully naked and smug as can be, she walked back and started shuffling the cards for the next hand. The other girl just sat there laughing. He started planning his moves when the hand is dealt. He looked at the cards and felt a little cheated. One three, two sixes, a king, and a nine. He kept the sixes and the king, and discarded the rest. He got an ace and a joker. He felt a lot better. Right now the game was just between him and the girl, with the prize being god-knows-what. She put all her cash in the middle, he started to get nervous, but maybe she was bluffing. He put the same amount in and called. She put her cards down, but very hesitantly, she had a pair of kings. He felt great. He put his cards down, showing her his full house. She said

“Well, you won. Happy now?” Then she pulled off her bra to reveal luscious, beautiful tits with tiny, but very perky nipples that seemed to shine in the light of the room.

‘That’s my cue,’ he thought. He quickly moved over to her, put his mouth over her nipple, and began sucking it. She let out a gasp of surprise as the tall girl came over and started unzipping his pants. He heard the button unsnap and he froze, his eyes going wide. Too late to stop now, escort ankara he thought to himself. He gradually made his way down the other girl’s body, she moans and cries out, it felt good. The tall girl began sucking his cock like some kind of drug. He started to groan as he moved on to the thighs of the shorter girl. She’s screaming his name and begging him not to start, so he moves up, slowly, teasingly, to her now fully wet pussy. She groaned deep as his tongue flicked over her tantalizingly good clit. The tall girl worked wonders with her mouth and tongue herself. He started to think he was about to explode, but he kept going. He got sick of focusing on only one girl, so he took the tall girl by the ass and pulls her over to his face. The other girl was disappointed but she went south to take over the job of giving him head. As they all started to spiral out of control with the emotions and feelings that were happening to them, he decided to do something different.

He took the other girl into the doggy style position and stuck his dick into her wet, tight pussy. He listened; satisfied as she cried out with each thrust, the tall girl crying out as some freaky lesbian shit happened. The other girl eating the tall girl out, him sticking his dick into the short girl, it just turned him on even more because of the porn aspect.

He told them he was about to cum, both rushed to take it in the mouth. He shot the wet, sticky liquid into their mouths; they swallowed it all, and then looked disappointed because they thought that the fun was over.

He looked at them, and then suddenly had an idea that would surprise the hell out of both of them. He ate both of them out. He got them to hot, steamy orgasm. Their screams echoed in the empty room, making him even more horny. He sucked their tits, kissed their lips in devouring passion, and then they went down on him, even though he had already came, and they released him from the barriers holding him back before. He groaned, and hit his own orgasm.

After they settled down from what seemed like floating among the clouds, they cleaned up the cards and took what money each person had won. They give each other a French kiss goodbye. He went home, thinking about that night as if it were a dream and hoped to go it would happen again.


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